Called to CEO

I know you’re an ambitious, faith-fueled female entrepreneur ready to take your life + business to the next level.

Butttt you keep getting stuck.

You think you need the next strategy…
You think you just need to get “motivated” again…
You think you have a lack of self-discipline…
You think you just haven’t found the right people to buy…
You think you just need more clarity…

The problem?

You’re focused on yourself.

And the Truth…

Is that you know you need to focus on HIM.

It’s time to partner with God in your business.
It’s time to to fight your battles spiritually instead of physically.
It’s time to hear from God & let Him take the reins.
It’s time to turn the lies the enemy keeps feeding you into the TRUTH the Lord meant for you.

Inside of this Membership, we’re tackling the stuff you keep avoiding, going deeper with the Holy Spirit & what He teaches us, busting through self-sabotage, navigating spiritual warfare, and gaining accountability & support from other like-minded Faith-Fueled CEOs along the way.

Sounds fun, right? 😜

This membership isn’t just for anyone.

It’s for the woman who understand that her relationship with Father God, King Jesus, and Holy Spirit is THE most important thing in her life... & when she doesn't prioritize it, her business will crumble. Because it's not her business. It's His.

It’s for the woman who is ready to release the CHAINS that have been keeping her stuck.

It’s for the woman who knows she was chosen by God to overcome self-sabotage, strongholds, the enemy’s lies & temptations, and her flesh… and finally lean into the Holy Spirit’s will for her life.

It’s for the woman who knows she was reclaimed by Jesus to reign with Jesus. (Romans 8:17)

It’s for the woman who is ready to stand up for Truth and fight against the enemy.

It’s for the woman who knows she’s…

Called to CEO.

Hey Queen...

a community-driven Membership for
faith-fueled business owners, creators, dreamers & leaders who are ready to take obedient action on their God-given calling & steward their role as a faith-fueled ceo

Called To CEO Collective

Your go-to resource for a loving & supportive community of Christian, female entrepreneurs paired with a Faith-Fueled CEO Framework, Community & Coaching + Deep Dive Discussions revolving around taking bold & obedient action as a Faith-Fueled CEO.

This membership is strategically designed to help you cultivate a deeper relationship with the Lord, go deeper on topics you learn about (say goodbye to overconsumption & say hello to implementation), work from a place of overflow versus overwhelm, and overcome the spiritual battles against the enemy that have been keeping you stuck in your life + business.

Inside of this revolutionary membership, you will find yourself FULLY equipped with all the support, prayer, and accountability you could ever need to overcome your self-sabotaging tendencies, and stand firm in the battle against the enemy.

I mean, think about it...

Not only will you be with other likeminded women, but you'll have an experienced and Certified Life Coach & Faith-Fueled Business Mentor at your fingertips. Yes, girl. We are going deeper on faith topics, but I am also here to help you grow your business! Don't be afraid to ask your business questions–I am soooo here for it!

The truth is, I know the Lord has put a calling on your heart, and I know you know He has a great purpose for that calling–and He has chosen you to be the vessel for it. But you keep getting stuck for one reason or another... & it usually boils down to self-sabotage, am I right?

Lack of discipline or motivation, procrastination + perfectionism, imposter syndrome + comparisonitis, fear of failure + fear of success, unworthiness + insecurity, people pleasing + fear of rejection... the list could go on.

It's time to get to go deeper & get to the root of the problem, sister.

It's time to take bold & obedient action on your God-given call to CEO.

ok yes i'm in!


i'm so ready!

— Krista P.

. Hannah will help you take action to go from dreamer to dooer. working with Hannah is the best thing I have ever done!

There is an unmistakable feeling of anointment. Working with hannah has given me the ability to dream a bigger dream & follow where God is leading me.

— Rachelle M.

Hannah's attunement and obedience to the Holy Spirit's guidance shines through whether it's convenient for her or not, which allows me to trust her feedback, decisions and suggestions even more!


faith-fueled CEO Framework

Sneak Peak

I'm all in!

You will step into your QUEEN Identity, embrace the fact that you are a vessel for the Lord and finally create the business (and life) He has called you to. Inside this Framework, you will learn what it means to take aligned action while surrendering the outcome to Him–all while equipping yourself to spiritually fight against the enemy and release the self-sabotaging tendencies keeping you stuck. If you're ready to finally turn your God-Sized Dream into a reality, and be well on your way to making a major impact (& an income), this is for you.


• Step into your Queen Identity, fully embrace just how powerful the Lord is as He is working through you, and gain the GOD-fidence you never knew you had
• Learn exactly how to hear from the Holy Spirit in your business and how to let go of the reins and allow HIM be your CEO with The Queen Routine.
• Understand exactly what it takes to Rule Your Mind and release the limiting beliefs (aka lies) the enemy keeps feeding you, and replace them with the Truth.
• Cultivate your very own Queen Routine that will help you stay rooted in Jesus every single day.
• Balance discipline with surrender, finally let go of the striving & hustle mentality and watch God work miracles in your life & business.
• Dig deep into Scripture study and learn how to turn this ritual from a boring item to check off your to-do list to the thing you cannot wait to do.
• Utilize the power of prayer to its fullness and learn how to strategically use prayer in your battle against the enemy

example of topics covered:

• Money “Mindset” as a Christian entrepreneur
• Hearing from the Holy Spirit in your business
• Business Meetings with God 
• Biblical content creation, marketing & sales
• Navigating fleshly vs. godly desires (Does God want you to pursue your business, or is it a fleshly desire?)
• Developing a faith-fueled FOCUS aka the balancing act of discipline, being still with God & surrendering
• Overcoming self-sabotaging tendencies & lies from the enemy that show up like: perfectionism, comparisonitis, procrastination, imposter syndrome, laziness, fear of failure + success, fear of rejection, lack of clarity & so much more
• Identifying the enemy's deception in the marketplace & how to navigate + overcome this
• How to hold on to faith with nothing seems to be happening in your business
• How to move from idolizing success, money & recognition to worshipping Him
• How anger, bitterness & resentfulness show up in business and hold you back
• Taking care of your body (aka your temple) so you can show up more powerfully for Him
• Pushing through shame + guilt when you don't get things done like you say you will
• Identifying and navigating jealousy + greed
• Enjoying where you are versus where you feel you should be
• Marketing & selling in a way that glorifies & honors God
• Utilizing your spiritual gifts in your business
• Navigating your life + business when you’re in the middle of a storm
• Overcoming people pleasing (aka fear of man)


What's Included?

You will have access to the Faith-Fueled CEO Framework at all times! Consider this mini-course the framework we will keep referring back to throughout the membership. It’s the HEART of it all. Keep scrolling if you want to learn alllll about it.

We will cover a multitude of topics that many Christian women in creative, leadership & entrepreneurial roles encounter. These topics include, but are not limited to:



Our goal for this membership is to make it community-driven, and help members go deeper in every faith, business & everything in between. Instead of blasting you with even more info, we are stepping away from overconsumption and stepping into an overflow from the Holy Spirit as we allow Him to take us deeper on particular topics (keep scrolling to get a better idea of the topics we cover). That said, these community & coaching calls are the way we strive to keep community, digging deeper & implementation at the forefront:

• 2 monthly 2 hour live group coaching calls (aka Power Sessions) with Hannah and the community where you can receive support and/or ask anything relating to business, faith, & everything in between. YUP, a Holy Spirit led community and a Certified Life Coach & Business Mentor at your service! Consider this your very own mastermind where you can finally process through things going on in your faith, life & business.

• 1 quarterly deep dive discussion with Hannah and the community over episode(s) you may have already listened to or will be coming soon on the Called to CEO Podcast OR topic(s) being discussed inside the membership. Hannah will let you know which episode(s) and/or topic(s) you will be discussing in advance. Remember–our goal is to go deeper, not wider. This is the time to get closer as a faith-fueled community and overcome obstacles together. Keep scrolling to get a better idea of the topics we cover.

• 1 quarterly social event with Hannah and the community. This event could look like (but is not limited to): meet & greet, prayer circle, live Q&A, guest panel, trivia, additional co-working session, planning session, time of worship, biblical meditation, book club meeting, or journaling session! 

• Consider this your private community & resource center where all of the content and member engagement takes place! This is your area to ask questions, gain support, bounce off ideas, network, submit prayer requests, and so much more!

• Access framework videos, call replays, and other resources to dig deeper

• Ask questions and gain support regarding your business (YUP, a community & business coach is at your fingertips), framework, podcast episodes, life, or how the Lord is showing up in your business

• Join your community members inside the Library where you can pop on a live video together co-work at any time! Zoom isn't even needed and you can even pop in by yourself! This is going to be great for you if you are looking for a little bit of extra accountability.

• Get daily accountability when it comes to your personal Scripture studies and/or your quiet time with the Lord & safely share what the Lord is teaching you and/or gain some Holy Spirit guided wisdom and leadership from your fellow community members

• This is the place where I truly believe you could absolutely meet your business bestie!

Don't just take it from me...

Praise Hands

"i quit my full-time job & was able to maintain a secure financial income in my business!"

"Working with Hannah, I made so much progress in both my business and personal life! Hannah helped me push past my limiting beliefs, quit my full time job and focus entirely on my business while maintaining a secure financial income. In just a few short weeks, I have gained 5 new clients as well as a ton of new knowledge on how to continue to gain more clients on my own. Our time together has really transformed my life for the better and I can't wait to see what more will come."

Dezirae H.

"Hannah changed my life for the better. She was the BEST investment I have ever made."

"Hannah has helped my business grow exponentially along with my confidence! Hannah changed my life for the better. She was the BEST investment I have ever made in my business & life. If you need someone to help you grow your business, confidence, teach you sales, & encourage you in your faith, Hannah is your girl! I invested in the midst of a pandemic & my business has grown because of it. You will love her and her coaching style. I couldn’t recommend her more."

Tessah W.

"Making the decision to have Hannah as my coach was the best thing I could've done."

"Making the decision to have Hannah as my coach was the best thing I could’ve done for myself and my career. She helped me chase after my dreams, believe that I can do them, and actually make them a reality! My whole perspective has changed in regards to overcoming my mindset, my fears and conquering the strongholds that seemed to be standing in the way. God has given Hannah an amazing talent, and I would not be where I am today without her!"

Margarita M.

"I just handed in my resignation at my job! I get to stay home with my family where they need me."

"God gave me a vision 5 years ago that has officially come to life thanks to Hannah. If it wasn’t for FCA, I would still be trying to figure it out. Now, I just handed in my resignation at my job so I can be home with my family where they need me! The thing is–this is more than business coaching. This is something that is going to transform your life. Stop thinking about it and going through all that could go wrong. That is the enemy talking. Pray about it and let the Spirit lead."

Cierra T.

"She will help you go from dreamer to dooer. Working with her is the best thing I have ever done."

"Hannah has the ability to help you stay focused on what God is prompting to you to do, and take yourself out of the equation. She truly cares about helping you build a Kingdom business, and has helped me create something God has called me to share with the world. If God has planted a dream on your heart, FCA is for you. Hannah will give you the roadmap, AND help you take action on it to go from dreamer to dooer. Working with Hannah is the best thing I have ever done."

Krista P.

"Both my husband and I have witnessed God's provision for us through working with Hannah."

"Both my husband & I have witnessed God’s provision through working with Hannah. I have created a program, gained clients & have clients resigning! I am finally living into what I am called to do & understanding HOW to do that. This isn't just "how to run a coaching business"-it's "how to live out a coaching ministry that happens to also be a business.” If God gives you the green light, DO NOT WAIT to be obedient! FCA has been a night and day difference; don't stay in the dark."

Rachelle M.

— Cierra T.

Hannah is genuine and cares more about my relationship with Christ than my business. Yes, she teaches an incredible framework for building a solid business BUT she also knows that all the step & tips aren’t anything if you aren’t partnered with Christ - and she isn’t afraid to stand up for that belief either. 

— Anna-Elyse E.

Hannah will pray for you, encourage you and support you beyond what you can imagine. Once you work with Hannah, your life will be forever changed for the better.

Hannah cares more about my purpose than my business. Her meetings or interactions with me never felt transactional or like a service, she was a partner in all of it!

learn more

get ready to CLAIM YOUR CROWN!

My mission? To help you go from invisible dreamer to powerful leader and finally step into the QUEEN God created you to be. (Pssttt–you already ARE a Queen. You just have to claim it!)

By incorporating aligned systems & soulful strategies with powerful intuition & unshakeable faith, I help you get unstuck, gain massive clarity, unlock your calling and finally create the life & business God has imprinted on your heart.

If you are ready to create the impact, influence & income you desire, then you're in the right place.

It’s time to claim your crown, girlfriend.

You were reclaimed to reign.

a FAITH-FUELED life + business coach, overprotective dog mom, and jesus lover.

I'm Hannah.

Hi Queens!

— Kaleigh C.

Hannah genuinely cares about the people in her programs, and is actually praying for them. Working with Hannah opened my eyes to a spirit-led business & how your business should edify your life–not the other way around.

Hannah changed my life for the better. She was the BEST investment I have ever made in my life and business.

— Margarita M.

Making the decision to have Hannah as my mentor was the best thing I could've done.

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Total Value: $397/mo

1 month free per year!

2 months free per year!

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Please note that if you are a private client of mine (1:1 calls & 1:1 Voxer coaching), or a part of the FCA Group Coaching Program (NOT the course), you will get access to this for FREE for the duration of your contract.

There are no refunds. You can cancel at any time, but we will need a notice of 5 business days before your billing date.