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Distraction or Opportunity? Here’s How to Know if It’s Time to Pivot!


October 31, 2023

Are you thinking it may be time to make a shift, or pivot, in your online, faith-based business? 

Or are you wondering if the enemy might just be distracting you and keeping you from your God-given calling?

Or maybe you’re dealing with a case of shiny object syndrome? Or an amazing opportunity that God has sent your way?

If you have been asking yourself any of these questions, then this episode is for you. 

The truth is, I have pivoted multiple times in my career as an entrepreneur. And fun little fact, I’m actually in the middle of a shift right now. That being said, I understand how confusing and frustrating it can be when you’re feeling a pivot in your business coming.

But I’ve also caught myself getting distracted by shiny objects too.

That being said, we are covering 3 questions to ask yourself when you’re wondering if it’s time to pivot and then 3 tips on how to do it well if you decide pivoting is the best option for you.

So that being said, if you are in any season where you think you need to make a shift or a pivot in your business, then this episode is for you.


How to determine if a potential pivot is a distraction or an opportunity

Ways God can communicate with you that it’s time to pivot

The difference between a financially wise decision and a shiny object

3 tips to pivot successfully

Let’s go ahead and dive into the three questions I asked myself to determine if it is time to make a pivot.

Grab your lukewarm coffee, girlfriend, and let’s dive in.

I Have Pivoted Multiple Times in My Almost Seven Year Career As An Entrepreneur 

When I first started as an entrepreneur, I started in makeup. I was actually a freelance makeup artist and then decided I wanted to inspire women and from there I shifted into network marketing. 

I shifted network marketing companies three times, later became a network marketing coach and then I got certified in life and success coaching and decided to become a coach for coaches instead of only coaching network marketers. 

I decided to start incorporating faith into my business and I became a “faith-fueled business coach” to help other Christian coaches and decided to broaden that even more with this podcast in terms of helping other Christian entrepreneurs grow online, not just coaches. 

Over the last year I’ve really been leaning into that specifically, especially with the release of my newest digital products, the Faith-Fueled Business Blueprint and the Daily Sales System Workshop.

What God is really calling me to is helping other Christian entrepreneurs stop self sabotaging, activate a faith-fueled focus, and cultivate a thriving Holy Spirit led business by stepping into the role of a faith-fueled CEO and learn how to operate as a faith fueled CEO, both spiritually and professionally. 

This is what we do inside of the Called to CEO Collective, a community driven membership for Christian entrepreneurs who believe in the power of claiming their authority in the secret place and in the marketplace and are ready to fully embody their role as a faith-fueled CEO, both spiritually and professionally.

All of this to say, I really do understand how confusing and frustrating it can be when you’re thinking about pivoting in your business, but something I think is important to note is that we are really never going to just arrive.

We’re never going to have it all figured out for the rest of our lives. 

We’re always going to be evolving and growing. 

That also means our businesses will always be evolving and growing. 

I’ve found that it’s very easy to let the confusion of not being clear on your direction keep you stuck and hold you back from shifting or taking action in some way.

There are going to be ebbs and flows of clarity, and I do think it’s really important to embrace the uncertainty, the unknown, the days when you’re actually just not really sure, and the fact that everything could shift tomorrow.

The truth is, nothing stays the same except Jesus.

Nothing stays the same, and that includes your business. 

The sooner you embrace the shifts and the pivots, the sooner you will have a transformation and ultimately an evolution.

Question #1: Has God Blatantly Told Me I Need to Pivot, or Has He Given Some Confirmations That I Need to?

Now this question is personal to every single person and it can be different for everyone. 

There are some times when I truly believe God has just flat out told me that I need to shift or pivot. There have also been times where I didn’t really know what God was telling me, but I’m sensing and seeing that there are different coincidences and confirmations and He might be speaking to me that way and showing me confirmations that way. 

This is going to look different for every single person and every situation because these confirmations are very specific to the person and the situation.

What can these confirmations actually look like? 

First, these confirmations could look like coincidences. Now, for me personally, I don’t really believe in coincidences all too much. I just think things are divinely orchestrated. If something appears to be a coincidence, I get really curious about that but another way that a confirmation could show up is that it could look like the Holy Spirit speaking through someone else or, it could even look like seeing the same thing over and over and over again.

It could even look like you asking God a question, and then it being answered really soon or through another person.

I do have a couple of examples for you: the first example is that with this podcast. I had a lot of confirmations about starting a podcast.

Now, this isn’t necessarily pivoting per se, but I did receive a lot of confirmations where I knew God was leading me to start a podcast. Some of those confirmations were people telling me I needed to start a podcast. If someone has told you that you need to be doing something without you asking them or them being prompted by you, and it’s happened multiple times, that might be confirmation, especially if it’s something that has already been on your mind.

Now, another example is that I once had someone tell me they were thinking about joining my course, Faith-Fueled Coach Academy, and a big part of my brand is royalty and stepping into your identity as a queen and daughter of the king. My potential client kept seeing crowns everywhere. At the time, they weren’t sure if they were 100 percent going to do it, but they kept seeing crowns or the word “queen” or something royalty themed a lot within a 48 hour time period. For them, that was confirmation. 

So, the very first question to ask yourself if you were thinking about pivoting is has God blatantly told you that you need to pivot or has He given you some confirmations that you need to pivot? 

Has He told you not to pivot? 

Has He given you confirmations not to pivot? 

Take some time to pray on this question and journal it out. 

Question #2: What, If Anything, Is Holding Me Back?

This question is especially useful to me if I keep thinking about making a pivot for an extended period of time, but I just keep holding back for some reason. 

For example, I was really nervous to start my coaching business as a network marketing coach because I thought I may not be successful enough in my network marketing business that people may not take me seriously.

This was not true at all. This was a direct lie from the enemy, and I resisted starting my coaching business for a hot minute. 

I had been thinking about starting a coaching business for at least a year or two before I built up the nerve to actually do it. 

Another example of this is when I was considering infusing faith into my coaching business because I did not start out coaching by being “faith-fueled”. I purely focused on business and I even dabbled into New Age a bit.

When I first started coaching, I did not incorporate faith into my business at all. I posted about Jesus every once in a while, but not a lot. So, when I started thinking that I needed to start infusing faith into my business, I was afraid that I might push people away for talking about Jesus, because at the time, I had a lot of people in my community who very blatantly did not believe in Jesus and did not serve Jesus, especially since I did fall into the New Age realm for a little while.

The reason that I knew personally that it was time for me to pivot into this was because I knew that the fear of man was getting in the way. This was actually true for both times I was thinking about pivoting from network marketing to coaching and when I wanted to infuse faith into business.

The thing is, any fear where you are afraid of something in this physical world is not from God. 

So when it came to me incorporating faith into my business, I knew that God was calling me to share more about Him and me holding back was because I was afraid of scaring people away. 

I think this is one of the biggest lies the enemy spreads because the enemy wants us to keep our mouths shut about Jesus and in order to do this, He is going to be as deceptive as possible, so he’s going to try to use our love for people and our desire to evangelize others against us by manipulating us to keep our mouths shut. 

The entire purpose of our lives is to know Jesus and to make Him known.

If the enemy is telling you to keep your mouth shut about Him, you have got to recognize that that is a lie. 

Now, do you have to do this in your business? No, I don’t believe you have to do that, but I do believe that God calls each of us to play different roles in the body of Christ, and if He is calling you to share more about Him in your business, please do not hold back because you could bring someone to Christ or start a ripple effect of bringing others to Christ just from talking about Him.

So take some time to journal through this because it’s going to help you uncover some things and bring awareness to some potential fears or blocks that you may have. You may even find that God is telling you not to pivot. 

The Lord will reveal this to you in His timing.

You have got to trust that. 

Question #3: What is My Intention for Pivoting? Fueled by Faith or by Flesh?

I’m going to go ahead and tell you right now that you may have to do some deep prayer, journaling, and reflection around this so you can be really clear with this question and with your intention.

There have been times where I have not pivoted and had shiny object syndrome. I didn’t pivot because it was merely a distraction and essentially the shiny object or this distraction was merely a desire of my flesh. 

Are you thinking about pivoting because you think the grass is greener over there? 

Or because you’re thinking about money, legacy, or thinking about yourself? 

Are you considering pivoting because you truly want to grow the kingdom of God and fulfill your purpose for the kingdom of God? 

Now, please hear me when I say this, a wise financial decision is not the same as being flesh-fueled and thinking about money or legacy.

It is different and that difference is your heart posture and what God has told you to do.

This is a really crucial question because I think a lot of the time, the enemy can tempt you to make decisions based on your worldly desires, so just be very mindful of this. 

Now, if you find that perhaps you’re having a case of shiny object syndrome, or you’re being fueled by your flesh as opposed to your faith in the Holy Spirit, then I would recommend spending some just additional quality time with the Lord because really it’s all about making sure your intentions are in alignment with His and not your flesh.

There have been many times where I have been on the right path, or I was about to pivot in my business, and my intentions just weren’t pure, and I had to check myself, repent and get back in alignment with the Holy Spirit.

So make sure that this is in alignment with His will over your life. 

Go through and ask yourself these questions. 

If you’ve determined that it may be time to pivot, please take the time to be with the Holy Spirit and pray on your next move and how to implement this pivot. Then, once you do that, it’s time to walk in faith and not in fear. 

Let go of that fear. 

If He is calling you into this shift, do not be afraid to take the next step. 

Once you determine that it’s time to take action, I have three tips for you to pivot successfully and well.

Pivot Tip #1: Determine How Your Pivot is Going to Align with your Ultimate Mission and Purpose that God has Called You to 

As a God centered entrepreneur, it is so important to keep Christ at the center of your life and your business. 

It can be so easy to get caught up in business strategy that we ignore the connection we have with the Holy Spirit and make ourselves the center of our business. I know I have personally done this time and time again. I am not perfect by any means. I have had to consistently repent and bring myself back in alignment with the Holy Spirit because again I am human I am not perfect.

So please, as you are pursuing your calling, which is your business, please make sure that it aligns with your ultimate purpose, which is to know God and to make Him known. 

Pivot Tip #2: Begin Putting Feelers Out with Simple Content

There have been times where I have gone full force with everything and would make an announcement post and that was great, but there have also been times where I put feelers out and very simple content where I started in stories and put polls out just to see what people would think if I started doing it.

I personally found that this is really helpful because you aren’t taking this huge, giant step. You’re just putting feelers out there. It’s also really great to warm up your audience and preparing them for a shift.

You can start in stories and then move to a grid post here and there. 

I started sharing a little bit more about the behind the scenes in business and sharing a bit of business tips as opposed to the typical makeup posts because I was with a beauty network marketing company at the time.

I slowly started incorporating that kind of content into my strategy and, like I mentioned before, I also did this when I was thinking about infusing faith into my business. I started with my stories, and I talked about Jesus more in there, and started showcasing my Bible study. I then started asking questions, and posting polls asking “Would you like to learn a little bit more about my faith”, or “Would you like me to talk more about my relationship with Jesus here”, or “Would you like to see more of this?”

Pivot #3: Redefine Your Ideal Clients, Pains, Fears, and Desires 

Now, this does depend on how much of a pivot you’re making, but personally, I found that with every pivot I’ve made, I have needed to re-evaluate my ideal client’s pains, fears, and desires.

Now, the pains, fears, and desires of your ideal client are talked about a lot in the online space, but I’m here to remind you that it is truly so important because understanding the deep and surface level pains, fears, and desires of your idle clients will ultimately help you create exceptionally valuable content for them.

And essentially, you will be able to attract your idle clients to you much more efficiently and effectively if you know their pains, fears, and desires. 

If You Loved This And You Know You Are Being Called Cultivate A Holy Spirit Led Business…

And you want to make sure you’re getting the support you need, you’re being held accountable to live out the call He’s placed on your heart, AND you want to do it fueled by your faith and not by your flesh…

Then I want to invite you to just join us inside of the Called to CEO Collective.

The Called to CEO Collective is a community-driven membership for Christian entrepreneurs who believe in the power of claiming their authority in the secret place AND in the marketplace and are ready to stand out and sell out online.

You and your business, brand or ministry will be SO supported when you immerse yourself in the live coaching, curriculum and community.

YES, I said live coaching.

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A faith-fueled life &
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I'm Hannah