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business mentor, overprotective dog mom, and disciple of Jesus.

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3 Mindset Shifts to Skyrocket Your Success in Your Faith-Based Business


July 12, 2023

Are you a faith-driven entrepreneur looking to take your business to new heights?

In this episode of Called to CEO, we unveil 3 powerful mindset shifts that can propel your success in your faith-based business.

From cultivating a Kingdom mindset to embracing a purpose-driven perspective, we’ll dive deep into the mindset shifts that can revolutionize how you approach your business. I hope you join us as we uncover the strategies and insights that can empower you to elevate your impact, influence, and income.

And of course, we will explore the ways in which these mindset shifts can unlock doors of opportunity, fuel your passion, and align your business with God’s divine purpose.

If you are ready to break free from limiting beliefs, overcome obstacles, and soar to new heights in your faith-based business, then this episode is a must-listen.

What You Will Learn:

  • 3 mindset shifts to skyrocket your success in your faith-based business
  • The ONE mindset reframe that has the ability to change the trajectory of your business
  • How to stop focusing on your limitations
  • Why focusing on goals can be detrimental

 Are you ready for this? Let’s dive on in!

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

The three mindset shifts I’m going to be sharing with you are three shifts

that I had to make a long time ago, and also have had to continuously revisit because it is so easy to let our minds wander and run away from us.

It’s so important that we are constantly catching the thoughts we are thinking because our thoughts will in turn create what we do next and what we do next will create our reality.

It’s not this mumbo-jumbo thing.

It’s Biblical and the Bible says to renew our minds.

#1: Shift Your Perspective from “Maybe” to “Definitely”

Essentially, it is so important to stop saying, “Maybe this is going to happen.”

Maybe I’ll write that book one day.

Maybe I’ll start a coaching business.

Maybe I’ll do this thing.

That thought is going to get you nowhere fast because it’s going to stay a “maybe” your entire life instead.

It’s really important to make the decision.

I was talking with a client of mine recently who has had a lot of success in her

business lately. The one thing that changed for her was her mindset on this, specifically. She made the decision that she was going all in. She stopped thinking about the “what if’s” and started making it a reality.

So many of you right now are half in and half out. You’ve got one foot in and one foot out, and yet you’re still wondering why you’re not seeing the kind of business success that you keep seeing on Instagram.

You’re wondering why you’re not seeing success when you’re not all in.

The truth is, you have to make the decision to go all in, and until you do, you will remain in the exact same position that you are in.

Nothing will change until you make the decision.

When you make the decision that you’re going all in, you will actually start to take action as if you are all in even if right now you’re still unsure.

Make the choice.

Make the decision.

You will be so thankful you did.

#2: Shift Your Perspective from Scarcity to Abundance 

Instead of dwelling on your limitations, it’s so important to focus on the abundant blessings and opportunities the Lord has made available to you.

It’s crucial to trust in God’s provision and realize that there is so much more than

enough for everyone. It’s important to embrace a mindset of gratitude and celebrate the success of others and cultivate a sense of abundance in your thoughts, actions, and decisions.

When I say abundance, I’m not just talking about money. Yes, you can have abundance with money, but it’s so much more than that.

You are probably having very limiting beliefs around abundance and what’s available. 

But you aren’t as limited as you think you are. There is so much abundance in this world.

When you go to make decisions, next steps, or react to something, it is important to react from an abundant mindset instead of a scarce one.

Stop making decisions out of fear. 

Fear that there’s not enough. 

Fear that there’s not enough time. 

Fear that you’re going to be judged.

Stop making decisions based on those things and start making decisions and reacting based on the fact that there is more than enough out there because you have a very specific purpose in the body of Christ and no one else can do that but you.

Our Creator created us with a purpose and a calling and it is up to you to follow that.

This mindset shift alone will open doors to new possibilities. It will foster collaboration

and it will allow you to approach challenges with a positive and hopeful outlook instead

of a fearful one.

#3: Shift Your Perspective from Short-Term Gains to Eternal Impact

Shift your focus from solely pursuing personal success to advancing God’s kingdom through your business. Embrace the idea that your business is a catalyst to impact lives, to serve others, and to glorify God.

Align your goals, decisions, and actions with God’s purpose and seek His guidance and wisdom in every aspect of your business.

The thing is, my friend, when goals and these short-term gains become your focus, Jesus is not.

Only one thing can have your focus at a time.

So, what is your focus?

Is it Jesus, or is it your success?

Please recognize that the success of your business extends beyond financial achievement or personal success. Embrace the mindset that your business is actually a means to bless others and make a lasting difference in the lives of people and other communities.

Your purpose is to know God and make Him known and your business gets to be a catalyst for that if you allow it to.

Now all of that being said, by adopting these mindset shifts, you can elevate your perspective, your decision-making, and your actions as a Christian business owner.

They can help you cultivate a purpose-driven business and make a positive difference in the world and experience a deeper sense of fulfillment because you are putting the Lord first in all that you do.

Next Steps

If you loved this blog post and you know you are being called to CEO by God, and you want to make sure you’re getting the support you need, you’re being held accountable to live out the call He’s placed on your heart, AND you want to do it fueled by your faith and not by your flesh…

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A faith-fueled life &
business mentor, overprotective dog mom, and disciple of Jesus.

I'm Hannah