Coach Academy


You are stuck... just to put it lightly. You are sick of being average when you know the Lord has called you to be a vessel for massive impact. You see other Queens online skyrocketing in their business and just can’t figure out why it's not happening for you.

You've absorbed all the information you can – from the "need-to-know" content on podcasts and audiobooks, to YouTube videos promising that this "one thing" will help you reach the success you're craving. Instead of becoming the powerful leader you know you are, you're even more stressed out, burnt out and overwhelmed than you were before.

You keep trying to move forward on your own, but every time you try, you get SUPER overwhelmed. You feel like you have NO idea where to start because you feel like you have to do ALLLLL the things to be successful – like being consistent on every social media platform, creating a website, and selling multiple offers... but you keep getting burnt out before you even begin.

You want to do business God’s way – you want to partner with Him and allow HIM to become your CEO, so this God-Sized Dream can finally become a thriving business. You are desiring to surrender, let HIM finally take the wheel, and allow HIM to bring you the clarity and provision you know that He is so capable of… But you are finding this more difficult every day as you notice just how New Age deception is saturating the coaching industry. Because of this, you know how crucial it is to be involved in a community with other like-minded Christian entrepreneurs.

You are obsessed with figuring out “how to grow your following” and how to “upgrade your Instagram aesthetic” because you’re convinced you need a bigger following to gain more clients. But all these new followers don’t seem to want to care about what you’re offering.

You are sick of creating hours and hours of content to only get crickets in return. You don’t understand why your community doesn’t want what you're offering. You’re doing everything you possibly can to show the value of your offer to your audience, but it's just not working.

You keep engaging with your ideal client avatar like all the gurus suggest, but all the conversations you keep having wind up being boring or unproductive. You don’t feel confident in the conversation at allll and you wish they would just see you as an expert… but it’s obvious they don’t because they ghost you, friend zone you, or the conversations lead nowhere fast.

You are starting to believe you just don’t have what it takes. Or maybe you don’t feel worthy enough, or committed enough, or you just don’t think you work hard enough to be successful…

You know the Lord has called you to coaching, but you just don’t understand why a) it hasn’t worked out for you yet, and b) you keep getting more confused & overwhelmed as time goes on. You may even be wondering if this is a sign from God that perhaps you SHOULDN’T pursue coaching... 

But deep down, you know this isn’t true. He has sent you here on a mission, and by partnering with Him, you're capable of so much more than you could ever imagine.

& I KNOW you're sick of running around in circles and feeling like you're never actually making any real impact (or income).

& I know YOU know...

It’s time to finally obey His call.

Queen… I GET IT.

Which is exactly why I created Faith-Fueled Coach Academy.

Let me guess...

a course for faith-fueled females who are ready to grow a Holy Spirit led coaching business

Coach Academy

A loving community of ambitious, faith-fueled women paired with a supportive curriculum and high-level coaching strategically designed to help you shatter self-doubt + stand out online, so you can finally go from unseen to powerful Queen.

Inside of this immersive course, you will find yourself FULLY equipped with all the business strategies, high-level support, prayer, and accountability you could ever need to turn your God-Sized Dream into a thriving, faith-fueled coaching business. 

You will get access to me as I guide you through everything you need to know about stepping into your Queen Identity, letting the Holy Spirit guide you in your business, and overcoming the limiting beliefs (aka LIES) the enemy keeps whispering in your ear.

With the Holy Spirit guiding us, we will clarify your mission, develop your sustainable & scalable business model (& YES, you can get paid right off the bat... even if you're just starting), create magnetizing content that will keep your audience coming back for MORE, utilize simple + effective marketing techniques & daily activities that have been proven to generate new leads DAILY, and PREVENT objections like the Queen that you are... 

All so you can finally work less, make more, and LIVE out the calling God has placed on your heart. It's only cliché because it's true!

i want


Living out your calling by creating a brand + life that honors God and who He created you to be (You already ARE this person... it's time to CLAIM it).

Finding your business besties... having those people you can bounce business ideas off of. Your friends inside the program will become like sisters! 

Having unlimited income & impact potential. You can use your income as a tool to grow God's Kingdom + finally fund that non-profit you keep thinking about.

Being able to work from anywhere, getting "invoice paid" notifications on vacation, spending more time with loved ones, and less time in the office.

Just imagine...

what if you could cultivate a thriving

You had at least one new potential client popping into your inbox EVERY day.

You didn’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay for groceries or your mortgage.

You could finally take that vacay you’ve been dreaming of without freaking out if your business will fail or panicking about where the money to pay for it is going to come from.

Your “normal” work week looked like working 4 days a week and 2-4 hours a day MAX. Allll without the guilt of “not doing enough” because you are CONSISTENTLY bringing in income. No more feeling like you are working 24/7.

You had a community of other faith-fueled female entrepreneurs there to build you back up every time you felt stressed, exhausted, or just down in the dumps. 

You had an experienced life and business coach ready to FULLYYYY support you on your transformation from dreamer to LEADER. 

faith-fueled coaching business?

I want that!


Creating a full-time income in their coaching business without working full-time hours

Quitting their 9-5 jobs

Serving, supporting and impacting other incredible humans across the globe

Landing sponsorships, getting featured on top podcasts, starting their own podcasts, publishing books, and landing interviews with well-known authority figures in the industry

Allowing God to use them as a vessel to grow His Kingdom and using their business as a ministry



Sneak Peak Inside the Curriculum

You will step into your QUEEN Identity, embrace the fact that you are a vessel for the Lord and finally create the business (and life) He has called you to. The first two phases of FCA are dedicated to clarifying & solidifying the WHY, WHOSE, WHO, WHAT & HOW that is needed in order for you to turn your God-Sized Dream into a reality. This phase focuses on the WHY & the WHOSE, and many of my clients have had major breakthroughs that resulted in generating more income just from this phase alone.


• Learn exactly how to hear from the Holy Spirit in your business and how to let go of the reins and allow HIM be your CEO with The Queen Routine and the Faith-Fueled Coach Approach.
• Step into your Queen Identity, fully embrace just how powerful the Lord is as He is working through you, and gain the GOD-fidence you never knew you had
• Learn how to identify spiritual battles you may not know you are having and how to overcome them biblically
• Reign within spiritual warfare and self-sabotaging tendencies utilizing tools from The Armory
• Discover how to fuel yourself with the power of the Holy Spirit, King Jesus and Father God
• Understand how to navigate the daily battlefield by following and surrendering your every activity to the leading of Holy Spirit (it’s an entirely different ball game than what we’re used to)
• Cultivate your very own Queen Routine that will help you stay rooted in Jesus every single day
• Balance discipline with surrender, finally let go of the striving & hustle mentality and watch God work miracles in your life & business
• Dig deep into Scripture study and learn how to turn this ritual from a boring item to check off your to-do list to the thing you cannot wait to do
• Utilize the power of prayer to its fullness and learn how to strategically use prayer in your battle against the enemy



This phase focuses on the WHO, WHAT & HOW that is needed in order for you to turn your God-Sized Dream into reality and be well on your way to making a major impact (& an income). In this phase, you will gain crystal clear clarity on your ideal client, offer(s), and the process in which you help your clients receive a transformation. Once you gain clarity, you will immediately take your offer to the marketplace with the simple & proven FCA Client Acquisition Strategy, so you can get paid right off the bat! Yes, many clients book out their offers with THIS PHASE ALONE.


• Discover exactly how gain your first clients by validating and testing your offer with simple & effective marketing strategies before you ever have a public facing launch. All while getting paid. Yup–earn as you learn! Oh, and without the stress of a major launch (Can I get an Amen, sister friend?). 
• You will cultivate a deep understanding of your Dream Queen is (aka your ideal client)... and learn the real reason you haven’t been attracting them to you yet. You will discover what it really takes to have someone actually want to invest in you instead of silently watching.
• You will learn the best approaches to, and exactly how, to infuse faith into your business (no matter your niche)
• You will map out your irresistible offer and signature process with a scalable & sustainable business model from the very beginning (I recommend all my clients to solidify & optimize their 1:1 offer first and then build out from there, but the choice is yours!)



In this phase, you will master the messaging tactics you need to take silent lurkers to raving fans of YOU & your offer(s). I know you've been ready to finally stand out as a top leader & expert in your industry, and this is the phase that will help you do just that. You will learn the systems + strategies that will help you turn your content into cash like clockwork, and you will never have to wonder what to post again! UMMM yes please! 


• Learn exactly how to create content that compels your community to always be on the lookout for more. Basically, you will discover exactly what it takes for your Dream Queen to binge your content like their fav Netflix show.
• Recognize the different intentions for your content (and never post just to “stay consistent” ever again).
Put together your own Content Powerbook aka your go-to resource for all things content. You’ll be putting together 100+ different content ideas in one place that you can refer back to again and again.
• Get handed proven-to-convert content templates that you can reuse again and again for your own content strategy. All you have to do is plug and play!
• You will create your very own Content Guide–aka your personal arsenal of highly converting content topics. The amazing thing? You could potentially walk away with YEARS worth of content topic–and no, I'm not exaggerating. Oh, and it won't take as long as you think. ;)



The idea of selling can often cause fear, dread and anxiety, but I know that in this phase, you will basically become a Sales Queen (seriously). You are going to discover exactly how to turn your business into a money making machine... without feeling like Salesy Suzie (sorry Suzie). You will gain access to and master FCA's proven Daily Sales System (DSS) that will help you bring in new leads and secure clients like clockwork. No more boring and unproductive conversations that lead you nowhere.


• Consistently generate new business leads (I’m talking DAILY, sister), and how to have authentic and value-driven communications that convert to new leads + clients (and not those sleazy sales messages, gross)
• Implement your Daily Sales System (DSS) that has been proven time and time again to attract new leads + clients like clockwork
• Put your CEO hat on and track the important metrics in your business (the ones that are directly tied to your revenue)
• Become a master conversationalist and have productive conversations in the DMs with the proven FCA DSS Conversation Framework. Yes, this framework has been proven to lead to sales. The amazing thing is that you will build real, authentic relationships while still bringing in revenue.
• Master how to handle any objections that come your way like a true Queen without feeling like a sleazy salesperson
• Conduct application calls (aka sales calls) in a way that feels good, effortless and fun for both you and the other party involved

Sales Queen



Now that you have ignited your faith-fueled coaching business, it's time to learn how to keep up the momentum, don't cha think? In this phase, you will learn how to master your service delivery, systemize your business, and most of all... systemize yourself. It's time to cultivate a stellar client experience, maximize client results that will keep your clients coming back for more, and ignite a faith-fueled focus that embraces both discipline and surrender.


• Learn what it takes to maximize your clients' results in order to strengthen client retention, build a vault of testimonials, and how to increase your referral rate like whoa
• Create a stellar client experience that will knock the socks off your clients. Basically, you're going to become the gold standard for client experience.
• Discover how to properly onboard, offboard, upsell and resign clients with ongoing support options because client experience and retention is so critical to business success
• Become a productivity wiz by learning the tools, systems + strategies that will help you create personalized routines and habits that will help you thrive in your business (& your life)
• Obey the Lord by taking daily aligned, intentional action towards your God-Given calling. It's time to say goodbye to the guilt + shame for not getting things done, get rid of all the "shoulds" and allow God to give you the strength to take the needle moving actions daily (& ignore all the temptations + distractions keeping you stuck)

I'm all in!

the business + life God has called you to.

You were made to reign. It's time to claim it.

It's time to create

— Krista P.

. Hannah will help you take action to go from dreamer to dooer. FCA and working with Hannah is the best thing I have ever done!

if it wasn’t for FCA, I would still be trying to figure this out. Now, I just handed in my resignation at my job so I can be home with my family where they need me. 

— Rachelle M.

This isn't just a "how to run a coaching business"– it's "howto live out a coaching ministry that also happens to be a business.

This is for you if...

let me tell ya about the Queens I serve!

You're an ambitious, faith-fueled female who is finally ready to start a coaching business OR you are already a coach and are ready to bring in that consistent, full-time income.

You desire to be FULLY equipped with all the business strategies, high-level support, prayer, and big-time accountability turn your God-Sized Dream into a thriving, faith-fueled coaching business.

You are craving to do business GOD'S way and FOR Him. You know the importance of being fully led by the Holy Spirit. You don't want to get carried away with fleshly desires, and are craving how to balance surrender with discipline and taking aligned, intentional action.

You want to develop your sustainable & scalable business model, create magnetizing content that will keep your audience coming back for MORE, utilize simple + effective marketing techniques & daily activities that have been PROVEN to generate new leads DAILY, and PREVENT objections like the Queen that you are... 

And of course, you are ready to work less, cultivate the abundance God always meant for His children, and LIVE out the calling God has placed on your heart.

Claim your crown!

I'm your girl!

— Anna-Elyse E.

Hannah will pray for you, encourage you and support you beyond what you can imagine. Once you work with Hannah, your life will be forever changed for the better.

if God gives you the green light, DO NOT WAIT to be obedient to this! FCA has been a night and day difference for me; don't stay in the dark.

— Ana F.

Don't waste your time googling to try & figure it all out. Hannah will give you the tools, she goes above & beyond to support & will genuinely care for your heart & soul!

Praise Hands

"i quit my full-time job & was able to maintain a secure financial income in my business!"

"Working with Hannah, I made so much progress in both my business and personal life! Hannah helped me push past my limiting beliefs, quit my full time job and focus entirely on my business while maintaining a secure financial income. In just a few short weeks, I have gained 5 new clients as well as a ton of new knowledge on how to continue to gain more clients on my own. Our time together has really transformed my life for the better and I can't wait to see what more will come."

Dezirae H.

"Hannah changed my life for the better. She was the BEST investment I have ever made."

"Hannah has helped my business grow exponentially along with my confidence! Hannah changed my life for the better. She was the BEST investment I have ever made in my business & life. If you need someone to help you grow your business, confidence, teach you sales, & encourage you in your faith, Hannah is your girl! I invested in the midst of a pandemic & my business has grown because of it. You will love her and her coaching style. I couldn’t recommend her more."

Tessah W.

"Making the decision to have Hannah as my coach was the best thing I could've done."

"Making the decision to have Hannah as my coach was the best thing I could’ve done for myself and my career. She helped me chase after my dreams, believe that I can do them, and actually make them a reality! My whole perspective has changed in regards to overcoming my mindset, my fears and conquering the strongholds that seemed to be standing in the way. God has given Hannah an amazing talent, and I would not be where I am today without her!"

Margarita M.

"I just handed in my resignation at my job! I get to stay home with my family where they need me."

"God gave me a vision 5 years ago that has officially come to life thanks to Hannah. If it wasn’t for FCA, I would still be trying to figure it out. Now, I just handed in my resignation at my job so I can be home with my family where they need me! The thing is–this is more than business coaching. This is something that is going to transform your life. Stop thinking about it and going through all that could go wrong. That is the enemy talking. Pray about it and let the Spirit lead."

Cierra T.

"She will help you go from dreamer to dooer. Working with her is the best thing I have ever done."

"Hannah has the ability to help you stay focused on what God is prompting to you to do, and take yourself out of the equation. She truly cares about helping you build a Kingdom business, and has helped me create something God has called me to share with the world. If God has planted a dream on your heart, FCA is for you. Hannah will give you the roadmap, AND help you take action on it to go from dreamer to dooer. Working with Hannah is the best thing I have ever done."

Krista P.

"Both my husband and I have witnessed God's provision for us through working with Hannah."

"Both my husband & I have witnessed God’s provision through working with Hannah. I have created a program, gained clients & have clients resigning! I am finally living into what I am called to do & understanding HOW to do that. This isn't just "how to run a coaching business"-it's "how to live out a coaching ministry that happens to also be a business.” If God gives you the green light, DO NOT WAIT to be obedient! FCA has been a night and day difference; don't stay in the dark."

Rachelle M.

Are you ready to:

Start and scale a Holy Spirit led coaching business (bring in consistent income His way, sister)

Become crystal clear on your purpose, clarify your calling for this season in your life, and develop your bestselling coaching program

Hear from the Holy Spirit for clarity, next steps and allow God to become the CEO of your business (& your life)

Breakthrough the limiting beliefs & self-sabotaging tendencies (aka lies from the enemy) that have been holding you back... Say goodbye to procrastination, imposter syndrome and comparisonitis

Gain total clarity on exactly who your Dream Queen is (aka your ideal client) and what she needs from you (trust me, you need this)

Finally uncover EXACTLY what kind of work you should be focusing on + how much you should be doing to bring in your desired income

Implement FCA’s proven Daily Sales System (DSS) that has been proven time and time again to attract new leads and secure clients like clockwork. Basically, you will know exactly what you need to do in order to bring in your desired income. No more posting and praying, or wondering when a new lead is coming in.

Have authentic and value-driven conversations (no more sleazy or boring conversations) that lead to sales

Create binge-worthy content that will keep your audience coming back for MORE (you’re basically going to become their fav Netflix show)

Prevent and handle objections like the Queen you are

Impact thousands and let God use your coaching business as a ministry to grow His Kingdom

learn more

get ready to CLAIM YOUR CROWN!

My mission? To help you go from invisible dreamer to powerful leader and finally step into the QUEEN God created you to be. (Pssttt–you already ARE a Queen. You just have to claim it!)

By incorporating aligned systems & soulful strategies with powerful intuition & unshakeable faith, I help you get unstuck, gain massive clarity, unlock your calling and finally create the life & business God has imprinted on your heart.

If you are ready to create the impact, influence & income you desire, then you're in the right place.

It’s time to claim your crown, girlfriend.

You were reclaimed to reign.

a FAITH-FUELED life + business coach, overprotective dog mom, and jesus lover.

I'm Hannah.

Hi Queens!

What's Included?



Consider this your private community & resource center where the course curriculum is held, all the student engagement takes place, and where you will be coached by Hannah! This is your area to ask questions, gain support, bounce off ideas, submit homework to review, network, submit prayer requests, and so much more!
• Access curriculum training modules and Powerwork
• Ask questions and gain support regarding the curriculum, life, faith, and business


• You will receive access to your curriculum and community support inside of The Queendom for the LIFETIME of the program. Basically, when you enroll, you are truly receiving support and access for the lifetime of the program. Yes, please!

• You will gain access to 50+ training modules with corresponding Powerwork (aka your immersive FCA textbook & homework to take you step by step throughout the course). Did I mention it contains 600+ pages total?! Yup, we definitely don't hold back.
• You get access to all things FCA as soon as you enroll!

— Dezirae H.

i quit my full-time job & was able to maintain a secure financial income in my business!

Hannah changed my life for the better. She was the BEST investment I have ever made in my life and business.

— Margarita M.

Making the decision to have Hannah as my coach was the best thing I could've done.