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Her Income Skyrocketed by 1700% & She Is Leaving Her Job! FCA Student Success Story (Megan Becker)


October 4, 2022

I had the honor and the privilege to sit down with one of my students, Megan Becker from Grace Rooted Nutrition, and talk about what the Holy Spirit is doing in her business and how Faith-Fueled Coach Academy has been such a pivotal role in not just her business growth, but in her personal growth as well.

I seriously cannot believe it has only been 6 months, and Megan is just absolutely SHINING… and not shining in a way that is like “look at me, look at me,” but instead, she is shining the light of Jesus and it’s so evident.

You’ll find this out when you listen to our conversation, but Megan actually said NO to joining FCA at first. She had A LOT of fear and doubt that she was dealing with. Before she joined, I remember her expressing that she didn’t believe that going full-time in coaching would even be possible for her. She didn’t even believe she could go down to part-time in her full time job and create even a part time income from coaching.

And I kid you not, it was about 3 or 4 weeks into FCA and she was able go down to part-time at her full-time job. And now, her monthly revenue from her business has increased by 1700% since joining FCA, and is CONSISTENTLY growing. She is also NOW about to leave her job and pursue her coaching business FULL-TIME in the new year.

She has been so obedient to the Holy Spirit EVEN WHEN it was so scary for her, because her just saying yes to FCA was INCREDIBLY scary for her, but it is just SO EVIDENT that God has just led her throughout this entire experience…

And to think… all this happened in a 6 month time period.

I truly cannot rave ENOUGH about Megan… so of course I am just so excited to introduce you to her and share this conversation with you. Because the work that God is doing through her really is just… remarkable.

Connect with Megan here:

Instagram: @gracerootednutrition

Website: www.gracerootednutrition.com

All of that to say…

Let’s dive into the conversation.

Hannah: I am seriously so pumped right now because I am so excited for you to meet one of my FCA clients, the brilliant and incredible Megan Becker. Now, Megan is doing incredible things right now in her business, so we are going to talk about her experience with FCA, but not just that. We’re going to walk through what the Holy Spirit has created from that working through her.

So Megan, it is such an honor to be here with you today. It is such a privilege just to get to coach you, and I’m truly so excited for everyone to get to meet you. So please go ahead and tell us a little bit about you, who you are, what your mission is, who you help, and then we will dive deeper into your experience inside of FCA. 

Megan: Yay. Thanks so much for having me, Hannah.

So, I am Megan Becker, like you said. I am the founder and the face behind Grace Rooted Nutrition. So I am a registered dietician. I also have master’s degree in public health nutrition.

I am just honored to support Christian women through my business who want to find food freedom by improving their relationship with food and body, and fully embracing freedom in Christ.

I work at a nursing home part-time currently, which is part of my story that I will definitely get to share more on.

But a couple other roles that I have are a wife, a dog mom, a discipleship group leader, and of course my business of Grace Rooted Nutrition, which has really grown and flourished throughout my time in FCA.

Hannah: What you do, Megan, is so crucial to our world. I feel like we just need more of what you’re doing. Well, for one, people need more Jesus, but people really need to see their bodies, see food, and see taking care of themselves from a faith-based perspective.

I’m so grateful that you’re listening to that call and actually like taking the leap and helping so many people with that. And you’re so talented at it too. So I’m just so honored to be here with you today, really, truly to get to coach you, to mentor you through this and to be a part of this mission that you have.

Like it, it really is an honor and I just want you to know. 

Megan: Well, thank you. I’m honored also and so grateful to work with you and this coaching relationship that we have. I’m so grateful. Me too. 

Hannah: I feel like I’m going to cry right now, but I’ve got some questions for you and the first question I have is… Where were you when you started FCA?

Tell us a little bit about why you made the decision to join. And also a fun little fact for those that are listening, she actually initially said no to joining FCA.

So Megan, would you be willing to tell us a little bit about that story? 

Megan: Oh my gosh.  I love that. Funny part of the story is that I did absolutely tell you no, that it was not the time in my life for me. But really I’m also just so grateful to you, Hannah, because you gave me the space to wrestle through that with the Lord and really just to spend time in prayer and to get confirmation, and you were just such a gentle leader in inviting me to FCA and giving me space to decide with the Lord.

I feel like that was just so precious.

But where, where I started and where I was, let’s see… So this was March of this past year, so March, 2022, and I was working full time at a nursing home. I had been at that nursing home for just over a year, and been working at different nursing homes for about three years.

But I was feeling burnt out. I was doing a little coaching kind of as a side hustle, so I had maybe a client here and there, but I had actually also taken a coaching certification program for registered dieticians, and it gave me a little bit of information, but it really did not launch me very far into starting a coaching practice.

I really was just lacking direction.  I just wasn’t really getting very far on my own. Like I said, I would, you know, support a client or two here or there. But I really had the dream to go down to at least part-time working at the nursing home. And I know I had told you, Hannah, I’m like, “Yeah, maybe that dream’s like two or three years down the road.”

What came about was that it was two or three weeks down the road from when I joined FCA, which is such a God thing. And I’m just still like, “Wait, what?” 

But yeah, that’s, that’s really where I started, I was just working full time at the nursing home, having a little bit of knowledge and, you know, I, I tried to watch a lot of freebies and, and kind of kickstarted my coaching business on my own.

I just wasn’t feeling like I could grow it very well on my own.

Hannah: I just remember talking to you in the DMs and how you were saying that you weren’t sure when you would be able to go full time, and you didn’t see that happening anytime soon.

And then literally, like so fast after you joined FCA, you went down to part-time. I remember just telling you that in the DMs I remember saying, “I know that you don’t see it right now, but I see it.”

And I think sometimes, especially in a coaching client relationship, a mentor has to believe it first, and that’s okay.

I would love for you to dive into a little bit why you originally said no. Because I’m sure people who are listening are like, why did she say no? Like I know she said yes, but why did she initially say no? 

Megan: Yeah, that’s a great question. So we got connected on social media and really just your content spoke to me.

The heart behind Grace Rooted Nutrition is spiritual nourishment first. It’s keeping that faith foundation first, right? So, drawing near to Christ and knowing that he is our ultimate healer. He knows our yesterday, our today, our tomorrow. And you spoke that to me from a business lens, and that there’s a way to do it with surrendering your business to the Lord.

And that was brand new to me. So that definitely just spoke straight to me and what got in the way was fear  and doubt, honestly. 

And I think you did help kind of call that out in me, and you’ve helped call that out in me throughout the whole process. And that’s a lie, or that’s a tactic and a lie from the enemy.

And it comes up all the time. I did just have to spend time in prayer and wrestling through that with God. And, you know, at the end of the day. it was a little bit of a leap of faith, per se.  You know, for me it felt like that, but it really was trust and surrender and I just had so much confirmation and I think you probably would recall this too, Hannah.

I stepped out in faith a little bit and messaged you and said, “Hey, did you just pray for me?” And you were like, “Oh my gosh, I did.” And I was like, “Because I just had this peace come over me that is so knowingly from God. Like there is no other explanation.”

And so that was just ultimately what led me to saying yes, was that I continued to have the confirmation that this was from God.

This is what God is calling me to do. And the time was here. 

Hannah:  I have tears in my eyes right now because I do remember this and I remember that was so pivotal for you. It was a very pivotal moment. I actually am about to cry. Whoa, that was so pivotal for you because it was mind-blowing.

Just how God just kept showing His hand and kept showing you favor when you walked in obedience.

All of that to say again, it really is such an honor and I’m so glad to just get to be here with you and thank you for just sharing that you are feeling that fear and that doubt, because I know so many people do, and it does creep back in.

It’s something that the enemy is just constantly going to use against us. He wants us to doubt, he wants us to have fear, you know? But we’re not meant to do that, you know? And wow, this is just so good. 

Megan: And I think too, like that’s just been the benefit of the FCA process for me is that it’s a spiritual battle, right?

The enemy is going to come at me again with those lies and those fears and having you support me, having the group support me. Having the structure of FCA and having faith be foundational throughout that whole process has just made such a difference. And on top of that, I think it has helped me shift so quickly too from being able to take that leap of faith and go down to part-time at the nursing home and grow my business was that FCA starts out with a faith foundation too, and so it really just kind of launched me into deepening my faith in my personal relationship with God and really worked through those things that were holding me back. Fear and doubt were part of that. Fear and doubt were absolutely part of that. And so that’s just a beautiful thing too, is just to continue to do that work with the Lord first, and then He will grow your business with you.

Hannah: That’s exactly why there is that. Foundation in the very beginning because we need it. You know, without that, what is even your business? 

So, Megan, I would love to know, in terms of your business, what were some big challenges you were facing before FCA?

Megan: Definitely I think overwhelmed. I was working a full-time job that was burning me out, and I just felt overwhelmed. I felt like I would try to do things and it was more of a striving mentality of I would try to do things and then I’d be overwhelmed. Whereas you really taught me to shift to a place of overflow.

So filling ourselves up. God first. And having that faith routine, and surrendering and just working through. Phase 1 really shifted me from a place of overwhelm to peace from God and just immediately seeing fruit. And just then being able to function from a place of overflow.

And I get to do this with my clients. I get to do this work with my clients. The Holy Spirit is partnering.

I just visualize this triangle between me and you, and the Holy Spirit. Then me and my clients, and the Holy Spirit, and we’re all in this together. And the strand of three cords is not easily broken.

I was kind of taking in free information from social media or from that one certification I did, which wasn’t free, but, but from that certification I did. and, you know, but I was continuing to just try to support clients, just me and the client, but, You know, really inviting the Holy Spirit into that in a new way.

You know, I didn’t have the experience, right? And so having a mentor, having a coach that has the experience of growing a business successfully, really takes you on an accelerated course. And so that was kind of what I needed. 

I would say the biggest challenge was just that overwhelm and feeling like how when I’m working full time and already burnt out, could I possibly do something more or differently?

Hannah: So tell us about that. Tell us about these shifts and just what has happened in your business now?

Megan: Yeah, so definitely, so deciding within like two to three weeks or so, whatever it was of starting FCA, that I had an opportunity come up at work to go part-time.

And I really kind of got sad about it at first because I was like, I’m not ready. You know, again, that fear and doubt came back up and I was like, I’m gonna have to wait till the next time this comes around, which could be two, three years from now, you know?  But I took that leap of faith. I decided to go down to part-time.

You know, I really have been able to focus on and grow Grace Rooted Nutrition and live out my mission of helping other women fully embrace not only food freedom, but freedom in Christ as well, and get to experience breakthroughs in their faith, in their health. And then also just, you know, another huge shift was having it be a Holy Spirit guided process to walk my clients through the heart of Grace Rooted Nutrition.

I had a lot of growing of my personal faith and then also just being a good steward of my life and then going out and mentoring others to do so, so that it was truly authentic and from a place where I, a lot of times, it’s said like we fill up so that we can pour into others, which I think is true, but I also think of it as this just continual river of running water.

And we’re getting poured into, and we’re pouring into others and the Holy Spirit is just in the whole thing and it’s just so beautiful, so good.

And then I think the last real shift was just on a tangible level, was just overcoming things that were either kind of self sabotaging to me or kind of just holding me back

So just kind of busting through some tangible things and then getting tangible things in place. You know, things that were recommended throughout the process of, okay, here’s how to structure this, here’s how to do it, and then the accountability of doing it and moving forward.

Then the excitement behind that too, of getting to share that with a group and, getting to see what’s happening in other people’s businesses and just kind of that continued encouragement and excitement were definitely just all big shifts. 

Hannah: So many shifts happened. And going back to what you said about restructuring a few things, can you tell us more about that?

Like what shifted in like your business model and your coaching package like, and how did that affect your revenue coming in as well? You know, because I know people are wanting to know about that because your income actually has steadily increased since starting, and it’s now at a 1700% increase in monthly revenue, which is amazing.

And better yet, it’s staying consistent is going to increase, and that’s what we want to build sustainably.

So can you tell us a little bit more about where you were starting with that? What changed as you went through FCA and what’s happening now? 

Megan: So my process that I walked clients through was very just figuring it out as we went.

To be completely honest, and to this day, everything I do with clients is still very individualized because everybody is unique. However, I now have a structure in place for a framework that I walk people through. And I’ll be honest, I have the notebook in front of me and I was flipping through looking for the page, but I literally sat down with this blank notebook paper, not a fancy notebook, and just let the Holy Spirit speak to me. I just the Holy Spirit guide me in mapping out my process.

And now I have this framework that I walk each client through so that they see the fruit of freedom that they are looking for. And so really just having that kind of tangible process and structure. And that also came through testing it out, and making sure that it was meeting their needs and helping them to see the change that they were looking for.

But the huge miracle moment for me was I could not believe that when I just sat down with this blank notebook paper that God did speak into my heart and mind and just gave me the right things to write down on the page. That’s really where it started. And then just continuing to lean into that process.

And I’m continuing to build new modules and content for clients just to support them better and deeper as the program grows. But also allowing everything to be individualized to meet the unique needs of a human that we all have, and just building that relationship too as a mentorship experience, and just being real with people throughout the whole process.

But I think that answered your whole question. Was there a second part to it? 

Hannah: Ooh. I would love to just know about how you packaged your offers previously, because I know you were doing some one off sessions here and there, you know? And now it’s completely changed.

Megan: Yes. So yes, I was pretty much selling sessions session by session. It was very just in limbo, very much evidence of my lack of confidence in it. And that didn’t mean that I had a lack of knowledge or ability to do it. It was just I had never been guided to do it right.

Then I remember even my hesitation of, okay, well I’ll make a package then, so I’ll sell someone this like a package of sessions. So, it was still just a package of sessions, and that was kind of really early on in FCA and then pretty quickly it evolved into, “No, this is going to be a three month mentorship experience and this is the framework we’re going to walk through.”

We’re going to uproot, we’re going to plant in grace and then we’re going to discover the fruit of freedom and we will walk through that together.

And I will share on here, I haven’t publicly shared this yet on Instagram, so whoever’s listening, this will be one of the first to know, but I am now expanding to a six month mentorship just to see that greater change and just continued sustainability and accountability, so that’s really exciting. More details on that will come soon, but also like just another huge shift is that I’ve walked a few clients all the way through the three-month mentorship experience and just very quickly have seen the need for six.

That’s just an exciting shift that I get to offer very soon, and I’m starting to book for that now and definitely into 2023. 

Hannah: That’s just so cool just to see just what has happened. Because, as you know, booking those one-off sessions, of course, like you were probably feeling like there’s no way I could do this like part-time or full-time, because that’s a lot, and that’s not even guaranteed income coming in for the future, but with a package, it’s like you’ve got this income coming in, but also like you are helping your clients have an even deeper and transformative experience.

Megan:. Yeah. And it was just so cool too, to see like when I did take that leap of faith and go down to part-time. I booked up for the summer. I booked up so quickly and was not expecting that. And that was just like another really cool thing too. And then it was like, well, I’m not just booked up for like a month of sessions, but I’m booked up for walking these women through a three-month mentorship experience and knowing that they will have transformation throughout the process.

So that’s just been a really cool, beautiful thing. And I have never booked out before.

Hannah: I’m just in awe of what God is doing in your life and business, truly.

This is what happens when you walk in obedience, even when you are afraid, right? Because fear is not from God.

I love this and I’m just noticing such a huge trend. This is actually my third client interview, and every time I ask about the major shifts you’ve had, it’s all related back to getting in tune with God, the mental space, and other areas of your life. And I just wanted to highlight that for a second because I think sometimes we really romanticize this tangible goal.

And even though it is really great and we’re aiming for that and it helps us quit our full-time job and go part-time or do whatever we’re looking to do, at the end of the day, the real transformation is so much deeper than that and these women recognize that.

Megan: Yeah. And I feel like that’s just the thing is that through every step of this process, from the starting point of saying no to then saying yes to the revenue growth to the process and everything in between, is that it has all so clearly been from God and is just His faithfulness.

It’s just so telling of his faithfulness, from bringing me the right people at the right time, and it has just really grown my trust and surrender. And that doesn’t mean that I don’t have hard days, and that doesn’t mean that there’s not still a spiritual battle because there is, but it’s just having that foundation of knowing what to go back to and, and knowing how to re-surrender.

Surrender is for sure a daily thing, a minute by minute thing. But then also too, one result that I’ve seen is just knowing too that rest is fruitful. And knowing that not every minute of every day is meant to be productive per se.

That worldly kind of meaning of productive is really more just like striving, but rest is productive and fruitful. And that is just such an important part of my rhythm too. And, just honoring a rhythm that faith is the foundation and does not put pride or vanity or anything at the front of my business, but keeps glorifying Christ at the foundation.

It starts from the ground up, right? And, and that has to be the heart behind the business to then be the transformation of what clients are seeing and are experiencing too.

And I’ve seen that from you, day one in FCA and I’ve been able to better orient my business Grace Rooted Nutrition with that same model, and it has just produced so much fruit.

Hannah: I love that you mentioned that because really at the end of the day, yes, rest is so productive, we need to rest, but it’s also a discipline. It’s kind of hard to rest sometimes. But He calls us to rest and not just to like rest while sitting around like binge washing Netflix.

He calls us to rest in Him on a daily basis at every moment. Just fully rest in Him, and that is a discipline. I think a lot of the time, people just assume rest is just not doing anything, but that’s actually not the case at all. It’s just to be fully engrossed and engulfed in Him and His love, and to truly just surrender everything, every waking moment to Him.

And so I’m really glad that you brought that up.

Megan: Yeah, and I’ve heard it said, I forget where, but I heard it, and I love this, that the devil doesn’t take a day off, but Jesus did. Jesus practiced that model of rest for us. And you know, even back to the creation story, that that rest was built right into the design of humanity and, and modeled through creation and through Jesus’s life.

But the devil comes at us every day, but we need that rest. And it is absolutely, it is a discipline and it takes, you know, kind. Creating and working towards it as a habit or a goal, just like anything else, but then it really just does become a beautiful part of our rhythm when we’re implementing it regularly.

Hannah: So good. I loved that. Thank you for sharing that. It was good. I actually am going to write that down, but I do have another question for you. 

Let’s say someone is on the fence about joining FCA. What would you say to them?

Megan: I would say definitely pray about it. Truly pray about it. Spend time with the Lord praying about it.

Look for peace as confirmation. Maybe spend some time journaling your thoughts. And what I would caution you from though is don’t let fear and doubt come in and get you to second guess once you have gotten peace and confirmation from the Lord, which was kind of part of my experience of wrestling.

And, and I think if that happens to you too, that God will show up and kind of remind you of the path He wants you to be on. Then also sometimes we do have to take a leap of faith. And when you have that peace and confirmation that you know it’s from God and the time is now, He will provide.

And, and that trust, that leap of faith with the trust is hard because we’re human and it’s hard, but it is worthwhile. And God provides in our obedience, like you’ve said. He really does.

Right? And so at the end of the day, just fully surrendering that to God is what we’re called to do as Christians.

Hannah:  So good. Thank you for sharing that. And it’s so true! And I love the point you made about looking for peace as confirmation, but just be careful not to let that fear and doubt cloud that, because so often I feel like that happens a lot, you know?

And that happened with you. That’s happened to me before. I’m sure that has happened with many people that are listening to this… They might feel peace about something, but fear is getting in the way. And so you have to go deep in prayer. For discernment and for wisdom and to really have Him fully reveal to you what that next step is.

And if you are feeling that peace, then you know.

Now I actually do have another question for you. 

Is there anything you would like to ask me?

Megan: I love that. I think, you know what I would love to know, and what listeners would probably love to know too, is just this has kind of come up in my talking and, and something I’ve learned from you. It is kind of a constant balancing act with running a business, with being an entrepreneur.

Is there something that you really recommend or is kind of your go to in this season of getting back into alignment? So maybe when flesh starts to take over and when busyness starts to happen, what are some of your tangible things that are just helping you get back into alignment?

Hannah: Ooh, this is a good question, and two things just popped into my mind. The first thing is to always have an anchor. To always have something that is just a constant. So, whether you just got off balance with your one hour Bible study routine because it’s such a busy season with back to back calls, or maybe you’ve had a period where you were sick or went on vacation… Have an anchor.

So maybe that looks like, um, right before you start work you sing acapella, like a worship song.

I love doing that. That’s one of mine. Just singing out loud.

Actually, there’s a spiritual reason why this works as well as a physical reason.

So, the physical reason I actually just learned recently from my chiropractor cousin, is that singing actually stimulates the vagus nerve, which is actually very good for nervous system regulation. I don’t know all the science behind it, but supposedly it is really great.

But as for spiritual reasons, when you were praising and worshiping, the spirit of heaviness cannot be there (Isaiah 61:3).  It’s not gonna be there because you’re rejoicing. Even when you are feeling overwhelmed, if you are feeling stressed, like you are actually rejoicing and it changes something in you, it changes something spiritually.

So that’s one of my anchors. Another one would be, you know, as soon as you wake up, say prayer. 

And then the other thing that I was thinking about too was when I’m going through a season where I’m all out of whack, because life happens is to take a day from my busy schedule and spend time with the Lord. 

I know we convince ourselves we can’t take that time to do that, but truly, One of the biggest things that helps me get realigned and kind of get back where you know I am working from a place of overflow is to take a day, and just spend time with Him.

And what that looks like is singing, journaling, praying, and digging into scripture. I’ll say scripture out loud, and then I’ll just see what the Lord speaks to me. And sometimes I lay there for an hour and I don’t feel like I heard anything and then all of a sudden I feel something and I hear something.

And so sometimes you really do need that. And maybe that’s what true Sabbath actually looks like.

So, first thing is that anchor to hold onto during those busy seasons and then of course like having that day to just to spend time with Him. Does that answer your question?

Megan: That was so good. That could have just been another podcast episode. That was so good.

And I love that and I just appreciate you sharing that, and I knew you’d have a great answer to that just because you have been such a good spiritual mentor to me, in addition to being a coach. You’re just such a great leader for FCA and I know for all of us in FCA and everyone that has the privilege of working with you is just seeing that spiritual difference, so I love that.

I think that those are very great tangible ways just to stay in spiritual alignment while doing the work of a business. 

Hannah: That was such a good question and maybe I should do a podcast episode on it. I probably have more when I sit down and think and pray over it, but since this was on the spot I was like, man, I’m just gonna go with it.

So now Megan, please share where everyone can find you. What’s your Instagram? What are your current offers? Do you have something that they can sign up for?

Like where can they find you?

Megan: So I do mostly hang out on Instagram, so my Instagram handle is @gracerootednutrition. And then I do have a website too that houses all of my information more in depth. So it’s just gracerootednutrition.com

So, I did kind of share with you guys the spoiler alert or exciting sneak peek per se, that I am offering the six month mentorship.

So I am starting that and also enrolling in that for both now and then into the new year, 2023.  I anticipate that I’ll probably book up pretty quickly for the rest of this year, so definitely we’ll be booking out for next year.  Would love to chat with you if you’re interested in experiencing food freedom.

So, giving up the diet and giving up the guilt and shame around food or body image. And just finally experiencing freedom in Christ through my three-part process of uprooting, planting in grace, and then experiencing the fruit of freedom.

I have a free resource you can check out on building balanced bites, which is kind of a sneak peek of a lot of what we do in the mentorship experience. So, building balance bites and having that rhythm of eating well as a piece of just having an overall life-giving rhythm.


Hannah: I just love this and I love that you just shared the three phase approach. So good. And it’s just so catchy and cute. It just makes me so happy. So on brand for you, and I know that freebie is going to be…. Amazing. I’m going to be signing up for it myself.

Megan, I just want to say again, thank you so much for being here today. It was such a pleasure. This was such a good conversation, and I will see you all next time.

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I am all about implementation, my friends, and while I love that you listen to the podcast, I want you to start taking action, implement what you learn, and start seeing some real results.

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