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How To Balance 2 Unique God-Given Callings & Steward Them Both Well

Faithful Action

August 2, 2022

Have you ever struggled to balance two unique God-giving callings or goals, and wondered how you can actually steward them both well

Or maybe you’re currently pursuing multiple goals at once, but you keep failing?

Maybe you keep putting together the “perfect” plan to grow your business and still achieve all your other goals, but you just can’t seem to stick with it.

You wind up overwhelmed or busy, you procrastinate and experience analysis paralysis.

If this sounds like you, then you’re going to want to tune in.

The truth is, most people have more than one thing that God is calling them to right now.

For example, maybe you’re running a business but also a mom.

Maybe you feel led to start a coaching business, but also publish a book.

Maybe you’re being called to start a business, while also starting up a local student ministry.

Maybe you’re being called to foster kids, while also starting a blog.

That being said, today’s podcast episode is all about how to balance different callings while stewarding them both (or all of them) well.

Unfortunately, though, most people with two or more callings get overwhelmed and wind up letting one of those callings just fall through the cracks. Sound familiar?

I’m going to be honest though–I don’t want that for you. 

Even though you may feel as if God is calling you to pursue these things, I know that a lot of the time, these callings just kind of fall through the cracks because you might get so caught up in another calling, or perhaps you get so caught up in life because things happen, and we get busy. Can you relate?

Even if you don’t feel like you’re being called to multiple things, this episode is still jam-packed with value, and I truly believe you will still gain a lot of insight.

If you’re ready to walk through the five tips I have for you to balance multiple God-given callings and steward them all well, it’s time to tune in and discover how to “do all the things” well!

Are you ready?

Let’s do this.

This is a topic that constantly comes up as I’m working with clients, or as I’m talking with members of my community. Because let’s be honest–everyone is balancing many different things. Yet, God is showing them what is important and prompting them, and pricking their heart to pursue these different callings.

Even though they feel as if God is calling them to these things, a lot of them just kind of fall through the cracks because they get so caught up in another calling, or perhaps they get so caught up in life because things happen and we get busy. 

Now I do have a little side note for you–even if you don’t feel like you’re being called to multiple things, this episode is still jam-packed with value, and I truly believe you will still gain a lot of insight.

I have five tips for you today to learn how to steward multiple God, giving callings. 

Tip #1 Time with Jesus

If you are wanting to balance multiple God-given callings, then girlfriend, you have got to spend time with God. He is your fuel. He is your resource–the ultimate resource. He is your daily bread and the living water. The truth is, you will not be able to steward your God-given callings if you are not refueling with the Holy Spirit. God never leaves us. The Holy Spirit is dwelling in us… and we need Him. 

If you are pursuing something that the Lord has put on your heart, then why aren’t you actively wanting to spend more and more time with Him? Because He’s the one that’s going to give you direction.

He’s the one that’s going to give you clarity. He’s the one that’s going to make your crooked paths straight. It’s Him. So, spend time with Him. You don’t have to think yourself in circles trying to make things work. You don’t have to keep shaming yourself and making yourself feel guilty because you’ve been procrastinating or letting things fall through the cracks.

God has already given you so much grace, and He already knows what’s going to happen, but girl, you have got to spend time with Him. When you let God fuel you, He is going to work through you. And the results are going to be so much more profound than you could ever imagine doing it by yourself.

If you have not put time with Him on your calendar, please do it. Stop reading for a moment, and schedule time with Him. If you don’t include time with Jesus in your schedule, you’ll just be trying to pursue your goals and callings in your strength versus letting Him flow through you.

Tip #2 Start Small and Establish One Consistent Action or Habit at a Time

If you are balancing multiple callings right now, (or even if you’re not; maybe you’re just busy), then you have probably put together a beautiful plan that you would just love to follow every single day to get things done.

Maybe you stayed consistent with this plan for a little bit, and then something happened and life just threw you a curveball. And with that curveball, your plan went out the window. So, nothing gets done. Then you’re back to square one again, feeling sorry for yourself or down on yourself because you “procrastinated,” or because you couldn’t stick to your schedule.

Let me know if this sounds familiar. If it does send me a DM over on Instagram @hannahbrindley

How do you keep this from happening? Start small and establish one consistent action or habit at a time. With your elaborate plan, you probably were trying to establish multiple actions or habits all at once.

Trying to establish new action items and habits all at once can be super overwhelming. Although I know it can be really exciting for those with an all-or-nothing personality (which I have dealt with, so I understand), slow and steady will build sustainability and consistency and then create those results that you are looking for over time.

I’m going to give you an example, but I do want to share that this goes back to what I preach about all the time, which is to focus on one thing at a time. 

Focus on establishing one thing at a time.

Here’s an example. Maybe you have a calling to be a writer while also having a calling to have a coaching business. Let’s just start the habit of writing every day. Let’s just start with that first. Block out a 30-minute time every single day that you are just going to start writing.

And that’s it. You’re not worried about a coaching business right now. You are just focusing on creating this habit of writing every day because that’s going to help you pursue that goal.

But now, let’s say a couple of weeks later you’ve been doing this consistently. If you’ve been doing it consistently, it’s time to add on another habit. You can start building a content strategy for social media for your coaching business.

But maybe you haven’t posted on social media in months, so instead of starting with this elaborate social media strategy where you’re posting three reels a day, every single day, you just start with one every week for four weeks, and then you add on two. Then you continue to add more as you are comfortable doing so and consistently doing it.

You can build that consistency and that sustainability over time.

Or maybe the very first habit you need to develop is spending time with Jesus. Maybe that’s the one you need to focus on. First, start there.

This particular tip can be used in multiple different areas.

For example, I’m utilizing this method with my podcast right now. For example, I started with my podcast just being a podcast where I have a new episode uploaded once a week. A few weeks later, I started incorporating blogs into my podcast. So, now every podcast episode has a blog post (like this one).

Well, now at the time of writing this blog post, I’m about to be promoting my podcasts episodes on Pinterest. In addition, a couple of weeks ago, I just started with the implementation guide that I’m delivering to your email inbox every single week in your email inbox, which goes hand in hand with every episode.

If you have not signed up for the email newsletter, you can go to When you join the email newsletter, you will receive a weekly implementation guide with action items and journal prompts. You can implement what you learn from the Reclaimed to Reign podcast every single week.

As you can see, I did not start with everything right off the bat. I didn’t start with a blog, get on Pinterest, and send out the implementation guide. As soon as I started the podcast, I just started by posting a podcast episode every single week. And pretty soon, I’m going to have two podcast episodes every single week, but I’m building the consistency, the sustainability and the foundation to grow.

But as I said, you can do this with basically anything, not just with your two or three or four unique God-given callings. Anytime you are wanting to change something, like maybe establishing healthier habits, you can do that using this method as well. 

Start small and establish one consistent action or habit and a time.

And once you become consistent with that, that is when you add on more.

Tip #3 Preparation is Critical

Once you determine the one consistent action that you want to establish, it’s important to determine how many hours a week you need to devote to this small, consistent action. And then once you determine how many hours in a week that you need, that’s when you need to put it in your calendar.

Seriously, put it in your calendar. Go ahead and determine when this is going to happen.

I’m going to give you an example here. Whenever I have a client that is struggling to create content and post it on social media, I will have them choose one day per week where they are going to be posting a piece of content every single week on their social media platform of choice (which we decide then) at the same time, every single week.

We make sure that no matter what, they are getting that post out that day of the week at that one particular time, and it is non-negotiable. Anything else they post is a bonus.

That being said, maybe they block off 30 minutes in their schedule to actually post it and maybe respond to comments.

But then they also have to consider how long they need to prepare the post. Maybe they just want to prepare the post the day that they post it, or maybe they want to do it a few days before, or maybe they want to batch four weekly posts in one sitting. It doesn’t matter. I just have them go ahead and decide when they’re going to prepare the post. That being said though, I would prefer that they prepare some in advance just in case life throws them a curve ball one week and they just don’t have the time to sit and create it, but they might have to work up to that.

But, what does this do? What does this establish?

Small consistent action and then preparing for it gives you a win. So often, people will procrastinate and they will feel like a failure because they’re not sticking to things. But that’s usually because they’re trying to do multiple things all at once and then everything falls and crumbles underneath them.

Well, no wonder it’s crumbling! They’re trying to do so much at once. But what if you just stuck with one, small thing that you are to do no matter what? Like I said, one social media post every week. Master one thing, be excited for it, and celebrate it.

And guess what? Whenever you have a win, you’re more likely to keep going. We want to let these small wins just build on themselves and help take you to that next step.

But now that I gave you an example of a business habit, I want to talk about a different calling.

Let’s say you are calling right now, or one of your callings right now, is to be a mom. It’s a little more difficult to say, “Oh, like I’m going to devote this amount of time to my kids, this amount of time to work, and then this amount of time to business,”

That’s not exactly feasible, right? Especially depending on the kid’s age. However, what you can plan for is when you’re going to spend time with them where you are fully devoted to them without distraction. And depending on their age, you can have that conversation and let them help you create your schedule. Kids love this. Now, if they’re a newborn that’s not going to be feasible, but if they’re old enough, it really does help.

Let them contribute to making the schedule, and then help them decide what they’re going to do during those times that you’re not spending that undivided time with them.

Tip #4 Be Present at All Times

Be present when you are not focusing on running your business. Stop thinking about it when you are not focused on creating content. You have that time blocked off for a reason, and I’m going to give you a little tip right now that changed so much for me.

If you need time to think… And just think, not necessarily take action, but to think. Block off time in your calendar to think. I have blocked off time on my calendar where I think, and the reason for this is because I realize that if I don’t, I will spend time that I’m supposed to be doing something else thinking instead of taking action. Then I get behind, I feel like a failure and then nothing gets done.

That being said, please block off time to think. That way, you can be present doing whatever it is that you are doing in every given moment.

When you have time blocked off to be with your kids, be with your kids. When you have time blocked off to post on social media, post on social media. Don’t get distracted by just scrolling. Focus on becoming very present with what you are doing. This eliminates a ton of mental exhaustion and fatigue.

Tip #5 Find Accountability

Find a mentor who aligns with your values, or find an accountability partner with whom you can share what is going on in your life.

Find a group of people who can hold you accountable to stay consistent with these small, consistent actions so you can steward all of your God-given callings well.

You don’t have to do this alone.

It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to be in a community with one another. That’s how God made us.

I am a huge believer in fostering and being a part of communities. And that being said, my coaching offers actually contain a community element that is important to me and also for my clients.

Faith-Fueled Coach Academy

Now with that being said, if you know the Lord has called you to grow a Holy Spirit-led coaching business, then I have some great news for you. The castle doors to my signature coaching program, Faith Fueled Coach Academy, or FCA, are opening up again so soon.

Faith Fueled Coach Academy is a loving community of ambitious faith-fueled women paired with a supportive curriculum and high-level coaching strategically designed to help you start, grow and scale your Holy Spirit led coaching business.

If you are an ambitious faith-fueled female who is ready to start a coaching business OR you are already a coach and you’re ready to bring in that consistent full-time income online, then this is for you.

Inside of the six-month immersive group coaching experience. You will find yourself fully equipped with all of the business strategies, high-level support, prayer, and accountability you could ever need to turn your God-sized dream into a thriving, faith-fueled coaching business.

You will get access to me as I guide you through everything you need to know about stepping into your Queen Identity, letting the Holy Spirit guide you in your business, and overcoming the limiting beliefs (aka the lies the enemy keeps whispering in your ear) that are keeping you stuck. With the Holy Spirit guiding us, we will clarify your mission, develop your sustainable and scalable business model, create magnetizing content that will keep your audience coming back for more, utilize simple, and effective marketing techniques, and utilize my daily sales system proven to generate new leads daily and prevent objections like the Queen that you are.

And yes, you can get paid right off the bat, even if you’re just starting.

If you are craving to do business God’s way and for Him, if you know the importance of being fully led by the Holy Spirit, and if you don’t want to get carried away with fleshly desires and are craving how to balance surrender with discipline and taking aligned intentional action…

Then FCA is.

If you are feeling that holy spirit nudge right now, head on over to to learn more about the program, read success stories, get on the waitlist and/or secure your spot.

If you are thinking about this at all, you’re going to want to get on the waitlist because waitlisters will get first access to applications and a discount. This is huge because I am putting a cap on the program, so it remains intimate. So please, if you’re feeling that nudge, I’ll see you on the waitlist.

And of course, if you have any questions about the program, or just want to talk things over, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me over on Instagram @hannahbrindley or via email at

If you are curious on how I coach, I highly recommend checking my FREE Attract Your Queendom training. This training takes an immersive approach to attracting your ideal client to you, so you can then create content that attracts clients to you efficiently and effectively. I’ve had multiple people tell me this training alone has changed the game for them! If you go through it, please send me a DM over on Instagram (@hannahbrindley) and let me know your thoughts!

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