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She Left Her Corporate Job & Hired 3 Team Members! FCA Student Success Story (Shell Waller)


October 4, 2022

I had the opportunity to sit down with one of my Faith-Fueled Coach Academy students, Shell Waller (from aRadical Relationship), and talk about what the Holy Spirit is so actively doing in her business and how Faith-Fueled Coach Academy has been the catalyst for this growth that she is having.

The kind of growth she is having is the miraculous, God-given growth.

Shell started working with me 6 months ago, and we both knew the ultimate intention was for her to leave her corporate job. I remember telling her it was going to be sooner than she expected. Because what she did not expect was about a month or 2 into our relationship, she actually LEFT her corporate job.

In addition to that, she is consistently selling her premium coaching package, helping women having incredible transformations, and she just recently hired on THREE team members.

And again, this all happened in a 6 month time period.

Connect with Shell here:

Instagram: @_shellwaller

Community: aRadical Community

Website: www.aradicalrelationship.com

All of that to say…

Let’s dive into the interview.

Hannah: I just had the opportunity to sit down with one of my students, Shell Waller, and talk about what the Holy Spirit is just so actively doing in her business and how Faith-Fueled Coach Academy has been the catalyst for the growth that she’s having, and the kind of growth she is having is truly the miraculous God giving growth.

It is truly just so magnificent. Shell started working with me about six months ago now, and we both knew the ultimate intention was for her to leave her corporate job at some point, and I remember telling her it was going to be sooner than she expected because what she did not expect was about a month or two into our relationship.

She actually left her corporate job. And in addition to that, she is consistently selling her premium coaching package, helping women have incredible transformations, and she just recently hired on three team members. And again, this all happened in a six month time period. I truly cannot say enough good things about Shell and what she is doing.

So, of course, I am just so excited to introduce you to her and share this conversation with you because the work that God is doing through her is really just so remarkable.

All of that to say, if you are feeling led to start or scale your Holy Spirit-led coaching business like Shell, doors are open to Faith-Fueled Coach Academy, or FCA, right now.

FCA is a six month group mentorship experience that walks you through how to start and scale your faith-based coaching business step by. If you want learn more about the program, you can also tune into episode 33 of this show. I will walk you through all the nitty-gritty details of the program, and in addition, you can see even more details and also see more results and testimonials by heading to the information page, which is located at hannabrindley.com/fca

I am actually grinning from ear to ear right now because I’m truly just so excited for you to meet one of my FCA clients, and be one and only Shell Waller. Now, listen. Shell is crushing it. So we are going to talk about her experience with FCA, but not just that…

We’re going to walk through what the Holy Spirit has created from that, working through her.

Shell, I just want you to know it’s such an honor just to be here with you today, and I’m truly just so excited for everyone to get to meet you, to hear about what you’re doing because it is just so impactful and you just have such a heart of gold, and I’m just so excited for the world to just hear about that.

Go ahead, feel us a little bit about you, who you are, what your mission is, and who you help, and then we will dive deeper into your experience inside of FCA. 

Shell: Thank you so much for this opportunity. This is only, I think, the second time that I’ve ever been interviewed by someone specifically for a podcast.

You are super special and near and dear to my heart as well.

As Hannah mentioned, my name is Shell Waller, I’m 30 years old and currently reside in Memphis, Tennessee. My small business is that of a life coach. I work with women who are specifically looking for help in the area of relationships, whether that’s romantic relationships, friendships, or familial relationships, with the goal of helping them to go deeper in their relationship with God through self-examination first.

I’m just super passionate about that from my personal testimony of experiencing divorce. And through that, and just kind of journeying with God and the Holy Spirit through healing, really realized, just deficits that the church had, in helping women specifically in this area. And so, God plays life coaching on my heart and I’ve just been building ever since.

Hannah: Seriously, your mission is so powerful because our relationships, like how we interact and our relationships, really comes down to how we are in a relationship with ourselves, but at the root of it all, our relationship with God, you know? And so I love that you’re leading people back to Jesus in this way while also helping them in their relationships.

It’s so powerful. I’ve seen the client testimonials. I’ve seen what you do, and you are rocking it. You’re just rocking it.

So, I really want to talk about where you were when you started. When we came in contact with one another, what was going on in your business?

What actually made you say yes to joining FCA, because you already had a clear vision for where you were going? So, what was coming up for you?

Shell: Yeah. So, at the time that I started FCA I had been coaching for a little bit. I was kind of off the heels of finishing up my coaching certification and kind of had a pretty decent foundation.

Through my certification program, I had to coach clients in order to get certified and I had been able to succeed. Successfully secure, a few clients post certification. I knew that I had the goal in mind of leaving corporate America at that time. I was life coaching kind of on the side since I worked from home and had that flexibility.

So I knew that I wanted to leave corporate America, but it was hard for me to be able to put a firm goal and deadline around it because I really didn’t know what I would do with my time if I were to just completely leave corporate America. But I knew that God wanted me to, and so joining FCA was a God moment, because I had literally been praying for a Christian business coach.

I’m like, God, I don’t want to invest my time in just anybody. It’s important for them to be a Christian because they need to understand all of the factors that play into this decision. They need to understand the fact that I have to feel right about this before God, not just even be making a practical business decision.

I literally have been praying about that and just like, “All right, God, as you see fit.”  Literally had expressed that same thing to a good friend of mine who was also discipling me at the time, just saying “Yeah, this is kind of where I’m at with my business.” I really would love God to send me a Christian business coach that’ll help me be able to put some things into place so I can have a more concrete plan for what it might look like to leave corporate America and start to really focus on my business.

Shared that with a friend and maybe two days later. She was like, “Oh my gosh, I just saw this post by this girl named Hannah. She coaches Christians. She’s a Christian. Like, I don’t know if it’ll be a thing, but just check it out.” So, I checked out whatever post it was that she sent me directly, which just sent me on the spiral, you know?

I just heard all of the words that resonated, right? Like knowing that I wanted to have a Holy Spirit-led business, not necessarily seeing the clientele that I wanted to see, but also just like not having concrete processes in place to be able to realize that. And so I knew pretty much almost immediately it was love at first sight.

I knew pretty immediately even before having the conversation with you, just based on the content, that this would be a good move. And then I think having the conversations with you in the DMs and then eventually a call just kind of helped confirm those things. 

Hannah: That is so funny. I don’t think I’ve ever heard this story in its entirety!

I’m curious… Just because I know you’ve mentioned this before, what was different about the DMs and the call? 

I know you mentioned at one point something about the way we had our conversations leading into the call was different for you than you were expecting.

Shell: Yeah, a number of things, one, we had a very extensive conversation and I had paid no money, so that told me that like you actually cared because like, it wasn’t like a, “Oh, we’ll exchange a couple of messages.” These were like voice messages, you know, not even just texts in the DMs, but taking the time to actually voice message. And so even though the voice messaging, I heard the sincerity, right? That investment in me on the front end before I had even committed to being a client, as a coach, I understand, is an investment. So I may see it as just asking questions or just engaging, but that’s an investment into someone.

So as a coach, I recognized it wasn’t salsey at all, which was cool because I know that you have a business, so I know that there’s potentially a goal in mind, but that was never the feeling of this is just a means to an end for her, you know? And, you can pick up on those things. Sometimes when you just feel like, “Okay, eventually the question is coming.”

It all just felt really genuine and really natural and really sincere. And as a coach myself, that was very important to me because that’s also something that I wanted to embody as a coach.

Hannah: And you are embodying it!

You are, seriously. You are mastering the DMs these days. And it is just so cool to just witness it!  I just thank you for sharing that. Sometimes I just don’t have words, just because God is so good. He’s just so good. And I love that you were just like, “Oh, it was love at first sight.”

So all of that to say, I know you were really kind of struggling with the processes and the consistency, but what were some other big challenges that you were facing before we started working together? 

Shell: Consistent clientele.  I had no idea what to do to bring clients in. The clients that I had worked with, either we had had personal relationships with or they had somehow found me online, but I didn’t have any kind of intentionality for how to be proactive in securing clients and not just waiting for them to come to me. In retrospect, I also think that I busied myself with a lot of the wrong things just because I know that I need to be building, so I’m doing all this work on things, because I know I need to be building my business. But in retrospect, it didn’t have to be that thing at that time. Like there were better ways I could have been spending my time, but I just didn’t know.

And so I’m doing a lot to build my business, but I’m not seeing fruit because unbeknownst to me, I’m not doing the things that directly correlate to clientele. I’m just doing the things that make the business look better, which is cool, but it’s not going to bring you clients. Those were some of the initial things that I would say that I was struggling with and kind of dealing with prior to our coaching relationship.

Hannah: Can you tell us what you were busy busying yourself with? Because I’m sure someone needs to hear this. Someone’s probably like, “I’m working so much, but I’m not seeing fruit.” Can you just share with them some of the things that you were doing versus what you’re doing now? 

Shell: Yeah. Spent a lot of time building my website, which was cool.

You know, it was cool, but it wasn’t necessary. I don’t know how many people actually looked through my website before booking me. Even today. 

Hannah: That’s the key, right? Like, yeah, it’s not necessary. It’s nice to have, but is it truly necessary right now? No. 

Shell: Yes. That was a big one. Also, building out programs, forms, and processes for clients that I didn’t have.

Hannah: I loved it. You came in, and you were like, “I’ve got all these processes!” And I’m like, “Cool. Okay, let’s clients go through it.”

Shell: Exactly. And then I realized I didn’t even need all of that. And sure, I can build off that in the future, because as an entrepreneur, we have all of these ideas and I was spending time putting all of my ideas into place instead of just focusing on making one thing the main thing, and how to make that successful.

So I had a lot of things in place, but nobody to actually go through these different coaching packages. I spent time planning memberships for people and trying to get that up and going. I spent time working on my app through my website and trying to get women into that. I focused a lot on making my social media pretty and aesthetically pleasing instead of focusing on what kind of content I was producing, regardless of how my grid looked.

All of the things are good, but not best considering where my business was.

Hannah: Good way to put it. Just good but not the best. And it really is interesting how you said something that I just want to piggyback on.

You had all these processes you had in place, but you didn’t even utilize them all once you got clients in. It’s so interesting because you basically need clients to figure out your processes.

It’s like we want to put the cart before the horse, but in reality the only way you can really figure out your processes is by working with clients.

Shell: Yeah, that does sound scary, and I think that’s a big part of it. I think that being a small business owner, I didn’t want people coming to me and feeling as though I didn’t have it together. I think that was kind of the fear that I was operating out of is that I didn’t want to seem like this random life coach that they’ve now given their money to and homegirl don’t even know how to get me an invoice or she can’t even articulate the next step, you know?

So, I spent so much time, like when they come to me, like, we gonna be, we gonna be ready. Which again is not bad there. A part of it that’s like you, you want to be prepared, you want to be professional, you want to care about the experience. But the extent to which I went into those things was absolutely not necessary at all for that point in my business.

So, yeah, it’s, it’s funny in retrospect, like,  “Girl, who are you going to service?”

Hannah: I love that you said that. And what’s so funny is, I work with newbies all the time, and I don’t consider you like a newbie, right? You came in with some experience there, but with a lot of newbies, they’re like, “Okay, how do I send an invoice?”

How do I do this? How, how do I do that? Like, before they even start selling.

And I’m kind of like, “Listen. When someone’s ready to buy, you will figure out how to send them an invoice. I promise.”

It’s like one step at a time. You don’t need to get all these things in order. Let’s just figure out how to sell. Let’s do that first. Let’s actually have a solid conversation going. Let’s see if we can get someone on a call, and then that’s when you can start thinking about the call, right? I say this because I also have a lot of people that are like, “Well, how do I do a call?” before they even start selling!

And I’m like, “No, just focus on getting people on the DMs to actually get on the call. Once you schedule a call, then figure out the call. Then once you figure out the call, then figure out the invoice.”

And it sounds like scary, but when you really lay it all out, it feels really overwhelming instead of just taking it just one step at a time, and because you’re overwhelmed so often we just don’t do any of it, or we just try to keep distracting ourselves with all these other things that matter, but maybe not right now. 

Shell: The other thing that makes me think about is why working with like-minded individuals is such a difference maker because you being someone who coaches Christians specifically, there is the opportunity to draw them back to what’s actually important. And I think because as a business owner there is the practicality that I do have to do these things in order for my business to be successful. We so quickly forget that regardless, we’re not going to be the person who makes it successful. And so as opposed to spending our time on the front end, getting grounded in the foundational things that actually matter, like who we’re serving and why we’re serving.

What God has placed in our heart and even having conviction about that so that we when we do get on a sales call, that conviction exudes, we worried about building the business, but I think that is kind of slipping and slipping into somewhat of a worldly mindset because that’s what the world tells us we need to be focusing on in order to be successful.

And so it’s essential that we renew our minds in that area, which is exactly what you exude in FCA. It’s the main thing for Christians. 

Hannah: That’s so true. We always have to put Him first and we just have to just crave Him. It’s so important to keep Him the center of all things. Because at the end of the day, yes, we want to thrive in business, and yes, it’s a business, so we do need financial milestones. But also at the same time, what’s really important is the mission. He’s called you.

You know, as I talk so often to women that are like, “I’m getting really burnt out in my business.” Or they’re like, “I don’t know if He’s really called me to this business.”

And I’m kind of like, “Well, why do you think He called you to it in the first place?” And they’ll say, “Oh, to like, help XYZ or to help these people do this, or to bring people back to Jesus”. And I’m like, “So then why are you getting caught up in not seeing engagement on your posts, or not going viral, or the revenue side of it?”

Yes, the revenue is possible for you. It’s so possible for you, like Shell as an example here. But at the end of the day, it comes back to getting your mission and your message across, and that’s the key. And just making Him known and being fully satisfied in Him no matter what, no matter where your business is.

That’s the most important thing. So, thank you for bringing that up. That’s the key.

That leads me to my next question for you.

What have been some major shifts in your business since we started working together? 

Shell: So the major shift was going from offering a number of kinds of tiered coaching packages to one signature program, and it’s a great one.

Hannah: Yes, it is. I love it so much. 

Shell: I remember the times on the calls when I’m like, “This is the one. This is it.”

So, yeah.  I was providing too many options, and all of the expectations of, you know, well if, if this one doesn’t work for that person, then they can do this one. Again, no people in the pipeline, but I’m prepared for the invisible people.

That was huge because then I could just really work on the art of communicating why this signature program is what they need.

The other thing that was a major shift mentally, not necessarily in business practice, was that I’m the business owner, so I can always change my mind.

I think that I was so caught up in trying to have the buffet of options as if I were never going to be able to change that.

That’s why I was offering so many different options. But I remember you saying one time when we were talking about price or something like that where you said you always have the room to make an executive decision on what you want to do in any given situation because you are the owner.

And I was like, “Oh yeah. I’m not abiding by somebody else’s rules.”

If I’m on a call and the Holy Spirit is leading me, give a discount of X amount. Nothing’s stopping me from doing that. But I was so siloed in my thinking about the business, even though I knew it was mine. Of course, I had never done it before, but I was just very siloed in my thinking that everything that I put into place was going to have to be the thing.

So yeah, developing the signature program was a major key by far. It literally took everything that I was trying to do and condensed it into one program at a price point that makes sense, and so accomplishes everything that I want to accomplish. But then again, also that mental shift that this is going to continue to evolve, and we don’t have to figure it all out right now. 

Hannah: Yeah, that’s key. Because we are business owners, we’re going to evolve and because we are going to evolve, our ideal clients are going to evolve as well.

And so nothing has to stay the exact same all the time. And that’s okay. And you know, I just love that you mentioned that, and honestly, I would love it if you’re open to it to share a little bit about your program.

Shell: Yeah, my program, I love my baby so much. So, my program is called The Route to Radical Relationships. My business and ministry is called aRadical Relationship.

It is a three-month program that’s a combination of workshops and coaching sessions. And so in the first month, it consists of three workshops, starting with discipleship.

So, again, starting with the thing that matters most. Keeping the main thing, the main thing in terms of our relationship. And then, there’s an emotional awareness workshop in terms of getting in tune with what’s going on inside and what different things are contributing to that.

And then a self-love workshop, being sure that we understand what it truly looks like to put self first, in a healthy way. And then over the course of the next two months, we spend our coaching sessions focusing on the goals of that individual. So, we do two coaching sessions a month for the remainder of the time.

Previously, I was trying to sell the workshops over here and then the coaching packages over here. And so now this has all come together as just one pretty bow that we’re able to put on a signature program and include all of the things. I also offer Voxer support and that was not something that I was doing, previously, so that’s been really just clutch as well in working with my clients because previously I was just touching base with them once a week in the actual coaching session. Now, I’m able to journey with them even more, through the Voxer support as well. So, that idea and component were a result of working with you. I had never even considered that as an option.

So yeah, I love my signature program so much.

I’m smiling now cause I’m like, “It’s my baby.”

My signature program is my baby. I’ll be able to look back and be like, this was the signature. This started it all, you know? So yeah, I’m super proud of that.  

Hannah: Thank you for sharing about your coaching here.

And now you get to see your clients have this massive transformation as a result of working with you, and it’s creating this beautiful ripple effect into the world because you’re sharing Jesus with them.

Yes, you’re helping them achieve this goal, per se. They’re getting closer and closer to Jesus, and what is that going to do? That’s going to help them overflow into the world too, which will help Jesus flow into the rest of the world and their family and their relationships.

And I just want to thank you just for following that nudge and for that call, because that’s really scary, right?

It’s really scary to listen to that. And also, I know it’s really scary to go from just offering one single coaching session to a big, high ticket package. But you did. And you’ve got clients going through it. And they are crushing it. So, I also want to give you a little time to just share about your clients and the transformations they’re experiencing.

How’s that going?

Shell: I think about one client in particular that just finished up and, as we wrapped up, I was just like, “This is all that I could ask for.”

She was someone who had been involved in the radical community, and had been subscribed to the YouTube channel.

She was attending small groups that I was doing in my free community, and so that had been this buildup of rapport. She was actually someone who was struggling with things, but she didn’t see her need for coaching. So she was actually someone that I had to suggest coaching to, to really help her to see that it could be helpful for her.

Some people get to a point where they’re so down and out that they’re like, I need help. She knew that she was struggling in these different areas, but she didn’t necessarily see her need for you. And so, we started working together in the three-month program. And off rip, you could just tell. Yep. She was ready.

Like I thought she was ready, but she was ready. She was hitting me up when I wouldn’t hit her up, you know? Giving me feedback on the workshops, and talking. She had printed off the workbooks for the workshop. She was sending me pictures. She had a journal going. She was just all in from day one, which is what we love to see as coaches.

We’re like, “Don’t waste your money if you’re not going to be all in.”

So, one of the, well, I’ll say two of the biggest breakthroughs that we had was one, we got to talking a lot about her relationship with her dad and she had never put the words of emotional abuse to her dad’s treatment of her all her life.

And, the Holy Spirit just really put that on my heart. One session I was like, “You were abused. Can we call it what it is? And you know, it was just such an emotional session because she knew that it was wrong how he was treating her, but she didn’t necessarily see it as extreme abuse, you know?

And so I think that really freed her to be able to have words to put to why she feels so strongly like she knows she’s being wrong. Like, why can’t I shape this? So that was really huge. And then as we talked about her desire for romantic relationships, I asked a simple question, which was, “Why do you want to be in a relationship?”

She couldn’t answer. She didn’t know. She was like, “I mean, it’s what you’re supposed to do?” And I’m like, “Nah, Jesus was single. Paul said it’s better to be single. Who told you that?”

But she had never even considered why, like most women.

And so we literally end the session, we pull out our Bibles and we go back to the creation story. Let’s look at Adam and Eve. Why was there a need for Eve? What was supposed to be her role? Why did God see fit to bring her into the picture? Why was it not good for man to be alone?

And so it sounds so cliche, you know, to go back and look at the story about him and Eve and talk about relationships, but she was just like, “I literally did not know the purpose of relationships.”

She’s a single mom. She was like, “I literally could not articulate the purpose, and now I know. Which now informs what I’m looking for in a man, which now informs if I even think I’m ready for a relationship… 

It’s just that trickle-down effect.

As she is making progress through the sessions, man, she had so many wins.

She joined a church. She not only joined a church, but she was also facilitating her own small group in her church. She had been talking to her family about it so much that her mom asked, “Can I recommend some family members to her?”

Wow. So even that trickle-down effect, right.

Because they’re seeing the change in her and they’re like, “Hey, what are you doing?”

She’s like, “Actually, I’m working with the life coach.” 

So she definitely is kind of an apple of my eye in terms of clients. Like I look at her and I’m just like, “This is what I want every single time.” And she was actually my first beta client. So how gracious of God, you know, to not just give me that first one who was going to go through the program, but to have her be the model for why I do what I do and the effect that it has.

So just super, super, super proud of all that we were able to accomplish with the help of the Holy Spirit in her time with me. And then I remember like the week after she was done and I go to my phone too. Then the Monday morning prayer like I do to my clients on Monday morning, I was like, “She’s not a client anymore.”

I was so sad, like, “Oh no, I don’t have to send her a morning prayer anymore.” We were bonded. You know? 

Hannah: I just had chills as you were talking and I had tears in my eyes. I was like blinking them back because I was like, “Wow, God.”

Wow. so incredible. 

And it just kind of goes back to that ripple effect, right? What if you didn’t join FCA? You wouldn’t have created that program. She wouldn’t have that incredible transformation. And it’s just mind-boggling to me. And so thank you for just sharing that.

I really wanted to give that time for you to share about your program and the wins that they’re experiencing, because you’re doing some incredible things with the power of the Holy Spirit, right? 

It’s such a blessing just to get to be a part of that. So, thank you for trusting me with that, because that’s a huge honor.

So all that to say, where do you feel the results have been the most exciting and most life-changing for you so far?

Shell: Ooh, that is such a good question. When I envisioned myself going into full-time coaching, I was thinking about being able to be on coaching calls with women every day in the system that I’ve learned through FCA.

I get to do that whether I’m on a coaching call or not because of how I’m engaging with women through social media. And so every single day, literally just engaging with these women in a genuine way, they’re opening up about things that I would never expect them to tell a complete stranger that just follows them on social media.

And so, when I’m asking them about things that they like to receive prayer about, and I get a long paragraph back, talking about the real stuff that’s going on in their lives from being single moms, losing jobs in homes, starting new careers, being new moms, starting to lead ministries at churches, fertility issues, just a range of different things…

It’s like, whether or not it’s the act of coaching on a call as part of this signature program like I get to do, the system that you’ve helped me to put into place has helped me live my purpose every single day. I don’t have to just wait for it to be this paying client.

So, that’s just really gratifying. The other thing that has been really great for me is that I’ve also seen my ministry, through my free Facebook community, really expand and grow. I think when we started working together, I probably had 40 people. It’s almost 90 now.

But it’s because we’ve been able to continue to have conversations around why I do what I do, and what’s the end goal.

And because ministry is such a huge passion of mine, like running the business, clearly I’m passionate about that. But ministry as well, just giving up myself to women that I’m able to serve that can’t pay me anything.  Just being able to see how I can do that and cultivate that and still is a part of the grand goal of building a business without feeling like it has to be one or the other.

Like either, they’re a marathon or they’re not. You know, do I want to do ministry or do I want to run a business? And so I really do feel like I’ve been able to just kind of really see that it’s all possible. It doesn’t have to be one thing or another. And I don’t have to feel like all of my different interests are competing because I have a heart for these women/

I’m able to do it all every single day in different ways. And everyone doesn’t get to say that they get to live their purpose and passion every day. That they get to do passion every day. But I’m just super blessed and fortunate to be in that position. 

Hannah: I love your answer, and I also just wanted to highlight the fact that this whole conversation has just been so just Holy Spirit inspired, and also I feel like it hasn’t even highlighted the tangible results you’ve experienced, which I just think speaks so highly of your heart (and FCA, of course).

I’m going to brag on Shell for a second and just share with you that she’s pretty much basically at capacity for coaching right now, which is incredible. She has left her corporate job, and she wasn’t even sure when she was going to be able to do that and then she did it.

Then she did it. 

Shell: We were banking on it being like the end of our coaching relationship, right? And it was like, Nope, it’s here.

Hannah: We were like halfway through. I think we were like a month and a half in, and you sent me a message that was like, “I’m talking about an exit strategy with my boss.”

You left your corporate job. You’ve got your ministry. You’ve hired three people. 

Shell: Forgot about that.

Hannah: I mean, that’s what I’m saying. Like, what? And that’s what I love about you. And also like FCA too, because it just highlights and you are highlighting the true heart of it all.

It’s not really about these like physical, tangible results. It’s about the mission and that’s what FCA’s about at the end of the day. Like, yeah, all these things are shiny and they’re nice, but what is the heart of it? The heart is what’s going to keep you going. It’s not this want or drive.

It’s not wanting to leave your 9 to 5 ,or make $10k months, or hire on a team. That’s not going to get you anywhere. At the end of the day, it’s the heart and the mission behind it. And so, yes, I wanted to brag on her for just a second because I know she’s not going to brag about herself.

Shell: I’ve had somebody tell me that before!

Hannah: But I do think it is so important just to highlight the fact that it is the mission and it is the heart that’s really going to be the driver.

So all of that to say, what would you say to someone who is on the fence about joining FCA? 

Shell: It’s so interesting because the last thing that we will invest in is ourselves.

We will spend money on the latest iPhone. We will eat out every single day. We will be sure our hair, nails, and toes are done. These things have no impact on the future. Those things are cool. They’re great for the self, and self-confidence boosters, but in the grand scheme of things, it literally doesn’t matter.

And so even myself, I’m so practical, and I’m not a risk taker. So, I even had to bring myself back to the why. 

And so what I would say to someone on the fence is that you are worth the investment, whether you’re a mom, whether you’re a wife, if you’re serving at your church… you and your future are worth the investment.

Because the thing about this investment is that it’s lifelong. And I think that’s the thing that people don’t conceptualize when they’re just thinking about money or time. Like, you pay this small amount in the grand scheme of things, you invest this small amount of time in the grand scheme of things for benefits that you’re going to reap for the rest of your life.

If I was someone who was doing some risk adjustment, that’d be worth taking whatever perceived risk there is in our minds. And so it’s just kind of like, “Girl, whatever you think is a thing as to why this is not the time… Stop psyching yourself out. There’s always going to be a thing that can stand in the way.”

I would say bet on yourself and on your future.

Hannah: Yeah, that’s good. And that actually reminds me of one time someone asked me, “What would you say to someone who is really struggling with investing?” And you made me think of what I said because you said you are worth it.

And I remember my answer to this question. I’m going to piggyback off of you… Your clients are worth it.  

Your clients are so worth it, because not only will it be a life-changing experience for you, but what you learn, you get to share that with your clients.

You have to experience these transformations. And I just wanted to share that because it just made me think of that. I was like, “I need to share this right now because someone needs to hear it.”

Whether it’s investing in FCA or something totally different, someone needs to hear this because it’s very scary to invest.

But at the end of the day, if you’re making the investment just solely about these physical things is not going to be worth it. I mean, yeah, it’ll be great. But again, it goes back to the heart. It goes back to the intention.

So, thank you for sharing, Shell. That was awesome.

I love that. Now, I know everyone is wanting to know where they can find you if they can join your free Facebook group where they can connect with you on Instagram and if you are currently accepting clients. So tell us all the things. 

Shell: Yes, I would love to. So on, I am on Instagram @_shellwaller 

Name change coming soon cause I will be getting married soon. Whoa. Praise God. You can go visit my YouTube channel, which is aRadical Relationship. There’s also a link to my website, which is aradicalrelationship.com, as well as a link to join my free Facebook community.

We are also kicking off a men’s ministry, so you’ll also see a link there for a free Facebook men’s ministry community as well. So, super excited about that. 

Hannah: So awesome. If you guys go and connect with Shell, please let her know that you came from the Reclaimed to Reign Podcast and Hannah sent you.

I want to ask Shell one final question. It’s just going to be fun.

And the question is, do you have any specific questions for me?

I think this is fun because I did not prepare for this. I have no idea what she’s going to ask me.

Shell: I think as someone who has been on the receiving end of your perseverance, I would love to know how you reflect on where you’ve come from. Like, what does that look like for you? Because you work with so many women who are currently in a space that you used to be, and now you’re just in it every day, You know, just experiencing the fruit of perseverance.

So, I would just love to know what that looks like for you. 

Hannah: This is a good question, and the very first thing that comes to mind is that perseverance doesn’t end. We never fully just arrive, right? I think sometimes we’ve got this end goal in mind, but at the end of the day, even once you get there, you’re not done.

There’s going to be more. And so a lot of the time, I think somehow we romanticize this idea that reaching a goal will make everything better. that I’m going to give an example for myself. The thing that I romanticized was $10k months. And I think that’s very like talked about and idolized in the online space.

And once I actually hit $10k months, I was like, “Okay. This is nice. This is cool, but it’s not what I expected. Like, I still have to go do things. I’m not just sitting back and someone is feeding me grapes, or whatever. There are still things I have to learn.”

I would even say that as you are growing, you are learning even more.

There’s still so much that God is unpacking for me in my journey, and this is actually so funny because I did a client interview earlier today and I was basically just talking about how we live our life in layers and God just peels back these layers, I feel like the more you grow, the more layers start getting peeled back.

So, the perseverance doesn’t necessarily stop, but it is really important to sit down to reflect on where you came from. And the way that I do that is just by praising God. Because at the end of the day, it’s not about what I’ve done.

It’s about what He has done because I couldn’t have done this on my own. When I tried to do this on my own, I just fell flat. It’s really about taking the time to be like “God, look at what You have gotten me through. Look at how my mindset has shifted. Look at how my thoughts have shifted.”

That is how I reflect on where I’ve come from. But I did just want to highlight the fact that perseverance doesn’t end. It just grows.

It’s like a muscle.

I don’t know if you guys have checked out my three-day devotional for faith-fueled female entrepreneurs called ROOTED, but in there I say that faith and surrender are like muscles. You have to use them, or they’re just not going to be there.

And so, as you’re growing, and as you do produce fruit in your business, your faith and your surrender muscles will eventually be tested again.

But because you have persevered through that, they’re stronger now. It’s like you almost can navigate through things faster than you used to. Because your muscles are just more powerful now. 

I’d say just focus on growing that faith and surrender muscles, and everything is just going to work out because at the end of the day, God is the ultimate provider, right? He is the Great Physician. He is everything. So, keep persevering. Recognize that you’re not just gonna arrive. You never will until we get to heaven or with Jesus. And always praise Him and just recognize what He has done over your life as opposed to what you’ve done.

So that’s a good question. I love that so much. 

Shell: Yeah, that’s such a good reminder because. I think that we strive with reaching the goal in mind and then thinking that once we reach the goal it’s like, “Ah, finally.”

But I think any of us, if we ever look back on any goal we’ve ever achieved is like, “Wow, okay, time to move on.”

Yeah. So that’s a great reminder. Yeah. I love that. 

Hannah: Yeah. And don’t get me wrong, goals are great, but it’s when we start idolizing them that it becomes a problem. They really are wonderful. Right? And they’re blessings in this life, but we’re just going to keep moving once we get there, you know? 

Instead, let’s focus on romanticizing Jesus, the journey, and where we currently are.

That’s just my take on it. And don’t get me wrong, I still have to remind myself sometimes, because that was a huge lesson I had to learn back when I did first hit those $10k months.

But that was such a good question, so thank you.

But all to say, this was such a good chat. 

Please connect with Shell on Instagram, check out her site, get involved in her ministry or her menistry, and I’ll see you all next time. 

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