It's time to make some shifts.

let me tell ya how i did it.

A little about me

I was born and raised a Georgia peach, so it’s no surprise I currently reside in Atlanta with “y’all” being a necessary part of my vocabulary.

But truth be told, I’m on a mission.

I am here to help you end this never-ending cycle of self-destruction, and cultivate a successful, Holy-Spirit led business without letting it become your idol.

With Holy Spirit guiding and fueling me on this mission, I launched Reclaimed to Reign, a podcast and community dedicated to helping women reign within spiritual warfare and reclaim a Holy Spirit led life and business. 

I spend most days living out this mission and serving my clients with my wild man, Weston, by my side. He’s a Mini Irish Doodle and I wish I had just the smallest amount of his energy, because he is always keeping me on my toes!

Daughter of the King, Stay-At-Home Dog Mom, Certified Life Coach, and Faith-Fueled Business Mentor.

I'm Hannah.

Hey Queen!

& This is EXACTLY how the Lord led me to founding and growing
Faith-Fueled Coach Academy and Reclaimed to Reign. 

If you're ready to be fueled by faith over flesh,
Fight your battles spiritually instead of physically,
Take bold action on your God-given callings,
And finally create that thriving, faith-fueled business…

Then you’re in the right place.

My Story

I spent the entirety of my childhood convinced I was “supposed” to pursue a career in the medical field.

I remember driving out of the parking lot the day I took my last final exam in undergrad.

It was December 2015 and I had just graduated from a private university with a Bachelor’s in Biology.

I wasn’t happy, or celebrating the fact that I had finished–I was sad.

I was sad because I knew in my spirit that medicine wasn’t the route I was supposed to go, but I didn’t know what else I was supposed to do because that was all I had ever worked for. I felt like I had wasted years of my life pursuing a “dream” that wasn’t even meant for me .

I was sad because I knew in my spirit that wasn’t the route I was supposed to go, but I didn’t know what else I was supposed to do because that was all I had ever worked for.

All I knew to do at the time was to follow the passion I had for the beauty industry.

Yup, I jumped from medicine to makeup (there’s a point to all of this, I promise).

This love for makeup led me to join a beauty network marketing company, where I fell in LOVE with sales and mentoring women. This was such a relief for me, because I felt like I had finally figured out what God wanted me to pursue (this point is important to remember).

While I was growing my network marketing business, I discovered the coaching industry. Truth be told, I had no idea coaches existed and I thought it was incredible that people could start their own business and mentor others. As soon as I came in contact with the coaching industry, my wheels started turning! I knew that one day I wanted to do that too.

Once I changed network marketing companies a couple of times, and scaled to the top 1% of the company, I had this gut feeling it was time to start a coaching business. I decided to coach other network marketers to grow their business with “influencer” and “attraction” marketing.

In July of 2019, I launched my coaching business with a group coaching program. This launch produced ~$15k in revenue, and for my first ever launch, I was pretty excited. 

I just thought it was the COOLEST thing ever to get paid for coaching (& it was also pretty cool to get 100% of the revenue and not have a percentage taken out either).

I knew at this point that I wanted to help other women create this for themselves too.

This prompted me to become a Certified Life & Success Coach later in 2019, and also encouraged me to open up 1:1 mentorship for all business owners in early 2020–not just network marketers.

By the summer of 2020, I had a major spiritual breakthrough.

The truth is, I spent the first 2-3 years of entrepreneurship fueled entirely by my flesh and my worldly desires. I subconsciously made my business goals my idol, which in turn affected my identity and my actions, and I didn’t even realize it. 

Fortunately, after a powerful mental breakdown and identity crisis, Jesus restored me and I realized what I was doing. I was so obsessed with success that I was chasing my goals and my desires OVER chasing Him. At that time, I cared more about my business than I did about my relationship with Him. And because of that, God really had to work on me to restore my heart and bring me back to the feet of Jesus, so I could reclaim my identity and authority in Him.

The most remarkable thing is, the year that this spiritual breakthrough happened was the first year I ended up with a 6 figure business, which I know was no coincidence.

I had to purge the obsession I had over money and success BEFORE God opened that door.

I had to be satisfied and content with letting that dream go, and be fully satisfied in Him.

Get  To  Know Me...


John and Ephesians (I can’t choose LOL)


Dancing, games and reading fiction


 decaf Brown sugar shaken espresso with light ice and vanilla sweet cream cold foam


Weston (duh), but also my Kindle


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Get  To  Know Me...


VICTORY IN JESUS & Lily of the Valley

7. fav scripture

Romans 8:18-30

8. fav social media


9. daily breakfast

Power smoothie

10. fav type of content to create


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My Timeline

where I've been


Graduated college with a degree in Biology because I thought I wanted to pursue the medical field


Pursued my passion for the beauty industry and became makeup artist


Moved back home with my parents and joined a network marketing company


Scaled to the top 1% in a network marketing company


Started my coaching business and became certified in Life & Success Coaching

Had my spiritual breakthrough with Holy Spirit and finally moved out of my parents’ house



Celebrated that 2020 was my first 6 figure year in business and launched Faith-Fueled Coach Academy


Launched Reclaimed to Reign the podcast


My pup, Weston, and I are pretty much inseparable. He has truly blessed my life in more ways than I can count.


I will always say yes if someone invites me to sushi. Always.


I’ve been searching for my “daily drink” to complete my morning ritual for years, but I like to change it up depending on my mood. You never know what you’re gonna get.


I absolutely love interactive games! Axe throwing, shooting pool, and escape rooms are some of my favs (just to name a few).


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Random Things

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