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4 Steps to Book Out Your Coaching Business in 30 Days or Less (For New & Seasoned Coaches)


September 6, 2022

If you are struggling with bringing in consistent sales online from your coaching business, or perhaps you’re feeling really overwhelmed with the thought of launching or relaunching your coaching business altogether, then you’ve got to tune into this episode.

Because honestly, I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’m literally breaking down my four-step process to book out your coaching business in 2-4 weeks, or even less. And yes, this works for both new and seasoned coaches. My clients, both new and seasoned, utilize this system.

It is truly going to blow your mind how simple this is because it doesn’t require any sort of crazy launch strategy, email funnels, or sales pages.

It’s just simple sales. It’s simple, effective, efficient, duplicatable, scalable, and sustainable. Everything you could want in sales. I should probably let you know that this is something that I work with my clients on inside of Faith-Fueled Coach Academy. Basically, we learn to master this process together.

If this is something that tickles your fancy or you’re feeling the Holy Spirit nudge regarding this, then you definitely want to check out Faith-Fueled Coach Academy. You can check it out by going to We are actually opening up the castle doors to FCA very, very soon.

This is really important because waitlisters get first access to applications and also a discount. So you definitely wanna hop on the waitlist if you are not on there. 

That being said, I don’t want to spend too much time hyping up this system, but I want you to know this system truly is amazing. Even if you don’t have a coaching offer built out yet, this is one of the systems I teach all of my clients, even the ones that are brand new and don’t have an offer.

And a big reason why this works is that it sparks one-on-one communication with your ideal client. If you don’t understand the importance of one-on-one communication with your ideal client, please go back and tune into episode 30. I am a big advocate for having one-on-one conversations with your ideal client because it’s going to help you stand out.

People are craving intimacy, there is nothing like one-on-one communication, and I truly believe it is one of the best marketing strategies you could ever have. And I know that that’s not shiny or sexy, but listen… talking with your ideal clients and learning how to navigate conversations to where you are truly helping them without feeling icky or gross, and where they want to receive your help, where you know you can actually sell your offer to them…

That is the thing that is going to propel you forward. And that is a skill that needs to be learned and refined. And I promise you, it will change everything for you and your business when you learn how to do this. It has for me, and it has for my clients. And I will always advocate for one-on-one communication, because even if you want to scale your business further and develop online courses and then sell to the masses…

Do you really expect you to successfully sell to the masses if you can’t even successfully sell to one person in the DMs?

That’s just some food for thought. And I share that because I used to think that I just wanted to just sell on autopilot and just have people buy my things without me talking to them.

But listen…God really humbled me here and He really helped me realize the importance of one-on-one communication. Not just for business, but for the Kingdom.

So, if you have not tuned into episode 30 of the show, please go check it out.

But all that to say, let’s go ahead and dive right on into how to book out your coaching business in 30 days.

And I’ve got four steps for you here. So let’s go ahead and dive into step number one. 

Step #1 Clarify your Ideal client’s core problem

Step number one is to clarify, and this should really come to no surprise to you, but essentially what you’re clarifying is your ideal client’s core problem and the pains, fears, and desires that relate back to that one core problem that you help them solve.

And even though you have probably heard something like this before I want to break it down for you just a little bit more. I will often see an exercise walking people through their ideal client and I’ll just see the questions, “What are your ideal client’s pains? What are their fears? What are the desires?”

And that is great, but here’s the problem. I see very often when people work through this, they’re actually not focused on the right pain, fears, and desires. At the end of the day, your offer really needs to focus on solving one core problem. And when I say core problem, I mean the thing that they are searching for.

So, for example, my offer of Faith-Fueled Coach Academy solves the problem of helping a Christian entrepreneur start and scale a Holy Spirit-led coaching business. That is the core problem. They are not making money in their coaching business and they really want to do it. The core problem is that they are not making money in their business. They desire to make it a full-time income. At the end of the day, that is the core problem that I am solving for my clients. I’m taking them from a very inconsistent or no income at all to creating a consistent and stable income with their coaching business while keeping God at the center.

I really think about the pains, fears, and desires that actually relate back to the one core problem I help them solve. For example, my ideal clients are probably not receiving inquiries from their ideal clients and the DM’s.

Perhaps a pain of theirs is that potential clients just aren’t connecting with them and they’re sending inquiries in the DMs or from their form, but perhaps their desire is that they want their DM’s to be filled up with their ideal clients and getting inquiries on their services daily (which can totally happen). But in relation to this, perhaps their fear regarding no inquiries in the DM’s is that no one’s ever going to inquire about them… that they’re going to stay unseen, that they’re gonna stay stuck. 

Do you see how this relates back to the one core problem? It’s not random.

But what I see happening in the online space a lot is that when someone says, “Come up with pain, faers, and desires of your ideal client,” the pain, fears and desires are all over the place.

We don’t want that. Here’s what I mean by that.

Let’s say I’m doing a pains, fears, and desires exercise. And I feel like my ideal client is probably struggling to eat enough food during the day. While this might be true to some people who share that one core problem of not making enough money from their coaching business, this is probably not something I’m going to be able to help them with in my offer, because that’s not the problem I’m solving (even though she might be dealing with that pain).

Make sure you clarify your ideal client’s one core problem and then relate the pains, fears, and desires of your ideal client back to that one core problem.

That is what you’re going to create content around.

And that is what you’re going to talk to them about. And it’s also what you’re going to be using for step two coming up.

Step #2 is to Verify and validate your offer

Step two is to verify. Now, verifying is essentially validating your offer and your message in the marketplace. And you have probably heard to validate your offer just to make sure that it will sell. But the secret is that you want to be validating your offer and your messaging continuously.

And I talk about this in episode 29 of this podcast. So, make sure you go and check it out and just listen to the importance of why you need to be validating your offer and messaging consistently if you haven’t already.

But in terms of actually learning how to validate and how to go about doing that, you really want to do it with simple, short content.

You don’t have to think too much about this. It doesn’t have to be this super long post. Honestly, it needs to be short. Those get the most attention and results when it comes to this kind of content. Here are a couple of examples that I would use just so you can get a feel for what this could look like for you.

“My client booked out her coaching business in 30 days. Raise your hand if you want to learn how she did it.”

As you can see, this is simple, straight to the point, punchy and it grabs attention. And if your ideal client is interested in that result, they’re going to respond.

This is really critical for bringing out people in your audience.

Here’s another example.

“If I created a resource showing you how to generate 20+ warm leads every week, would you want to check it out?”

Again, this is going to call out your ideal client because it’s short and it’s punchy.

It’s straight to the point. And it’s really hitting on pain, fear, and desire that they are currently experiencing relating back to the core problem they want the solution to. And so that being said, when they respond, what happens next? What do you do?

That leads us to step 3.

Step #3 Pre-Qualify Potential Clients

As you can probably already tell, this comes directly from when you are validating your messaging and your offer in the marketplace.

This is coming directly from these short, punchy pieces of content that people reply back to. And you are essentially starting conversations with these individuals. And I’m going to go ahead and tell you right now that you will be missing out if you skip this step. This step really is so important.

I cannot even tell you how wonderful and incredible it really is for 1) market research, but 2) to build intimacy and connection with your ideal clients, and 3) actually make sales.

Here’s how it’s going to go down.

You will message the people who responded to your validation content, whether in a poll or a post, and just get the conversation going.

You ask them questions, you dig deeper before you ever, ever, ever bring up your coaching or your offer. You just want to get a feel for where they are and what’s going on. Then, once you understand what the problem is, and you know you can help them, you can say something along the lines of, “I am putting together a coaching program or I have a coaching program that helps you overcome x (core problem, pain or fear), so you can do y (desire).”

In this, you really want to say things that they have already said and mentioned.

And then you can go on to say, “Would you like to chat to see if this would be a good fit for you? Or would you like to chat further to see if we would be a good fit for each other?”

It truly gets to be that simple.

It doesn’t have to be super complicated, and you would be so surprised at how receptive people are when you really take the time to get to know them.

Inside of Faith-Fueled Coach Academy, I give you the Daily Sales System Conversation Framework where you actually learn how to successfully pre-qualify your ideal clients while building a relationship with them so that when you actually do make an offer, it feels good for both parties. Meaning that they’re excited, and you’re not feeling icky. 

This is what I walk my clients through inside a Faith-Fueled Coach Academy, and it’s literally what I call the Daily Sales System Conversation Framework. I walk you through this entire process.

Now, once you pre-qualify them, we are actually going to move into step four.

Step #4 Solidify Your Clients

Solidify is essentially solidifying clients with a call or a DM conversation.

I recommend if you are a newer coach or you’re someone who is not currently bringing in consistent income, please do this via a call because essentially what you do in a call would need to be transferred and done in the DMs. But you are typically going to have a much higher closing rate with a call.

You just are, and it gives you a lot more practice when it does come to sales. And so if you’re not bringing in consistent income, then I personally recommend you practice, practice, practice, securing sales on a call before you move it to the DMs.

Essentially, once you find out if your potential client is pre-qualified and they are interested in what you have to offer, you’re going to offer to get on a call with them.

And once they say yes to getting on this call, you are going to have a conversation with them. You’re going to build rapport with them. You’re going to create intimacy with them and you’re actually going to establish a relationship with them. You’re not going to focus on selling. You’re actually going to get to know them and their problems on a deeper level.

That is so important. So please, please, please take the time to ask plenty of clarifying questions on this call before you even get into talking about your offer.

Inside of Faith-Fueled Coach Academy, I give my clients a sales call or an application call framework, because if you didn’t know this, I actually call my sales calls, application calls.

I call it what it is. I personally do not use the term discovery call. I just call it what it is, but obviously, you can call it whatever it whatever you want. Essentially, I give my application call framework to my clients inside of Faith-Fueled Coach Academy, and this framework has yielded a 70% conversion rate over the years, even with me consistently raising my prices.

I’m giving you the best of the best. I do not hold back. And literally, every single person that has followed his framework says it has made their conversations so much better.

I actually remember this one client, she could typically secure some sales calls, but once she got on them, they tanked.

We had a quick, 30 minute conversation, and we made some tweaks to her sales calls. She already had 4 sales calls lined up that week, but this time, she was able to secure them all as clients. Normally ,she tanked all her sales calls, so that was the game-changing thing for her… actually learning how to navigate these types of conversations in a way that feels so good for both parties.

In addition, I should also mention that we raised her prices before she got on these calls as well. So, not only did she book clients on these calls when she’d never had before, but she raised her prices. And typically, people are afraid of raising their prices when they haven’t sold what they were selling before.

But at the end of the day, it’s really not about that price point, right?

It’s about making that connection with the other person and making sure you are truly the best fit for each other. And honestly, many people just don’t know how to do that. They don’t know how to do it in DMs and they don’t know how to do it on calls, but I don’t want that for you.

Faith-Fueled Coach Academy

Now with that being said, if you know the Lord has called you to grow a Holy Spirit-led coaching business, then I have some great news for you. The castle doors to my signature coaching program, Faith-Fueled Coach Academy, or FCA, are opening up again so soon.

Faith-Fueled Coach Academy is a loving community of ambitious faith-fueled women paired with a supportive curriculum and high-level coaching strategically designed to help you start, grow and scale your Holy Spirit-led coaching business.

If you are an ambitious faith-fueled female who is ready to start a coaching business OR you are already a coach and you’re ready to bring in that consistent full-time income online, then this is for you.

Inside of the six-month immersive group coaching experience. You will find yourself fully equipped with all of the business strategies, high-level support, prayer, and accountability you could ever need to turn your God-sized dream into a thriving, faith-fueled coaching business.

You will get access to me as I guide you through everything you need to know about stepping into your Queen Identity, letting the Holy Spirit guide you in your business, and overcoming the limiting beliefs (aka the lies the enemy keeps whispering in your ear) that are keeping you stuck. With the Holy Spirit guiding us, we will clarify your mission, develop your sustainable and scalable business model, create magnetizing content that will keep your audience coming back for more, utilize simple, and effective marketing techniques, and utilize my Daily Sales System proven to generate new leads daily and prevent objections like the Queen that you are.

And yes, you can get paid right off the bat, even if you’re just starting.

If you are craving to do business God’s way and for Him, if you know the importance of being fully led by the Holy Spirit, and if you don’t want to get carried away with fleshly desires and are craving how to balance surrender with discipline and taking aligned intentional action…

Then FCA is for you.

If you are feeling that Holy Spirit nudge right now, head on over to to learn more about the program, read success stories, get on the waitlist and/or secure your spot.

If you are thinking about this at all, you’re going to want to get on the waitlist because waitlisters will get first access to applications and a discount. This is huge because I am putting a cap on the program, so it remains intimate. So please, if you’re feeling that nudge, I’ll see you on the waitlist.

And of course, if you have any questions about the program, or just want to talk things over, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me over on Instagram @hannahbrindley or via email at

If you are curious on how I coach, I highly recommend checking my FREE Attract Your Queendom training. This training takes an immersive approach to attracting your ideal client to you, so you can then create content that attracts clients to you efficiently and effectively. I’ve had multiple people tell me this training alone has changed the game for them! If you go through it, please send me a DM over on Instagram (@hannahbrindley) and let me know your thoughts!

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