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2024 Predictions for the Creator and Online Business Industry (+ How I’m Adapting)


November 28, 2023

I know it’s almost the end of 2023 now, which is insane… BUT when the end of the year comes, that’s typically when we start thinking about what the next year is going to look like.

And it’s usually around this time that I start seeing everyone in the online space giving their own predictions for what they think is on the rise, or what to focus on in online business and marketing the next year. And I always find these super interesting, so I had to create one of my own, and continue with the annual podcast episode series since I DID create one of these last year (which by the way, that is episode 53, if you’re interested in hearing my 2023 predictions).

That said, I came up with FIVE different predictions, or theories, on what I believe is going to become really popular and EFFECTIVE in 2024 that will help you with your marketing, your visibility, your social media content and your business growth.

But of course I have to add in a little twist, so I’m actually going to share with you how I plan on ADAPTING my own business to these 2024 predictions as well. So, that should tell you that I FIRMLY believe these predictions are accurate. Because I am making quite a few shifts in my own business.


  • 5 predictions for the creator and online business industry to prepare for in 2024
  • How I’m personally adapting to each of these predictions
  • The ultimate “Facebook group” and “free masterclass” replacements
  • The one thing that’s going to be most important for content creation now more than ever.

Let’s do this.

A Little Announcement Before We Dive In

If you have been a long time podcast listener, then you know that I have never missed a Tuesday podcast episode since I launched the podcast back in February of 2022. In fact, there have been many times when I felt like I personally wanted to take a break from the podcast, but the Lord was telling me not right now.

Over the last year, the Lord has been guiding me to make a lot of shifts in my business. You are really just now starting to see those changes, but it’s been in the works pretty much all of 2023. 

The Lord has recently prompted me to press pause on the podcast for December and potentially some, or all, of January as well. So, this is the last podcast episode we are publishing in 2023 and the reason why He’s calling me to press pause on it right now is:

  1. I’ve still got some of my own personal healing to do. If you tuned in to episode 53 of the show you’ll know that “heal” was my word of the year for this year
  2. I’m being led to rest and spend time with my family
  3. The Lord wants me to make room to prepare for all of these changes we are about to make in the business

I don’t want you to worry–the premise of the podcast is not changing, and we will be back to celebrate the 100th podcast episode either in January or February of 2024. 

If you want to make sure that we stay connected, please follow me on Instagram and let me know that you came from the podcast. Also please consider joining the weekly email series, the Called to CEO Confidential. If you haven’t already, this is where you will receive biblical, practical and supernatural strategies to grow your faith-fueled business. every single week. 

Prediction #1: Online Communities off of Facebook

So, here’s the thing. I have always been an advocate of Facebook groups. I grew three businesses with a Facebook group, so I am definitely team community 100%. However, over time, I’ve realized that I’m no longer on team Facebook groups. 

Do I think there are some really incredible pros to them? Absolutely. Not only have I grown businesses on Facebook groups, but I’ve seen others do it many times as well, and it has been a crucial part of their business model.

So, I’m sure you’re probably wondering, what changed for me here, and why do I think communities off of Facebook are going to be on the rise in 2024? 

Well, if the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that Meta can change at any moment. You could lose your account, just can’t get back in, or maybe God leads you to abstain from social media.

That would suck because a Facebook group is a big part of your business model. 

Speaking of abstaining from social media, your people may want to take a social media fast themselves. If they do, they won’t be able to be inside your community. And let’s not forget about the people who don’t have Facebook for personal reasons.

Additionally, I feel like these days Facebook groups have become so common that people are joining Facebook groups just to join Facebook groups, whereas if your community is off of social media, and somebody joins it, they are 100% your ideal client. 

Right now, I have people joining my Facebook group almost every day who I can tell aren’t really my ideal clients. Now, don’t get me wrong, some of them definitely are, and I am so grateful for that, but a lot of them aren’t, and that’s okay. 

Something just hasn’t sat right with me with Facebook groups in a long time, and I know I’m not the only one feeling this way. 

Facebook groups are very noisy, not just because of the Facebook group itself, but because it’s on Facebook and can be very distracting. I think it’s important for your people to connect with you and your community when they aren’t being pulled in a bunch of different directions, or when they get a new notification saying somebody commented on a post they made in another Facebook group.

However, I do think communities are incredibly important in the online space, which is why I loved Facebook groups to begin with. Since I personally feel like a lot of people are ready for that next level or a more intimate feel, as opposed to the surface-level experience that Facebook groups offer, online communities off of Facebook are going to be incredibly crucial.

People want a more intimate feel. They want to connect with others who share similar interests and values as them. They want to connect with others who have similar goals as them. 

I also really want to make it clear that this could be both free and paid communities. I do fully think that a community off of Facebook, whether it’s free or paid, is going to be crucial.

How I’m adapting to this prediction: If you don’t already know this, I have a paid membership, the Called to CEO Collective. The mission that we have at the Collective is to help you break through self sabotage, activate a faith-fueled focus, and finally cultivate that thriving Holy Spirit-led business.

My community for the Called to CEO Collective is off of Facebook, and it has been since we launched – which has just been wonderful and I plan to keep on enhancing it. 

Now, additionally, I plan on adding a free community off of Facebook very soon. We are aiming for quarter one, so be on the lookout for that. I have been planning on this for quite some time, but with the launch of that free community, we are planning to let go of the free Facebook group we currently have.

It’s just no longer in alignment with the way that the Lord wants us to do business. 

In case you’re wondering what platform I recommend using instead of Facebook, I highly recommend Circle. I have been using Circle now for a couple of years, and it’s my favorite. I have looked into other platforms several times, yet I just keep coming back to Circle.

I plan on having my free community in Circle as well so both my free and paid community are in one place, yet separate. You can segment in a way where you can have one community, but segment off access in different spaces inside.

Now, another big thing for me is that it’s very intuitive to use. I have never had any complaints with Circle – everyone loves it. It’s also very intuitive for me to use in the backend, which is also really important PLUS there is an app so that makes it easily accessible for everyone.

If you don’t use Circle, but you want to try it out, click here

Prediction #2: Short Form Video Is Here to Stay

I don’t think this should come as a surprise to anyone. I mean, we’ve got TikTok, Instagram, Facebook Reels, and YouTube Shorts. I don’t see this going anywhere anytime soon, but I do think that if you want to stand out in this space specifically, there are going to be two major things you need to think about.

Number one is focusing on a very specific problem that you solve. Now, this isn’t necessarily new, per se, but I think it’s becoming more important than ever to get hyper-focused on the problem you solve for your people. 

The second thing you will need to think about specifically is synonymous with prediction number three, but before we get into that…

How I’m adapting to this prediction: I plan on doing more of it, and I’m going to explain more of the how in depth in the next couple of predictions. 

Prediction #3: Your Unique Approach to Business and Your Unique Approach to Showing Up in the Online Space Is Going to Be More Important Than Ever

People are tired of seeing the same old things and hearing about the same topics with the same solutions.

So, in terms of business specifically, it will be really important to showcase your unique methodology. Now, the word “unique” here is crucial, because again, people are very tired of the same old strategies and techniques and tired of seeing people regurgitate the same trends and concepts.

They are looking for thought leaders. 

They are looking for people that are saying something different, but it’s also effective and makes them think. 

That said, it’s going to be important to showcase your unique system and methodology, but if you don’t have that yet, I think it’s time to start focusing on that.

In terms of showing up in the online space, I believe that less polished, more authentic, and real content is going to start showing up big time. “Cookie cutter” content is going down the drain. The ones that follow the patterns or trends that people are supposed to “follow” are going to take a hit.

This is because people who don’t follow the trends but break up the monotony in the online space or even start the trends are going to be the ones that flourish. The ones that are raw, real, and totally authentic are going to explode because the online space is very noisy and we’re tired of the same old stuff.

This concept isn’t new, but I do think it’s more important now than ever to show up as a thought leader in the online space and bring your own unique perspective to the table. This, my friends, comes with being Holy Spirit-led instead of being led by the world and social media trends.

So, my question to you is…

What can you do to break up that monotony? 

It’s important to think outside the box because it’s going to be crucial. 

How I’m adapting to this prediction: We are bringing a fresh, new framework to my membership, the Called to CEO Collective, and let me go ahead and tell you, it is FIRE because it’s all been led and transformed by the Holy Spirit. It exhibits a very unique way of showing up in business as a Christian, and how to do that successfully in a way that is also biblical.

Another way we are adapting to this is that in quarter one, we are also getting back in the swing of doing some talking head videos and also experimenting with other forms of video. I haven’t done these in quite some time because I’ve had to remove some things from my plate in order to move forward, but now that priorities are shifting in our business and our business model is changing, this opens up the door for more creativity in this realm and I am super excited for it. 

Prediction #4: Podcasting Is Going to Be Huge

Podcasting has already been on the rise for a while. And no, I’m not just saying that because I have a podcast. Podcasting as a general industry is advancing, and it’s advancing to the point that YouTube even noticed. 

You can now have your podcast on YouTube. 

If you upload your audio or even a video with the audio that you want to use for your podcast, you can then save your video or audio to a podcast playlist on YouTube and it will actually start showing up on YouTube Music’s app in the podcast section.

So, essentially, YouTube is adapting to fit the podcast space, and to be honest, I don’t think YouTube has changed that much over the years. 

There are really only two things that I’ve noticed that YouTube shifted and adapted for, and that was short-form video with the inception and the rise of YouTube shorts, because short form video was just taking off, but now they’re adapting to podcasts. This, I believe, honestly says a lot.

Additionally, another thing YouTube has done is that when you post a YouTube short, you can link it to an actual podcast episode on YouTube, so that way, if people find you through your shorts, it can lead them to your long-form content. 

Podcasts are on the rise. 

The amazing thing is that I don’t think it’s just for free and public podcasts either. I also think this prediction applies to private podcasts as well.

Now, if you’re not familiar with a private podcast, essentially it’s a podcast that is private. You can only access it if you get through a gate or a paywall.

This means that it could be something you can only access in a paid community, program, or it could be someone’s freebie or lead magnet where you have to input your email in order to get access to the private podcast. 

I don’t know about you guys, but I am totally on board with private podcasts.

Podcasts are my jam to begin with, and I honestly think private podcasts might even eventually replace video webinars and masterclasses.

How I am adapting to this prediction: Obviously, I already have a podcast, but we also plan on adding a video component to the podcast in the near future as well. We are aiming for quarter one or quarter two of 2024, but we are also going to be creating more talking head videos that we will be posting to YouTube Shorts and linking it to each podcast episode.

Then, we are putting together a private podcast specifically for the current members of the Called to CEO Collective. If you are in our paid membership, the Called to CEO Collective, you will be able to ask specific questions and they are answered on this private podcast. We are also going to be posting call and event replays on the podcast itself, so it’s easier to tune in on the go.

Finally, we are toying around with the idea of another private podcast that is only going to be available for members inside of our free community that we haven’t launched yet. It would essentially replace a masterclass.

Now, before we move on to the fifth and final prediction I have for you, there are a few things that I want you to keep in mind:. I think it’s really important that you know that…

  1. I have a team helping with things. It’s a small team, but I have a team nonetheless.
  2. The majority of 2023 has been me prepping for the transitions I knew were coming in 2024. All of these things aren’t changing on a whim. This has all been led by the Holy Spirit and He has been guiding me through it all. 

So, please don’t overwhelm yourself trying to do everything that we’re doing all at once. I’m just simply giving you examples to get your gears turning. 

Prediction #5: Products Are Going to Be Key

What I mean by this is that smaller, simpler digital products and memberships are continuing to be on the rise. This is because our attention spans are getting shorter. Because of this, I’m noticing that people are looking for specificity over a generic, all-encompassing program. 

If you are a one-on-one coach or a one-on-one service provider, I don’t think that will ever go out of style. People need that intimate support, but when it comes to courses and group programs, I do think focus is going to be key.

Smaller and simpler products have been a challenge for me, and it has also been a challenge for me to write very simple, straightforward content.

I am 100% a writer, but conciseness has not been my strong suit. I have always felt like short-form video would be the death of me, but I am working on it. 

How I am adapting to this prediction: My signature course, Faith-Fueled Coach Academy, has officially retired. This was an all-in-one encompassing program to help my students start and scale a Holy Spirit-like coaching business online. Instead, I’ve decided to create more specific digital products, like my Daily Sales System Workshop and my Faith-Fueled Business Blueprint alongside my membership.

I created more hyper-focused products that then could lead to potential one-on-one clients or even them going into my membership

If You Loved This And You Know You Are Being Called Cultivate A Holy Spirit Led Business…

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Then I want to invite you to just join us inside of the Called to CEO Collective.

The Called to CEO Collective is a community-driven membership for Christian entrepreneurs who believe in the power of claiming their authority in the secret place AND in the marketplace and are ready to stand out and sell out online.

You and your business, brand or ministry will be SO supported when you immerse yourself in the live coaching, curriculum and community.

YES, I said live coaching.

And YES, this is at a low ticket price point.

That said, if you want to learn all the nitty gritty details or go ahead and join us at the current rate, you can do so by heading to www.hannahbrindley.com/membership

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