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4 Things to Identify to Help You Discern if Your Business Is What God Wants for You


November 21, 2023

Have you ever wondered if the business you’re running (or aspiring to start) is what God wants for you? 

Have you ever been curious if your business is a God-given calling, or a fleshly desire?

Maybe you’re wondering if God wants you to stick with your business, or throw in the towel and move on to something else?

Or maybe you’re wondering if you should make a change, shift or pivot in your business?

If any of these questions hit home, this is going to be the episode for you!

I used to constantly ask God if pursuing my business was my calling. I just wanted to find my purpose and stick with it! Can you relate?

If so, you’ll definitely want to tune into this episode!


  • 4 things to identify if you want to gain confirmation on whether or not your business is what God wants for you
  • How to determine if there is a specific fear coming up around your business
  • Why your intention matters in your business
  • The unexpected thing that is making you question your calling

But before we dive in, I just want to remind you that we have A LOT going on for Black Friday over here, so if you are curious what kind of deals we have, what offers we’re letting go of AND what offers we’re introducing… you’ll definitely want to check out our black friday BONUS episode. Yes, I recorded an entire episode dedicated to Black Friday because it’s just that juicy.

You can tune in to it right here, so if you haven’t tuned in yet, I highly recommend doing so. because we’ve got some MAJOR deals going on that I know you’re going to love.

But now that you know that news, let’s go ahead and dive into the show.

#1 Identify Where the Question is Coming From

Are you asking this question because you’re thinking about pivoting into another niche, industry or business entirely? 

Or is it because you want to simply make sure you’re on the right path?

Or do you feel this aching feeling that something is off and you’re just not sure what it is?

Or is it because you’ve been working your tail off on this specific business, but you haven’t seen the fruits of your labor? 

There are so many reasons you could be asking this question, but I truly believe you need to identify where this is coming from. If that means you need to sit down and take the time to journal this out, please do so.

Take the time to pray, journal, talk to God, and just identify why you’re asking this question or why you’re experiencing this doubt. 

Now once you take the time to do this, if you realize you are asking this question because you’re thinking about pivoting your business, I highly recommend checking out episode 95 of the show. Episode 95 is titled “Distraction or Opportunity: Here’s How to Know If It’s Time to Pivot in Your Faith.” 

But if you are someone who has been working their tail off and you’re not necessarily seeing any fruits of your labor yet, I highly recommend you listen to Episode 94, which is titled, “Say Goodbye to Hustle Culture and Say Hello to a Faith-Fueled Focus as You Grow Your Business.

#2 Identify Your Intention With Your Business

A really good question to ask here is, “Is your intention flesh fueled or is it faith fueled?” If it’s flesh fueled, it’ll be a lot of, “I want to do this business because I want X or Y.”

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having desires in this physical world, but it becomes a problem when we want it more than Jesus. So, that being said, what is your intention with your business?

Your business can provide time freedom and financial freedom, but is that the primary reason you’re doing the business?

I started this business because I wanted time and financial freedom, but that doesn’t mean that God did not want me to do this business. He wanted me to learn from this business, and so my business became a catalyst for my growth with Him.

Did time and financial freedom still come? Yes, they did, but I had to learn that it couldn’t be my intention. My intention had to always be Jesus. I am using this business to grow the kingdom and to nurture the kingdom because our purpose as Christians is to love Jesus, to know Jesus, and make Him known.

To serve Jesus is our entire purpose for our existence and I truly believe our calling is essentially how we live out our purpose. It is the vehicle that helps us serve Jesus and make Him known. 

My business became my calling because it helped me know Jesus better, serve Jesus better and it’s helping me make Him known. He knew the business would be the catalyst for my growth and the growth of others. 

If you realize that your current intention is very much based on fleshly wants and desires, I just want to encourage you to dive into prayer and scripture and see if the Lord wants to help you shift that.

There was a time when I was in a position where I was financially strapped. I was sobbing and mentally worn out. I prayed to God, to please take this obsession I have with success, money and my business away from me and replace it with an obsession for You.

I still pray this prayer to this day, because the world just has a funny way of sucking you back in. I’m not perfect by any means, and honestly, I feel like the reason I’m being called to share this is because I struggled with it so heavily. There are still times that I see myself struggling with it, that I have to go to the Lord and repent.

So, that being said, please identify your intention and ask Him to shift that intention. Just keep in mind, you have got to be obedient and get in the word, pray, and praise Him. You have got to be obedient and faithful to Him, and when you do, I promise He will shift that for you.

He will align your desires with His. 

He will shift your heart. 

He shifted mine, and I firmly believe He will shift yours as long as you are seeking Him first. 

#3 Identify the Fear

Once you identify your current intention, it’s really important to identify the fear.

What is the fear keeping you stuck in the position you’re in?

I would bet you’re asking this question because you feel stuck in some way.

So, what is stopping you? Why are you stuck? What is the hesitation? Is it fear of failure? Fear of success? Is it because you’re comfortable? 

These things are all forms of self-sabotage. If you haven’t listened to episode 2 of this show, I break down 5 reasons you might be self-sabotaging and how to biblically stop it, and it’s a GOOD one.

If you are having a hard time identifying the fear, I do have some additional questions for you regarding this. 

Would you feel at peace if you don’t do the business?

Or would you always have to move forward?

If you would be at peace letting your business go, that may be God saying this is not for you. But if you feel like you would always wonder, this may be God saying “yes,” and all that needs to shift is your intention. 

That’s how it was for me. I needed to shift my intention to gain even more clarity about my business and why I was pursuing this business. Reframing my intention made things so much clearer to me and gave me strength because I was relying fully on Jesus.

You’ll want to make sure you’re not chasing the business specifically for money or success, but you’re doing it for Jesus. I can promise you that when your intention is pure, your heart is pure, and your intention is to serve Jesus fully and completely, He is going to provide every single thing that you need.

All you need to do is obey Him. 

#4 Identify If Your Business is Leading You Into Sin

I know that no one likes to talk about sin, and it is a very hard pill to swallow, but let’s just be real – we are all sinners here. Every single one of us, even preachers and pastors. 

We are all sinners and that is exactly why God sent His only son to die for us, and redeem us of our sins. As Christians, we should be constantly trying to flee from sin, not seeing how close we can get before we cross the line.

It’s really important to identify if your business is leading you into sin, because if that is happening, that may also be a reason why you’re staying stuck. 

One of those ways is, of course, the intention, which we already talked about.

What is your intention with your business? 

This goes back to idolatry. 

Are you idolizing your business, success, money, recognition, or validation?

Are you idolizing something over Jesus? 

That is just one way your business could be leading you into sin.

Now another way is through the New Age. I’m not going to speak too much on this right now because that’s just a story for another day, but essentially, the New Age is very tricky. 

I went down this slippery slope myself, and I didn’t even realize it because the enemy is always going to appear in ways that you don’t expect. He is going to appear like light. I truly believed when I was doing some New Age things that it was from God, but that’s because the enemy convinced me that it was.

A way that you can identify it is by the intention. Are you serving yourself or are you serving Jesus? We have to be very mindful and we have to be in the word so that we can discern what is from Him and what is not from Him.

I truly believe that if I was in the Word more, I would have been able to discern that slippery slope that I was going down. 

Another way to identify the New Age is that the New Age is focused on knowing ourselves better versus knowing God better. We have to be very careful not to go down a route where we are looking at ourselves like a god.

Satanists do not say that they worship Satan. Satan is more like an inspiration or a role model for them because they can then go on and essentially become their own god. 

Doesn’t that sound incredibly similar to the New Age?

For a long time, I tried to convince myself that certain things were okay, but they weren’t. The enemy is very sneaky, and he will try to convince you that it is from God, so please be on the lookout for that. 

It’s really important to direct everything to the Lord and put everything next to scripture. That right there is the key. You have got to take it to the Lord because there are a lot of things in the entrepreneurial space that just aren’t biblical.

We have to be mindful of that because these New Age practices are sneaking in where you least expect it. Put on your Armor of God, and be constantly getting into the Word so He can give you that discernment.

Another sin I talk a lot about is in episode 94, and it’s this concept of working from a place of overflow versus working from a place of overwhelm. In that episode, I revealed to you that I was working from a place of overwhelm, and essentially, I was having this striving mentality. 

I kept going back into this mode of, “I’ve got to do X to see Y happen.” That was not working out for me, because when you are working from a place of overflow from the Holy Spirit, that means that you have surrendered to Jesus and are working from this place of Jesus giving you strength and His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

When you work from a place of overwhelm, you are typically trying to take control of situations and trying to be in control of everything. That’s you saying, “Oh hey God, I’ve got this, because You don’t have this. I’ve got this. Let me take the reins back. Let me take the wheel back.”

Where does that get us? Personally, it takes me straight to burnout city and exhaustion, and also a place of stuckness and feeling unfulfilled. I would bet if you’re feeling like that, you are probably having this misalignment with your intention in your business, which then leads to a state of overwhelm versus overflow.

Sometimes it can be the right business, but you may just be pursuing it from a place of overwhelm, have a different intention, or you’re doing it with New Age tactics that you don’t even realize. 

It means you could be in the right vehicle, but you’re giving it the wrong fuel, so you’re not able to work efficiently or effectively. Your fuel is either faith or flesh. 

So, how are you fueling your vehicle? 

What are you fueling your business with? 

Is it with faith, or is it with flesh? 

It’s not necessarily the business that’s the problem. It’s the fuel. 

But even if you have made the “wrong choice”, God will reroute you.

I have gone through all of these seasons that I mentioned, and God has rerouted me every single time. It’s so important that once you identify what is happening, you obey Him. 

If you are feeling stuck, paralyzed or afraid, this could be happening just from self-sabotaging behaviors, but it could also be because you’re staying stuck in sin, and the enemy is using that against you to keep you stuck, paralyzed and afraid.

I’ve personally found that if people are asking the question, “How do I know if my business is what God wants me to do?”, it’s usually because they’re stuck in a place of lack of clarity, they’re afraid, or they’re paralyzed and don’t know what to do. 

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A faith-fueled life &
business mentor, overprotective dog mom, and disciple of Jesus.

I'm Hannah