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How to Keep Going When You Feel Like Giving Up


August 29, 2023

Have you ever felt like you just wanted to just throw in the towel and just QUIT? 

While at the same time, you know deep in your spirit you’re meant to keep walking down this path?

I have.

And I know it is SUCH a difficult feeling and state of being to be in. You feel trapped. And you almost feel like you’re stuck in quicksand, but the harder you try to get out, the faster you sink.

So, I have been there, and I have been there MORE than once.

But if there’s one thing that I know for SURE… it’s that God called me to this and He says to keep going… even when it gets really, really hard and everything in me says to quit…

And so I keep going.

So, if you are wrestling with these feelings, I want you to know that you’re not alone and I really do get it.

I put together this episode with you in mind.

That being said, I have EIGHT tips for you today.

8 things for you to DO, pray through, and/or shift in order to help you keep going when you just want to quit.

Let’s do this.

I Have Wanted to Quit Several Times

I’ve known just deep in my gut and my spirit that the Lord was telling me to hold the line and to just keep walking despite the hard.

However, if you are just not sure if God is actually telling you to keep going or if He’s actually wanting you to quit, what I want you to do is actually head on over to episode 13 because this episode is really going to help you discern if you need to press pause or if you need to push.

If you feel in your spirit that you need to keep going but are just fighting with wanting to quit, then this is for you.

Tip #1: Take a Day to Fully Reset

I do not mean sitting around watching TV, getting distracted or scrolling social media. What I mean is to spend time with Jesus.

Spend time with Jesus.

Get into the Word.

Get quiet.

Go out in nature, and spend time alone with Jesus.

Hire a babysitter or have your partner watch the kids for a weekend and spend time soaking off the goodness of God.

This will help you get back in the right frame of mind.

When I say this is a true game changer, I mean it, because spending time with Jesus is the thing that is going to reset you, refuel you, and reignite everything in you.

Spending time with Him is going to have you remembering why God sent you on this mission in the first place.

When you don’t soak up the goodness of God and spend time with Him, you’re not only going to lose sight of that mission, but you are also are not going to feel an alignment with that mission because you’re too focused on the physical world and desires as opposed to keeping your eyes fully focused on Jesus.

I really want to challenge you to put a date on your calendar when you are actually going to spend the entire day with God.

I know you may be thinking that you don’t have a whole day, but I promise you it is so worth it and changes everything. You will go into your week with a newfound perspective and feel totally different. 

The reason is that we get so caught up in our everyday life that we start working from a place of overwhelm and trying to be in control and working in our own strength. But instead, what you want to do is be able to do is work from a place of overflow from Holy Spirit instead of being overwhelmed

The way to actually work from a place of overflow is to spend time with the Holy Spirit. 

Engross yourself in His Word and goodness and just be still. 

Spend time in prayer, listening to worship music, singing acapella and dancing to worship music. Spend time with Him and journal through what He is telling you.

Tip #2: Reflect on How Far You’ve Come

Now, this is pretty straightforward, but it’s also super important.

I want to share a little tip with you that I teach my clients. I teach my clients to focus on and keep track of what I call miracle moments. Miracle moments are moments in your day where you can just see God’s hand working in your life. Whether that be in your business or life, keep track of them. Have a note section in your phone titled miracle moments and just keep track of them big or small. 

Keep a record of miracles God is revealing to you and look at it every day.

If it’s not every day, look at it every week or during the time that you have with God. In addition to keeping track of miracle moments, take time to actually journal through how far you’ve come and what God has brought you through so far. 

If you’re listening to this and have been living for a few years, then God has brought you through some things. 

What are the lessons God has shown you? What has He helped you overcome? If He’s helped you overcome a hard or trying season in the past, don’t you think He’s going to help you through this one too? 

Keep your eyes on Him and be thankful and grateful for the season that you’re in because it is playing a role for the future. 

Tip #3: Lose the Ego 

Believe it or not, people not buying your product may have absolutely nothing to do with you. People are wrapped up in their own thing. 

Feelings of wanting to quit usually, but not always, come from things not going our way. When things don’t go our way, our feelings get hurt and it hurts our pride. 

Check your pride and ego because if you’re wanting to give up. If things aren’t going the way that you want them or expect them to, that’s a pride thing. 

A Bible teacher that I like to listen to, Chuck Missler, says that pride is actually the root of all sins. So, when I say check your pride or lose your ego, I truly do mean it so lovingly because I have been there and I have to constantly check my ego.

You may have the best intentions to want to impact so many people and spread the word of Jesus but you’ve got to lose the pride around it. 

I recommend taking time to pray through this and repent of any sort of prideful feelings that you have around this because you may be surprised that this might be the thing that’s keeping you feeling like you want to quit. 

Tip #4: Make It Fun

Don’t be afraid to break some rules in business and do things differently. You don’t have to create content the same way everyone else does.

If you hate creating reels, STOP! Do what you love to do. If you are a writer, spend time

blogging or create mini blogs on carousel posts on Instagram. You don’t have to spend time doing things you absolutely hate. 

I am a big advocate for trying things on and trying things out. But if you absolutely hate it, stop.

You don’t have to keep doing it. 

Having fun isn’t just about breaking the rules. Having fun could be having a dance party on your stories, having multiple dance parties in the middle of the day, going to work at your favorite coffee shop instead of being stuck at home, or going for a walk in the middle of a work day. 

Having fun is actually going to inspire you and motivate you to actually be more creative. 

In addition to that, I do want to touch on the topic of having fun outside of your work. Yes, we want to have fun within work, but we also want to have fun outside of work. If you have any sort of workaholic tendency, like I do, you may find yourself almost isolating yourself from friends or fun because you have a lot of work to do. 

Add some fun back into your life, friend!

Tip #5: Learn Discipline and Consistency 

I know that discipline is not a sexy word, but it is very biblical. 

Hebrews 12:11 says, “No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.” 

I am not saying to work yourself ragged or into the ground. Rest is also very biblical, but it is very easy to fall into the trap of working so much that you don’t rest OR resting so much that you don’t work. 

Working hard is good.

Rest is good.

You need both. When it comes to actually being disciplined and staying consistent, a lot of the time people think that they aren’t being disciplined because they don’t have the motivation to actually stay consistent. But the truth is, consistency and discipline often ignite motivation. 

Motivation is just a feeling. And feelings are fleeting. 

But what stays the same, if you allow it, is your discipline. If you can transform your discipline, you can often transform your life because your results are going to change as well. 

Tip #6: Change What’s Not Working

This is simple, right? Take time to reflect on what’s working and what’s not working. If something isn’t working, don’t just get frustrated and stop. Take time to determine why it’s not working. Maybe all you need to do is make some small minor tweaks instead of uprooting the entire thing. 

Take the time you need to really pray into this. 

Talk to a mentor or talk with some other people in your community about why this may not be working for you, and then make the changes that you need to make to see the shift in results. 

Tip #7: Reframe the Setbacks and the Obstacles

The truth is, setbacks and obstacles are often very necessary. This is where the growth and transformation actually takes place. When you’re in a valley or a hard season, God can use this to teach you something. 

If you’re currently in a valley, a slow season or in a famine, ask God what you need to learn from this experience. Ask Him to reveal that to you and thank Him for this experience because it is happening for your good. 

Romans 8:28, “And we know that for those who love God, all things work together for good for those who are called according to His purpose.” 

If you are in a hard season right now, going through a valley or even if you’re not, I highly recommend checking out Episode 4: How to Trust God and Move Forward in the Valleys of Life and Business. 

Tip #8: Find a Community of Other Christian Female Entrepreneurs and Allow the Holy Spirit to Work Through Them and Pour Into You and Vice Versa

We are meant to be a community. I know a lot of the time Christians who aren’t entrepreneurs don’t really get it, just like entrepreneurs who aren’t Christians also don’t get it. 

That’s okay. We are still to be around them and be in community with them. We’re still to love them, be friends with them and be family with them.

But you need to find a community of women who really do get it, know the struggles that you’re facing because they might be going through the same thing. They might be a step ahead of you or they may be able to give you some advice, help or pray for you when other people just won’t really understand. 

And that’s okay. That’s part of being a Christian entrepreneur. 

If you can, find yourself a community of other Christian female entrepreneurs and allow the Holy Spirit to work through them and pour into you. 

The community inside of the Called to CEO Collective is like no other community out there. The women inside this community are just incredible and they root each other on. They pray with each other and we support each other and it’s just so beautiful to witness, see and be a part of because I just know the Holy Spirit is working inside all of this. 

Next Steps

If you loved this blog post and you know you are being called to CEO by God, and you want to make sure you’re getting the support you need, you’re being held accountable to live out the call He’s placed on your heart, AND you want to do it fueled by your faith and not by your flesh…

Then I want to invite you to just join us inside of the Called to CEO Collective.

The Called to CEO Collective is a community-driven membership for Christian entrepreneurs who believe in the power of claiming their authority in the secret place AND in the marketplace, and are ready to stand out and $ell out online.

You and your business, brand or ministry will be SO supported when you immerse yourself in the live coaching, curriculum and community.

YES, I said live coaching.

And YES, this is at a low ticket price point.

That said, if you want to learn all the nitty gritty details or go ahead and join us at the current rate, you can do so by heading to

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Meditation for Beginners (3 Steps!)

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I'm Hannah

tell me more!

A faith-fueled life &
business coach, overprotective dog mom, and Jesus lover.