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Your Roadmap to a 6 Figure Faith-Fueled Coaching Business


March 8, 2022

Y’all. This episode is JAM-PACKED. I am literally breaking down for you 10 phases that will take you to a 6-figure faith-fueled coaching business. This is literally exactly what I did to create 6 figures in my business–I’m not holding back, so make sure you grab a notebook and pen. If you follow these steps. Let’s do this.

Y’all, this episode is jam-packed. I am literally breaking down for you the 10 phases that will take you to a 6 figure faith-fueled coaching business. What I have for you today is literally exactly what I did to create 6 figures in my business. These are the exact steps that I took. I’m not holding back today. If you follow these steps, and especially if you join us inside of faith-fueled coach academy kicking off the week of March 21, you will be well on your way to creating 6 figures in your faith-fueled coaching business.

When I first became interested in coaching, I wanted a roadmap. I just wanted someone to tell me what I needed to do and when I needed to do it, you feel me? I know how beneficial an episode like this would have been for me in the past, so I just knew I had to create this for you.

In addition to that, when I first became interested in coaching, I had no idea to look for a faith-based coach to help me. There are so many coaches out there, but to be honest, I didn’t know a faith-based or Christian business coach actually existed. All of that to say, I have incorporated some faith-based elements inside of this roadmap as well. 

So, yes, while I’m sharing the strategy today, strategy alone is not enough. The Holy Spirit infuses our willpower and discipline with His supernatural resources, energizing us to cross the finish line.

10 phases that will take you to a 6 figure faith-fueled coaching business

Phase 1: Clarify

Get clear on your role in the Kingdom of God, your purpose, and your calling for this season of life. Your purpose is to know God and make Him known. Your calling is how you live out your purpose. How is the Lord wanting you to use your business to live out your purpose?

Go to the Lord in prayer and make sure your business is part of the mission in growing the Kingdom of God (and not just for selfish gain). Separate this mission from yourself. It is not about you. Your mission is about building the Kingdom of God. Your business is simply the vehicle to make that happen.

Get clear on who it is you are serving and how you support them (this is your niche and ideal client). I know, I know. You have probably seen this countless times and you’re sick of hearing that you need to know who your ideal client is. But girl, you do. And I know you may think you’re clear on this, but if you’ve been posting and getting crickets, you need to revisit this. This is the foundation for everything in your business. If this isn’t clear, nothing else will be either.

Who is it in the Kingdom of God are you serving? What specific problem(s) are you helping them overcome? How can you take their pain(s) and problem(s) and lead them back to Jesus?

Clarify and develop your bestselling beta offer (and yes, get paid). If you’re a brand new coach, I recommend starting your coaching business with a beta offer. There are many reasons why:

  • Validate your offer before you launch
  • Test your process before you create anything
  • Gain confidence in selling and coaching
  • Obtain testimonials and social proof from your beta clients
  • Get paid right off the bat!

Clarify your scalable and sustainable business model. After you finish your beta program, what’s next? It’s easy to want to create all the things, but how do your offers fit together? We want to ensure your product suite increases client retention without burning yourself out. We don’t want to be on client calls all week.

Phase 2: Validate

Validate your offer and your messaging around your offer. Not only do you need to become clear on your Dream Queen and what you’re offering her (the transformation she receives while working with you), you need to make sure you validate your offer with your community. In simplest terms, we want to make sure your offer will sell before you ever create or launch anything.

Most of the time it’s not necessarily your offer that is the problem; it’s the messaging around your offer that your community does not resonate with. Basically, your marketing needs help. You do not need to create anything to do this. I recommend outlining your signature process (aka helping your ideal client get from point a to point b) before ever creating anything to sell. Here’s why:

  • You will burn yourself out creating that you slack on marketing
  • Selling before creating will light a fire under your butt
  • Beta clients help you develop your process
  • You will most likely have to redo your entire curriculum/course if you create before working with clients. This is why I recommend 1:1 first because you don’t necessarily need a curriculum for 1:1 coaching.

Phase 3: Test

Test your offer by solidifying beta clients. Now that you’ve validated your offer and your marketing, it’s time to test it by solidifying clients for your beta offer. Why? Because we need to test out your process and coaching before you ever launch your full offer to the public.

Creating a beta offer is a key step in building a consistent, sustainable and scalable business. You will build confidence in sales (yes, you’ll have paying clients for your beta program), you will fine tune your coaching process, and receive testimonials from your beta clients you can use for your official launch and future promotion.

Phase 4: Magnetic Content

Create content that attracts your ideal clients to you. Now that you’ve gotten clarity, you’ve validated, and you’ve tested, it’s time to go full force in creating content that attracts your ideal client to you and converts them into paying clients. Yes, it’s possible. This happens for me and my clients on the reg! You just have to know how to speak to them. Basically, you want your ideal clients to binge your content like their favorite Netflix show. 😉

Phase 5: Proactive Lead Generation

Develop a proactive lead generation system. Not only should you develop a content strategy to attract your clients to you, but you’re going to want an active way to generate leads as well. Basically, you will want a way to take action to generate leads like the CEO you are in addition to creating magnetizing content. No, we aren’t cold selling. We are building relationships that will naturally lead to a sale. This is a skill I highly recommend my clients not skip over.

Phase 6: Stress-Free Launch

Officially launch your high ticket offer with ease. Between creating magnetizing content and developing a proactive lead generation strategy, you will find that launching is simple. It won’t be strenuous or stressful. It will be fun. And the best part? Spots will already be booked before you even make the official launch announcement.

Phase 7: Systematize

Systematizing yourself means developing habits and routines for your day to day life to support you on your goals, making what’s most important to you a priority, and learning how to be productive while not selling your soul because you’re burnt out.

Develop habits and routines that support you, not hurt you. I do this by creating theme days and theme weeks. One week I’m focusing on creation and another week I’m focusing on calls and clients. You can also do this day by day.

Systematize your business by developing systems and processes in your business, particularly around project management and client management. When I first started I kept this really simple. I recommend keeping this simple until you are ready to expand. I’ve recently moved over to Clickup for project management and Dubsado for client management. I’m only just now really looking into creating email sequences and just now in the process of finishing up my full website, y’all.

I say this to say all that fancy stuff you think you need, you don’t actually need it. Is it great to have? Yes. But you shouldn’t let those things hold you back from getting started. I built a 6 figure business by utilizing Instagram and leveraging a Facebook group. That’s it. I’m only just now expanding into other platforms, methods, and strategies.

Phase 8: Refine & Optimize

Now that you’ve launched your high-ticket offer, it’s time to refine and optimize. Make sure you have plenty of feedback and data from multiple clients so you can create the best transformational experience and coaching program in your industry. You want to be known for generating results and transformations in your clients, am I right? Spend some time optimizing this one offer before you add on more. You’ll thank me later.

Phase 9: Service Suite

Develop your service suite with an optimal business model. Now, this phase is a bonus, meaning that I actually hit 6 figures in my business before I ever implemented this. That means I had one core offer I was focusing on the entirety of the year. It was 1:1. I wasn’t on weekly calls, and my clients got incredible results. I wasn’t obsessed with my business. I only really focused on Instagram and my Facebook group, and I still made 6 figures.

I say all this to say you do not have to have a service suite. (A service suite means is more than one offer that you have for your clients.) This is up to you. For me personally, I wanted to have multiple offers for my people.

Now that you’ve fully optimized your one high ticket offer, it’s time to enhance your product suite with additional offerings with an optimal business model. We do not want to create offers that will create overwhelm or burnout for you, and we want to make sure every offering you have available will aid in client retention. Basically, we want to make sure we take a “value ladder” approach where one offer leads to the next, and it’s a no-brainer for your clients to continue to work with you.

Phase 10: Evolve

Understand that you and your business will always be evolving. We are never just going to arrive one day. I speak a lot about clarity here on this show. While it’s so important to have clarity, the truth is that you’re not going to have every single piece of the puzzle laid out for you at once. It’s important to realize that you can take action on what you do know. You can take action on the next step right in front of you.

We are meant to evolve. We are meant to grow. And part of the evolution process is to take faithful action on what the Lord is telling you to do right now on that next step. I truly believe that action brings even more clarity. You can think yourself in circles, but when you take action, even when you don’t have it all figured out, you will learn and you will evolve. The Lord will give you the next step.

Don’t be afraid of growing. Don’t be afraid to get outside of where you currently are. My brand has evolved so much over the years. My brand began with makeup. That is what people knew me for for a long time. And even though it may seem like makeup and this podcast have nothing to do with each other, if I didn’t take that step forward, this podcast and brand wouldn’t exist. Did I have any idea what this brand was going to become? No, I had no idea. I just had to be brave and take the action the Lord put right in front of me, and that’s what I’m speaking over you today.

So, whether you want to be an online coach, or you’re a network marketer, or you’re building a brand online right now, or you don’t have an online business or desire to right now, the Lord is still calling you to something. I feel it. So, take that step. Be willing to evolve and trust Him.

Next Steps

This is exactly why I created Faith-Fueled Coach Academy–to help women like you finally go full-time online in their coaching business with the Holy Spirit leading us both. If you are ready to start and/or scale your faith-fueled coaching business, head on over to www.hannahbrindley.com/fca to learn more about the program, get on the waitlist and/or secure your spot.

And of course, if you have any questions about the program, or just want to talk things over, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me over on Instagram @hannahbrindley or via email at hannah@hannahbrindley.com.

If you are curious on how I coach, I highly recommend checking my FREE Attract Your Queendom training. This training takes an immersive approach to attracting your ideal client to you, so you can then create content that attracts clients to you efficiently and effectively. I’ve had multiple people tell me this training alone has changed the game for them! If you go through it, please send me a DM over on Instagram (@hannahbrindley) and let me know your thoughts!

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