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My 3 Step Process To Successfully Start A Faith-Based Coaching Business (With Little To No Experience)


June 28, 2022

Have you ever wondered if coaching could be your next God-given calling? Have you thought about adding on an additional stream of income, and think starting a coaching business could be a good option? Are you on the hunt for your “thing” or your purpose? Do you want to know how to start a faith-based coaching business with little to no experience?

If you answered, “yes,” to any of those questions, this was created specifically with you in mind because I’m breaking down my 3 step process to successfully START a faith-based coaching business with little to no experience.

Let’s dive in.

Step One – Clarify

What are you clarifying?

You have to get clear on your role in the Kingdom of God, your purpose, and your calling for this season of life.

I believe your purpose and your calling are different. Your purpose is to know God and to make Him known. That is your purpose as a Christian.  That is your purpose, while your calling is how you live out your purpose. Your calling is essentially the vehicle in which you fulfill your purpose.

With that being said, you can think of your coaching business as the calling to fulfill your purpose. My question to you is, “How is the Lord wanting to use you and your business to live out your purpose?” If you have not yet journaled this out, spend time with the Lord and pray over this.

I highly recommend you do so ASAP because if you don’t know these things, it’s going to be very hard for you to keep going. In addition to that, You will find yourself straying from the purpose.

Please take the time to journal this out. How is the Lord wanting you to use your business to live out your purpose? And with this, it’s really important to remember, this mission is not about you. This mission that you’re on is about building the Kingdom of God.

Your business is simply the vehicle to make that happen. It is simply the vehicle to fulfill your purpose.

Next, it’s important to get clear on who it is you are serving and how you support them. You can think of this as your niche or your ideal client avatar. Who is it in the Kingdom of God that you are serving and what specific problem are you solving? What one thing are you helping them overcome? How can you take their pains and problems and lead them back to Jesus?

Now, if you need help with this, I highly recommend checking out Episode Three of this show. It is titled Why you’re not attracting clients to you online and how to do it as a multi-passionate entrepreneur. And then once you listen to that episode, I recommend checking out my free training titled Attract Your Queendom. 

This is my free training that is essentially going to help you nail down your ideal client, which is going to help you create content that is going to attract your ideal clients to you efficiently and effectively.

Once you identify your ideal client and the one core problem that you solve for them, you can then develop your best-selling beta offer. If you are a brand new coach, I recommend starting your coaching business with a beta offer. 

There are many reasons for this, but the first reason is that you get to validate your offer before you ever launch it to the public. Essentially, this just means you want to validate the need for your offer, as well as the messaging that you are using to market your offer.

Another reason you’ll want to do this is that you’re going to want to test your process before you ever create anything. You can start coaching without creating a thing. I help my clients do it all of the time.

Another reason is that you are going to gain confidence in both selling and coaching.

In addition, you will obtain testimonials and social proof from your beta clients, which you will need in order to sell your full offer to the public.

Then finally you will get paid. I help my clients do this every single day. Yes, you can get paid right off the bat as a brand new coach!

In addition to gaining clarity on your calling and who you serve, the final thing you’re going to want to clarify is your scalable and sustainable business model. And the reason for this is that you want to base your beta offer on what your vision is for the future, because after you finish your beta program, what’s next?

It’s easy to want to create all of the things, but how do all of your offers fit together? We want to ensure your product suite increases client retention without burning yourself out or confusing your ideal clients. With that being said, we will cast vision, then we will focus on the beta offer, and then we will move into that full offer and make sure we are optimizing that one offer before we add on something else.

As you can already tell, clarifying is an extremely important step to making a coaching business a reality. 

This leads us to step two…

Step Two – Verify 

In order to verify, you have got to optimize your social media profiles. How can you optimize your profiles to make sure your ideal client clicks and follows when they stumble upon you and your brand?

This goes back to clarification. You have to know who you’re serving and the problem that you are solving for them. Once you figure that out, you have to optimize your social media profiles so that they know that you can help them. After you optimize your social media profiles, I recommend posting validation content.

Before you launch anything, it’s important to validate your offer and your marketing, because you have to make sure your offer is wanted. You want the way you’re speaking about your offer to hit home for your ideal client. That being said, you are validating the need for your offer and validating the messaging of your offer. 

The amazing thing about validation content is that it’s super simple, it’s effective, it’s very efficient and it actually can lead to sales. I have had several clients at this point completely book out of their coaching offer by using validation content and the client acquisition strategy I have in place for that.

We haven’t even gotten into content strategy yet, and they’re able to book out their coaching offers from this piece alone. It is so good that they continue to use it again and again and again. 

With this validation content, you will then be able to have effective and productive conversations with your ideal clients. These conversations will naturally lead to sales calls. And even if they don’t, these conversations will prove to be incredibly valuable market research for you. Once you schedule and conduct potential beta client calls from validation content, and then you enroll someone in your first beta spot, your offer and your messaging are officially validated and verified. 

Something that I want you to remember in every single step is to consistently pray for your ideal clients and your future clients.

I always pray right before a sales call. Now I’m not necessarily praying, “God, can you please just let this client become a client?” No, I will typically pray a prayer that goes something along the lines, “Father, if this business partnership is not ordained by You, please close the door. And if it is, please provide discernment in both of our spirits today.”

I’m not just asking for money anymore. I know God’s got me there. I know that He’s the ultimate provider.

He is my provider. What I do during those prayer sessions is simply ask for discernment because I feel like both parties need that going into a sales call. It’s not just you getting on this sales call to hopefully close a sale. You’ve got to make sure that you are both a really good fit for each other.

Step Three – Solidify

At this point, we have covered step one (clarify) and step two (verify). Now we’re going to move into step three, which is to solidify.

The first piece of solidify is to continue posting validation content. Yes, keep doing this until your offer and marketing are validated and verified. Once you have people reaching out to you, your marketing is hitting home.

Content can be utilized again and again, and again, it doesn’t have to be utilized just when you are getting validation on an offer or your messaging. You can use this consistently, and this is something I teach my clients to do inside of Faith-Fueled Coach Academy, which has proven to be such a beneficial strategy for my clients because it’s simple and it’s very effective.

This strategy is a big reason why my clients see such fast results right out of the gate when they join FCA. Now, just like with validation content, it still requires you to schedule and conduct beta client calls from your validation content. You are still securing spots until you don’t have any more spots left.

Even if you don’t have any more spots left, you are pre-booking for the future. I have had several clients have to prebook out months in advance because they secure all their current spots! 

Once you’re solidifying your beta clients, you are officially a Faith-Fueled Coach because when you have clients enrolling, your marketing and your offer have all been validated and verified.

When this happens and you have officially secured your beta clients, you are then going to develop a content strategy that attracts your ideal clients to you. You want your ideal clients to be binging your content like it’s their new favorite Netflix show!

And I am dead serious when I say that.

Recently, I had someone find my Instagram and then join Faith-Fueled Coach Academy, which is a four-figure investment, by the way. Within 48 hours and no sales call, she found my Instagram account, binged my content, reached out, and then joined FCA

I’m serious. She was literally a “cold to sold” type of situation. After signing up, she said, “I want to learn how to do just that. Take clients from cold clients to sold clients.”

 Well, guess what, sister, friend, I teach you how to do it inside of FCA.

Not only do I teach you how to do it, I give you plug-and-play templates that you can utilize that have been proven to bring in conversions.

In addition to your content strategy, it is also very important for you to master your proactive lead generation strategy because content strategy is passive, right?

In content strategy, we need both a proactive and passive approach, especially in the very beginning because when you have both magnetic, high converting content creation and a DM strategy, you will be shocked.

I’m telling you–clients are going to be coming out of nowhere. And then you’re going to ask me, “Hannah, what do I do? I’m booked out!”

I just know that it can happen for you. No, we are not cold messaging random people our sales pitch. We don’t do that here, but we are developing our skills in relationship-building through the DM’s so that it will naturally lead to a sale.

There is a strategy behind it. Honestly, it is a skill I love helping you with. I feel like so many people want to skip over this step, but what happens when you skip over it is that you don’t learn how to sell. You don’t learn how to talk to people. So many people are so focused on going viral with their content creation, but what happens when you go viral, but you don’t know how to sell?

What happens then? What was the point? You just go viral and you just get a bunch of views on your reel or your TikTok.

It is so important to learn how to build relationships that are proactive and feels good to both parties involved.

I promise you that there is a way to do it because I’ve done it and I’ve helped countless coaches do it as well.

Next, you are going to be building your full offer while you are working with your beta clients. Your beta clients are going to be helping you create the offer because the worst thing that can happen is spending hours and hours and hours creating a product, course, or a curriculum that no one wants to buy.

Maybe it’s not just that no one buys. Maybe it’s just that it’s not the right process. Maybe it’s just that things need to shift because you didn’t know how to get people results. You didn’t know how to get people from A to B. You were just guessing. However, when you validate, work with beta clients 1:1 one on one, you will learn the process that it takes to get people from A to B.

Then you’ll learn how to do it on a broader scale, but if you skip this step, you’re either going to wind up with an offer that doesn’t sell or if it does sell, it’s not getting people results. That is the last thing I want for you. 

As a recap, step one is clarify, step two is verify and step three is solidify. Now, if you want to learn even more about my methodology and my process, I highly recommend you check out Episode Five, Episode Six, Episode Seven, and Episode Eight of this show.

  • Episode Five – How to Take Your Followers From Silent Lurkers to Paying Clients. 
  • Episode Six – Roadmap to a 6 Figure Faith-Fueled Coaching Business. 
  • Episode Seven – How to Stand Out in Your Industry as a Christian Entrepreneur. 
  • Episode Eight – My Proven Daily Method of Operation to Help You Go Full-Time Online in Your Faith-Based Business.

If you know now is the time to up your game, then it’s time for you to check out…

Faith-Fueled Coach Academy

This is the six-month immersive group program to help you start, grow, and scale your Holy Spirit-led coaching business. If you are feeling that Holy Spirit nudge right now, make sure you head over to www.hannahbrindley.com/FCA to see success stories, learn more about the program, and secure your spot. 

If you want in on this round, you are going to want to go ahead and submit your application ASAP. There are only 4 spots available to get started on July 11, 2022, and applications are closing on July 1, 2022. Please hurry and get your application in–the sooner you do, the better.

I truly cannot wait to support you inside of FCA!

And of course, if you have any questions about the program, or just want to talk things over, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me over on Instagram @hannahbrindley or via email at hannah@hannahbrindley.com.

If you are curious on how I coach, I highly recommend checking my FREE Attract Your Queendom training. This training takes an immersive approach to attracting your ideal client to you, so you can then create content that attracts clients to you efficiently and effectively. I’ve had multiple people tell me this training alone has changed the game for them! If you go through it, please send me a DM over on Instagram (@hannahbrindley) and let me know your thoughts!

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A faith-fueled life &
business mentor, overprotective dog mom, and disciple of Jesus.

I'm Hannah