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A faith-fueled life &
business coach, overprotective dog mom, and Jesus lover.


How I Contracted $50K+ in 3 Weeks (WITHOUT Launching)


February 14, 2023

Have you ever wondered how you can book out with clients without the launch stress, or ever wondered how you can consistently secure new clients like clockwork? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you are in for a real treat because in this blog post, I am walking you through the 4 major components that I know contributed to me being able to contract over $50,000 in three weeks… all without launching.

And the thing is, these are high-level concepts that I teach all of my students inside of my signature course, Faith-Fueled Coach Academy, and all of my 1:1 clients because they are truly so important for business growth and sustainability. 

But before we get into the gold in this post (because truly I’m giving you the gold), I just want to make sure you know that if booking out and contracting 5 figures without launching is something you want to master, Faith-Fueled Coach Academy was created with you in.

And the castle doors to FCA are open to the public right now!

If you know it is time to grow your Holy Spirit led coaching business, book high-ticket clients and finally go full-time online, this is for YOU! It is my signature course that walks you through how to start and scale your faith-based coaching business step by step.

There are literally 50 + video training modules in there for you with immersive Powerwork aka homework to help you implement take you step by step through the process. You will literally have everything at your fingertips, including being able to join us inside of the community portal aka the Queendom, which is where you can network with other faith-fueled coaches, be mentored by me, and get your questions answered.

If this sounds up your alley and you want to learn more about the program, learn the nitty gritty details, and review some results and testimonials, you can do so by heading to the information page, which is

Now, let’s get right into it!

If there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I don’t like launches. I find it to be full of unnecessary stress. It’s not even the workload, it’s just the energy around launching. I just don’t like it. But the amazing thing is, I have learned some invaluable skills and have a high-level strategy in place where I don’t necessarily need to “launch” in order to bring in a big amount of cash in a short amount of time.

And that is exactly how I recently secured $50,000+ in 3 weeks without a launch. 

That said, I am really excited to introduce these 4 high-level concepts, skills and strategies to you that have truly made all the difference. 

But first, it’s important to understand where all of this secured income actually came from.

That said, it came from 3 different places, and I’m going to go through just each of them with you right now and give more explanation as we go into the 4 major components that I’m going to share with you today. 

The first source of income came from brand-new 1:1 clients. 

The second source of income came from current 1:1 clients resigning with me or entering what I call ongoing support, which I’m going to touch on a little bit today.

And then the third source of income came from my group program students either becoming 1:1 clients of mine or continuing on with a form of ongoing support.

Now that you know the three different income sources that contributed to securing $50k+, let’s go ahead and take a look at the four major components that I believe made all of this possible.

That said, I do want to go ahead and let you know that I believe the first two components that I’m sharing with you today played the biggest role in helping me secure new one-on-one clients. While the last two components played the biggest role in helping me with client retention, which made up the second and third source of income for me in this $50k+ in three weeks.

#1 Value-Driven Relationship Building 

I know everyone and their mom has an opinion on building relationships in the DMs as a strategy for sales, but nothing beats this because building relationships with people is not dependent on the algorithm, the marketing trends, or what social media platform you’re on. 

Learning effective communication strategies will never go out of style. 

Instead of spending your time trying to hop on the latest trend, I want to encourage you to change your perspective and learn a skill that will literally stand the test of time. And that skill is learning how to communicate and build relationships, which of course I teach you all about inside of Faith-Fueled Coach Academy.

But just to drive this home further, my friends, I was literally on a group coaching call yesterday with a lot of my clients, and I realized that I had actually found and reached out to each of them on Instagram first. And every single one of those women that I reached out to first will tell you that they never felt sold to.

They enrolled in and signed up for what I had to offer because of the way that I approached sales. 

And my thing is, if you have a mission to serve and support as many people as possible, why are we avoiding building relationships with people in the DMs?

Why are you letting people who don’t understand your mission fuel your thought process when it comes to learning how to communicate with people in your community? 

I say this with so much love because I see people all the time just dissing DM strategy when it comes to lead generation. And I know that’s because when most people do this, they…

a) don’t know how 

b) don’t go into it with the intention to truly serve and support

It’s very important how you actively view these conversations. If the conversations are just about making sales, then it’s going to feel salesy and gross for both parties involved. But if it’s truly about connection, serving, and supporting, it’s going to feel easeful and natural.

Again, this is a skill that will stand the test of time and has proven itself over and over, and I do teach it inside of FCA.

If you want to learn more about this skill, I actually have an entire episode dedicated to it.

And that is episode 30 of this show, and it is titled The One Skill That Has the Power to Dramatically Increase Your Revenue. 

That being said, after you listen to this episode, go make sure you listen to that one because it is good. Now, one thing to note here is that a DM strategy and communication in the DMs must be paired with the second major component that I’m going to share with you.

#2 Create Captivating Content

Here’s the thing.

If you DM somebody, they are going to decide if they want to have a conversation with you based on your first impression. And your first impression in this case is based on three different things. 

  1. Your first message to them
  2. Your social media profile (what it looks like, what the bio says, your headline, the look of your feed, etc.)
  3. Your content

Your content is so important and it’s important for the people that you are DM-ing and you’re building relationships with, so they can come to it and so they can see what you’re about. But it’s also for brand new people you’ve never talked to. 

Even though all of those people on that one coaching call that I reached out to first, I have still had multiple people reach out to me and purchase my offer without me sending them a message or finding them at all. I’ve had people just come to my account, send me a message, and say, “Hey, I’m ready!”

Your content really does play a major role. That said, when it comes to sales though, I don’t just mean creating that heavy, inspirational, or educational content. 

Don’t get me wrong, inspirational and educational content has a time and a place. This kind of content will bring new people to your community in addition to nurturing them and warming them up.

So, we don’t want to not create that kind of content. But is that the kind of content that’s actually going to bring in sales? Probably not. 

That being said, what kind of content will actually get you, clients, if inspirational and educational content don’t? 

From my experience, the kind of content that’s actually going to bring you sales is what I call authoritative content, or leadership content.

This kind of content is very thought-provoking. It’s mindset shifting. It will position you as a leader in your space. It is truly captivating to the audience. And what I love about this kind of content the most is that it’s automatically going to attract your ideal client to you and repel people who aren’t your ideal clients away from you.

This is because this is typically a very polarizing piece of content. You are sharing values, you are sharing opinions, and you are sharing your true thoughts on situations in your industry. You are showing up as a thought leader in your space. 

That said, what is an example of that? What does that actually look like?

This podcast episode is an example of that, especially with the component I shared with you before this one. The fact that I believe that building relationships in the DMs is a skill that will literally stand the test of time and will help you dramatically increase your revenue. 

This is an opinion that has not been heard a lot in this space, but it has proven to be true time and time again for myself and for my students.

And because of this, my ideal client is going to recognize that I don’t have to stress over my launch strategy. I don’t have to worry about the algorithm or keeping up with the latest trend. I am actually going to be able to create a stable and consistent income for myself with this skill alone.

They’re going to be like…

“Wow, I would love to be proactive in my business.” 

“I would love to just know that what I’m doing is moving the needle every day.” 

“I would love to have a Daily Method of Operation that I know is sales activities, and I’m not just posting and ghosting or posting and getting crickets.”

And that is exactly what authoritative or leadership content will do. It will automatically help your ideal client see you as an expert and want to learn from you and be mentored by you. 

A final point that I wanna make here is that even with content, you still have to learn how to effectively communicate with your community because that’s what content is. 

Marketing effectively communicates what you offer with your ideal client, whether that be in conversations or in content. And so that being said, that is exactly why these first two components are major when it comes to actually securing new 1:1 clients, and also exactly why I teach all of my students and clients this and why it is such a big deal.

Because communication is literally the key to sales. It’s literally the key. 

Once you learn this skill, you will be blown away. 

#3 Have a Business Model that Maximizes Client Results & Increases Client Retention

I have been able to create a business model that maximizes my client results and also increases my client retention. 

That being said, we want a business model that is designed to increase the lifetime value of the customer aka we want a business model that allows our clients to keep working with us in some capacity as long as possible.

One of my favorite things to help my clients with the inside of FCA is helping them structure or restructure their business model for optimal client results and increased client retention. This is literally so important and such a game changer because the truth is, you are probably leaving money on the table by not doing this.

So, what do I mean by this? What are some examples of things that you know could potentially shift in some business models? 

The first example I see very often actually is service providers only offering one-off sessions. So whether it be a coaching session, consulting session, etc, and just charging session by session even though they have the intention to keep working with a particular client. But they never sign a three-month, or a six-month contract.

Having your clients pay session by session is hurting you. 

I am not saying not to have a 90-minute intensive session. I have one of those, but if you are only doing these types of sessions, that is going to hurt your recurring revenue and going to decrease the lifetime value of the customer.

Another example I see often are people having like 8-week 1:1 containers instead of having like 3-month or 6-month containers. There is nothing wrong with an 8-week program if that’s what works for you. 

But just for a moment, think about how to truly maximize the result of that client.

Most of the time, people need longer to truly experience and see lasting change. That said, I recommend creating a space where people can experience that lasting transformation. 

Not only will you see increased client results, but you’ll actually increase the client retention because of the client results, while also increasing your revenue.

Another example that I personally love and all of the clients that have implemented this with have just loved it as well, is to incorporate what I call Immersion Days into coaching containers. 

You have probably seen or heard of something called a VIP Day, which people will typically sell like just a one-off VIP day on its own.

But I actually like to integrate the VIP day, or what I call Queen Immersion Day into my coaching packages

I have a 1:1 6-month program where there is an Immersion Day right in the beginning of the first 2 weeks of working with that client so that they are able to see results so much faster and right off the bat.

We’re able to just get to work right off the bat so that the remainder of our contract is really me continuing to support what we facilitated and put together on our Immersion Day, and every single client that has implemented this particular method has seen like just a dramatic shift in client results as well.

And so not only that but because you are able to see that transformation so much faster, the value of your offer automatically increases, which means you can actually start charging more. In addition, if you have a 6-month container, you begin creating that recurring revenue.

You’re not having to chase clients down like you would if you were just booking session by session. It is just all around so much better. I absolutely love it, and again, all of my clients that have put this together and I have helped them create their own Immersion experience, they have just absolutely loved it.

Our final example of this is our ongoing support options. You can think of ongoing support options, as a way for your clients to be upsold or downsold from whatever offer that they enrolled in. 

That said, I have ongoing support options for all of my 1:1 clients in addition to all of my group clients.

And it’s all the same ongoing support options. You can think of the group program and also my 1:1 program being an introductory offer, and whichever offer they come in at first, that’s the intro offer. That’s where they get their first taste of what it’s like to work with me and be involved in the brand.

And then from there, they actually are offered ongoing support. Now, ongoing support looks like a few things. They could either resign or enroll for 1:1 coaching, or they can actually just continue working with me with 1:1 Voxer support without call support.

I offer 1:1 Voxer support as a way to continue working with me after their first contract is complete. And then I also have a way for people to pay to get on some group coaching calls. If that’s what they want to do and they still want to get some support, that is the least amount of investment.

They can network and they can still get coached and they still think, “Wow, I get to be a part of this brand and I don’t have to reinvest at a high level for support.” I have all of these different options now.. 

I have some clients who have different levels other than that. It’s very much catered to what you want to do. 

And I love this because it automatically increased my client retention, with about 75%-80% of my clients rolling into ongoing support in some capacity, whether it be enrolling in 1:1 again, or 1:1 Voxer support, or group support.

And I know I said that was the final example, but I actually have one more and that is to actually incorporate a Voxer support add-on to a group program. This was very, very successful when Faith-Fueled Coach Academy was a group program. 

70% of students who enrolled inside of FCA actually signed up for this at some point. So, not only did that add on more revenue for me in that way but also 30% of those students who enrolled in 1:1 Voxer support as an add-on actually ended up re-signing again as a 1:1 Voxer client, and then 20% of those students actually ended up becoming private 1:1 clients.

That is the power of add-ons and recurring revenue. 

That said, where are your gaps?

Where are some places that you can just easily just add on some additional support, and some additional revenue? 

#4 Offer White Glove Service

Let’s go above and beyond for the people that come into our brand, not just the people that are our clients…but everyone.

And that is why I’m so passionate about it. Because even if they’re not already a client, you should still have the mindset of providing white glove service. That being said, there are so many ways to help your client experience just be fully maximized.

I’m going to give you some examples but there are truly so many ways to do this. 

Now, an example is that you can send your clients gifts whether they are onboarding, offboarding, or maybe in the very middle of your contract as a surprise.

Another example would be to make sure that they have a very immersive experience in your curriculum or course. Make sure that it’s not just videos and actually make this really immersive. 

That said, I have a course curriculum with Powerwork to go alongside the videos.

Powerwork is essentially located in Google docs, and I recommend my students do work while they are to my videos. I have people take action as soon as they finish the video. It’s not just giving them knowledge, it’s actually helping them immerse themself into the curriculum and actually take action step by step.

Another example would actually be checking in on them. I know that sounds so simple, but I’ve actually enrolled in a lot of group programs where I wasn’t checked on. I just say that just with so much love, but I know for me, if I enroll in anything, I want to be checked on.

I made it a point even in my group programs and courses that I’m going to check on my people at the end of the day. I just think that is just so valuable and so important, yet often very overlooked. And that is why white glove service is important and will truly help you stand out and increase your client retention.

Now, all of that to say, that is a wrap of today’s episode and I truly hope that it blessed you. 

If you are looking for support, mentorship, accountability, and guidance, and finally landing high-ticket clients consistently, this is exactly why Faith-Fueled Coach Academy has always been in high demand. Keep reading to learn more!

Next Steps

Now with that being said, if you know the Lord has called you to grow a Holy Spirit-led coaching business, then I have some great news for you. The castle doors to my signature course, Faith-Fueled Coach Academy, or FCA, are officially open.

Faith-Fueled Coach Academy is a loving community of ambitious faith-fueled women paired with a supportive curriculum and mentorship strategically designed to help you start, grow and scale your Holy Spirit-led coaching business.

If you are an ambitious faith-fueled female who is ready to start a coaching business OR you are already a coach and you’re ready to bring in that consistent full-time income online, then this is for you.

Inside of this course, you will find yourself fully equipped with all of the business strategies, high-level support, prayer, and accountability you could ever need to turn your God-sized dream into a thriving, faith-fueled coaching business.

You will get access to me as I guide you through everything you need to know about stepping into your Queen Identity, letting the Holy Spirit guide you in your business, and overcoming the limiting beliefs (aka the lies the enemy keeps whispering in your ear) that are keeping you stuck. With the Holy Spirit guiding us, we will clarify your mission, develop your sustainable and scalable business model, create magnetizing content that will keep your audience coming back for more, utilize simple, and effective marketing techniques, and utilize my Daily Sales System proven to generate new leads daily and prevent objections like the Queen that you are.

And yes, you can get paid right off the bat, even if you’re just starting.

If you are craving to do business God’s way and for Him, if you know the importance of being fully led by the Holy Spirit, and if you don’t want to get carried away with fleshly desires and are craving how to balance surrender with discipline and taking aligned intentional action…

Then FCA is for you.

If you are feeling that Holy Spirit nudge right now, head on over to to learn more about the course, read success stories, and enroll.

And of course, if you have any questions about the course, or just want to talk things over, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me over on Instagram @hannahbrindley or via email at

If you are curious on how I coach, I highly recommend checking my FREE Attract Your Queendom training. This training takes an immersive approach to attracting your ideal client to you, so you can then create content that attracts clients to you efficiently and effectively. I’ve had multiple people tell me this training alone has changed the game for them! If you go through it, please send me a DM over on Instagram (@hannahbrindley) and let me know your thoughts!

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Get Anything You Want in Life

Meditation for Beginners (3 Steps!)

The Story Behind my 1st $20k month

Being a Future Based Thinker






top posts



Join the CEO Collective

I'm Hannah

tell me more!

A faith-fueled life &
business coach, overprotective dog mom, and Jesus lover.