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Immersion Experience

If you are ready to transform your mindset, heartset and skillset and master your role as Faith-Fueled CEO, then it's time to pick one of three ways you can receive 1:1 mentorship with Hannah! 


A fully immersive experience that consists of a 3 Hour Mentorship Session with your choice of 1, 3 or 6 months of 1:1 Messaging Support. Includes complimentary access to the Collective.


Want Hannah in your back pocket? In a messaging app, she will make sure you are fully supported in faith and business. Includes complimentary access to the Collective.

Messaging Support

Mentorship Session

This 90 Min Mentorship Session is best for 1-2 focuses, such as taking a deep dive into your offer and developing your marketing strategy. Collective members receive $50 off.





"Hannah changed my life for the better. She was the BEST investment I have ever made."

"Hannah has helped my business grow exponentially along with my confidence! Hannah changed my life for the better. She was the BEST investment I have ever made in my business & life. If you need someone to help you grow your business, confidence, teach you sales, & encourage you in your faith, Hannah is your girl! I invested in the midst of a pandemic & my business has grown because of it. You will love her and her coaching style. I couldn’t recommend her more."


"Even my husband wants me to keep
working with her indefinitely!"

“Hannah has become somewhat of a big sister in business. I feel like we have developed a friendship that she funnels her authority through. I trust her with my life and the life and longevity of my business. Since working with her, I feel like my business has gone from “hopefully this will work” to “this is my life’s mission.” Even my husband wants me to keep working with her indefinitely.”


"I quit my full-time job & was able to maintain a secure financial income in my business!"

"Working with Hannah, I made so much progress in both my business and personal life! Hannah helped me push past my limiting beliefs, quit my full time job and focus entirely on my business while maintaining a secure financial income. In just a few short weeks, I have gained 5 new clients as well as a ton of new knowledge on how to continue to gain more clients on my own. Our time together has really transformed my life for the better and I can't wait to see what more will come."

Dezirae H. | health & fitness coach

"I just handed in my resignation at my job! I get to stay home with my family where they need me."

"God gave me a vision 5 years ago that has officially come to life thanks to Hannah. If it wasn’t for her, I would still be trying to figure it out. Now, I just handed in my resignation at my job so I can be home with my family where they need me! The thing is–this is more than business coaching. This is something that is going to transform your life. Stop thinking about it and going through all that could go wrong. That is the enemy talking. Pray about it and let the Spirit lead."

Cierra T. | christian burnout mentor

"Hannah has the ability to unearth the potential of your business and propel it forward!"

“In mentorship, God really gives each person a very unique gift. Hannah's gift (imo) is the insight she gives that brings everything together to create something as a whole that is powerful, effective, and sustainable. Her unique vision allows her to see your business not only as what it currently is, but where it can and WILL go. This insight is truly special and not only unearths potential, it capitalizes it and propels it forward!! That insight paired with her encouraging can-do attitude is GOLD.”

Ashley H. | writer & ministry founder

"Both my husband and I have witnessed God's provision for us through working with Hannah."

“Both my husband & I have witnessed God’s provision through working with Hannah. I have created a program, gained clients & have clients resigning! I am finally living into what I am called to do & understanding HOW to do that. This isn't just "how to run a business"-it's "how to live out a ministry that happens to also be a business.” If God gives you the green light, DO NOT WAIT to be obedient! This has been a night and day difference; don't stay in the dark."

Rachelle M. | spiritual formation mentor

"Hannah’s mentorship is far above anything I was expecting!"

“Hannah’s mentorship is far above anything I was expecting. She’s there for you on both a professional, and a personal level. I’ve laughed, cried, processed, and grown exponentially during my time learning under her and I would 10/10 recommend her for anyone looking for a coach that will stand in the gap on their behalf and seek the LORD first for the solutions and direction, not just what may seem most profitable in the moment. She has a spirit of discernment and wisdom, and will choose obedience and people over profit.”

Ashley R. | BUSINESS & ministry coach



Meet other CEOs who just might become your business besties and receive the spiritual support and accountability you need to stay faithful to God’s calling. Attend power sessions, round tables, office hours, and more.


Access the Faith-Fueled CEO Framework, where you’ll learn to take bold action on your God-given calling and create a thriving, Holy Spirit-led business by mastering your role as a Faith-Fueled CEO.


It's time to ditch striving for stewardship and master your role as a Faith-Fueled CEO with a seasoned, Holy Spirit-led business mentor and a community of Christ-minded leaders at your fingertips.

Gone are the days you have to invest in high-ticket containers to receive high-value support! We will help you overcome hurdles in business, discern your next steps, and grow the thriving business the Lord imprinted on your heart.

The Home for Christian Creatives and Entrepreneurs

Attend group power sessions and deep dive topical masterminds hosted by Hannah and receive personalized support in our exclusive app community. Feel free to return to call replays at any time in case you miss a session.




Business Tools

Must have


This Notion template helps you keep track of your leads and monitor your numbers in your Daily Sales System (aka the money makers). 

Your 30-day, comprehensive guide to help you create, launch and sell your faith-based digital products and services online.

Our simple, proven funnel system to help you consistently bring in new leads & sales on repeat all without paying for ads or fancy tech funnel systems.

My mission? To help you trade success-driven striving for Holy Spirit-led stewardship and grow a thriving, faith-fueled business.

By utilizing supernatural, practical and biblical principles and practices, I help you get unstuck, break through self-sabotaging tendencies, discern your next steps, and take faithful, obedient action on the calling God has imprinted on your heart.

It’s time to ditch the flesh-fueled behaviors that have left you burnt out and bruised, and embrace the faith-fueled principles and practices that support you in experiencing true freedom.

Are you ready to master your call to CEO? If so, you’re in the right place.

Disciple of Jesus, Podcaster, Writer, Mentor, and Faith-Fueled Community Leader for Christian Creatives & Entrepreneurs

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Full Focus Planner


A new approach to life planning you'll actually enjoy. Use code HANNAH10.


Hosanna Revival


My go-to for beautiful Bibles! I get a new Bible from them every year. Their designs never disappoint.


Merit Lip Oil


My favorite nourishing lip tint. All day wear in beautiful shades. Gives that gloss shine without any sticky feeling!

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This is a must for my work day - since I'm *mostly* caffeine free. Don't worry, they have caffeine options too!