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A faith-fueled life &
business mentor, overprotective dog mom, and disciple of Jesus.

I'm Hannah

The 3 Year Journey to Bring Reclaimed to Reign to Life: The Introduction, Backstory, and Mission


February 22, 2022

Welcome to the very first episode of Reclaimed to Reign!

This episode is a real treat. I’m sharing with you my entrepreneurial story, how Reclaimed to Reign was born (which took 3 YEARS to launch by the way), the mission of the show, and what you can expect moving forward. If you have ever experienced feeling stuck, unclear, confused, experienced a season of pivoting in your life or business, or have gone through a lotttt of spiritual warfare and/or self-sabotage.

I have a feeling you’re going to really resonate with this story. Grab your lukewarm coffee, girlfriend! Let’s go ahead and dive on in.

I hear people say all the time to just jump in and do it scared and while that is SO true, this has truly been on God’s timing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still definitely jumping in and doing it scared, I am so NERVOUS. But before, I had this overwhelming feeling I needed to wait, even though I WANTED to do the podcast. Especially a year and a half ago when I caught sight of the vision–I even thought at one point I was going to launch it this time last year. But I knew God was telling me to wait. I just had this overwhelming feeling it wasn’t time yet. Not out of fear (even though I WAS scared) I had this discernment that it wasn’t time. And God’s timing is always perfect.

Looking back now, I realize that the Lord had given me a seed. He first instilled the desire for a podcast, and then gave me the vision. That was the seed. We still needed to till the soil before we could plant the seed. Because if we planted the seed before we tilled the soil, the seed wouldn’t harvest. What I mean is–I had a lot of things in my own life & business that needed to be adjusted and PRUNED before this could happen. I had a lot of things I had to experience and learn to truly embody the vision the Lord laid on my heart. Even now, the Lord is still working on me and I’m definitely not perfect and never will be, but I am definitely at a much different place with God than I was 3 years ago.

I’m not saying by any means it’s like that for everyone. In fact, there have been many times where the Lord has just told me to go and do. Without question, without thinking, and we would figure it out as we go. But that wasn’t how this podcast was born and I want to be transparent about that, because I believe the Lord may have also planted a vision on your heart as well and perhaps you’re in a season of waiting right now. I hope my story gives you hope.

So, that being said, I’m going to do my best to share a bit about my story and ultimately how the Lord has been preparing me to launch this podcast.


When it comes to my entrepreneurial journey, I think it’s really important to rewind all the way back to 2015.

I graduated with a degree in Biology, I wanted to go to med school or be in the health field, but I realized I hated it. Once I graduated, I felt so lost.

While in college, I developed a huge passion for the beauty industry–I LOVED makeup and skincare. So, after I moved home, I started a beauty Youtube channel.

I was still battling at the time if I wanted to go to medical school, but in the meantime, I was pursuing the beauty industry. I had my Youtube channel, became a freelance makeup artist, and then got myself a job at MAC Cosmetics. And at that point, I thought I was pursuing my dream.

But while I was at MAC, I realized that I didn’t want to do that for the rest of life.This is a great career and company, but I realized it just wasn’t for me. However, while I was there, I realized that I LOVED sales. It was thrilling to me. I loved helping people figure out what the solution to their problem was.

Around the same time as this, I got a second job at Chick-fil-A, which was also my childhood job, and eventually I became the Training Director at that location. Then for a while, I thought I was supposed to pursue a career at Chick-fil-A corporate because they really are an incredible company to work for. But I also knew something wasn’t quite right there.

While I was working at Chick-fil-A, I realized I loved training people, and teaching people. And just like sales, I never thought I would like doing that. I never thought I would like sales either, so this was all quite new for me.

At this point I realized that I loved sales and I loved mentoring people…

Fast forward about a year, I became very depressed. I realized I didn’t want to pursue a career in the medical field, I didn’t want to do anything with the degree I earned, I didn’t want to work at Chick-fil-A corporate, and I didn’t want to be a makeup artist.

I felt unsure, confused, sad, depressed, anxious, ashamed, guilty, and just STUCK.

These were some really hard months in my life. I felt like I had no idea who I was. I spent 21 years of my life thinking I was going to be a doctor only to realize at 23, that wasn’t happening anymore, and I had no idea what to do about it. So, I fell into this state of depression.

My mom begged me to move home. I had a lot of pride and I said no a few times, but finally I gave in and I said okay. So, I quit my job and I moved home. I had no idea what I was going to do, but I had kept talking to my mom about how I wanted to start a blog and inspire women. That’s all I knew I wanted to do. So, she told me to quit my job, come home and start a blog.

I realize that I am very fortunate for this specific scenario and I am so GRATEFUL, because I know that quitting your job and moving home isn’t possible for a lot of people. But this is part of my story, and I think it’s important to share, so I did move home and I did actually start the blog.

Funny thing is, about a month into that, I discovered a new beauty company. At the time, I had no idea it was a network marketing company, but somehow I ended up joining it because I realized this could be my way to make money while I’m building this blog.

When I joined this company, I realized it was actually was pretty fun for me. I was selling makeup and mentoring women. I was literally doing my favorite things.

In the span of two years, I think I switched companies two different times. So, during this timeframe, I became a part of three different companies. In one of those companies, I became car qualified in about 6 months, and in another one of those companies I scaled to the top 1% of the company at the time. And at the point, I thought I wanted to pursue it as a career.

Now, I ended up being introduced to the coaching industry around this time as well. I actually joined a group coaching program to help people in MLMs market & sell their products and build their teams. It was all about attraction marketing. I realized then that at some point, I wanted to do what they were doing.

Then from there, God was putting a coaching business on my heart. I ended up joining a mastermind and brought my very first coaching program to life in the summer of 2019. It was to help other network marketers learn attraction marketing. It was about a $13k/$17k launch (I honestly don’t remember the exact number), but regardless, I was like WHOA. This is the coolest thing ever.

Later in 2019, I joined another mastermind and became certified in Life & Success Coaching.

Then at the very start of covid pandemic, in early 2020, I invested in my first 1:1 mentor, began offering 1:1 coaching, and in 3 months of us working together, I had created my very first $10k month in my business. And that was almost exactly one year after the launch of my first program.

However, I do have a story to tell about what happened in the summer of 2020. Because that was about a year and a half ago at this point. And I really want to highlight this because it was that summer that God revealed to me through my own experiences the vision for this podcast.

But first, I think it’s important to just know that at this point, I talked about Jesus and faith a little bit on social media, but it was never as prominent as it is now.

The experience I had in the summer of 2020 really triggered a spiritual breakthrough.

Spiritual Breakthrough

When I was about halfway through my 1:1 mentorship and I had gotten myself into a rough spot financially.

I remember being outside, crying out to God and I begged him to take away my obsession with success and replace it with an obsession for him.

I immediately felt peace.

After that, I ended up booking two sales calls for the very next day and closed them both on the phone with a payment on the phone back to back.

I don’t believe this is a coincidence.

This was hands down Holy Spirit speaking through me. This wasn’t me at all. In fact, I remember wanting to pray that God bring me some clients! But that’s not what came out of my mouth.

I realized at this point that I had to chase Jesus over everything.

I didn’t realize I was obsessed with success, or money, or my business. But I was. And I was choosing Him over my business all the time. Even though I claimed I wasn’t. But it was in this moment that He showed me I was.

The truth is, God wants your heart. He wants your soul. He wants every part of you.

Now, because of the major breakthrough I had in the summer of 2020, it was on my heart to launch ROOTED, my three day devotional experience for faith-fueled female entrepreneurs. This was a HUUUGE hit for our community. You guys loved it, but if you’re not sure what I’m talking about, you can still get access to it for free right now by going to: https://bit.ly/3daydevotional 

After feedback from that, I launched Faith-Fueled Coach Academy, which at the time was my 1:1 offer, in February of 2021.

Now, after an entire year of serving & supporting clients on an even deeper level than before and optimizing the method & curriculum, FCA is turning into a group program and our first round is kicking off on March 24 of this year, 2022.

Essentially, if you are feeling called to start or scale a Holy Spirit led coaching business, this is going to be for you. I’ve got everything laid out for you at hannahbrindley.com/fca

I also continue to serve clients on a 1:1 capacity for 3 or 6 months, but also in standalone coaching sessions, that I call Immersion Sessions, for either 90 min or 3 hours.


Now from what I’ve experienced, the mission of this podcast is to help other women entrepreneurs experience their OWN spiritual breakthrough and witness and experience the miracles the Lord has WAITING for you.

This podcast is here to really help you experience JESUS in your life and in your business. To help you navigate and break through spiritual warfare because it is happening at every moment of every day. The mission of this podcast is to help you, yes, grow a faith-fueled business – aka a business that is rooted in Jesus (because we are going to have business tips here). Even more so, help you continue cultivating an even deeper relationship with Father God, King Jesus and Holy Spirit.

And I’m passionate about this because I went through it.

Because you know what?

Your business is NOTHING without God. It is HIS business.

I think we spend a lot of time chasing freedom in so many ways. Freedom like time freedom and financial freedom. Those are amazing, but the thing is, those types of freedom aren’t even really true. It doesn’t matter how much money you have–it can all be gone in an instant.

There’s nothing wrong with building a business. There’s nothing wrong with making money. It’s a tool. The problem comes in when we start chasing that OVER chasing Jesus.

Because, the ONLY true freedom is in Jesus. This kind of freedom is eternal and it’s time we start chasing THAT eternal freedom instead of worldly freedom.

Take a moment and think about what would happen if you actually took the same effort, motivation and desire you have for this temporary freedom of time and finances, and replaced it with the same effort, motivation and desire for JESUS and eternal freedom.

Because THAT is what this is about. THAT is the mission of Reclaimed to Reign.

And so, I want to go back to the title of this show. RECLAIMED TO REIGN. What does that even mean?

Reclaimed to Reign is all about reclaiming what is already ours in Christ. We are reclaiming our identities as Queens.

The truth is that we have always been Queens.

We have always had authority over the enemy.

We have always been co-heirs with Christ as Romans 8:17 says.

And while all of this has always been true, Reclaimed to Reign is about finally LIVING as the Queen you have always been–the Queen you already are. It’s about RECLAIMING your authority back over the enemy because he has been maliciously trying to take it from you. It’s about chasing Jesus first over EVERYTHING.

This being said, here are some of the things you can expect in this podcast moving forward…

We are breaking down the barriers between faith and business. Because at the end of the day, everything is rooted in Jesus. We have to stop leaving Him out of areas in our life. It’s not Jesus AND your business. Or Jesus AND your health goals. Or Jesus AND your marriage. It’s just JESUS. There’s no and. He’s in all of it. So, we are breaking down the barrier and bringing Him back in.

We will explore what it looks like and how to balance faithful discipline with total surrender. So, yes, we will talk about productivity, taking the actions and obeying His commands regarding our life & business, while also learning what it means and looks like to actually SURRENDER total control to Him.

We’ll chat about spiritual topics like, pursuing your business without letting it become your idol, breaking through spiritual warfare, making money as a Christian entrepreneur, trusting God in the valleys, and gaining clarity on your calling and purpose for this season in your life.

We are also going to explore practical topics like how to gain clients on social media, how to be the go to expert in your industry, and how to actually start AND scale a Holy Spirit led business.

So, as you can see, you’re going to get both the spiritual AND the practical strategies.

There is truly SO much we will cover in this show and I am SO glad you’re here.

Hey Queen!

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A faith-fueled life &
business mentor, overprotective dog mom, and disciple of Jesus.

I'm Hannah