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5 Reasons You’re Not Hearing From The Holy Spirit in Your Business and How to Change That

Faithful Action

April 5, 2022

Welcome to episode 10 of the Reclaimed to Reign Podcast! This episode is all about why you’re not hearing from the Holy Spirit in your business & how to change that. To be quite honest with you, this is a question I get frequently, and I believe it needed it’s own episode because I think more people need to know and understand this question, right?

In today’s show, I’m covering FIVE different reasons WHY you may not hearing from the Holy Spirit AND the solutions to each of those. As always, this is a juicy one. You know I don’t hold back.

In this episode, I’m covering FIVE different reasons WHY you may not hearing from the Holy

Spirit AND the solutions to each of those.

Y’all, there have been so many moments where I was like, “Okay, God, I know you’re with me… but I don’t know what to do. Please tell me what to do.” And then it just feels like there are crickets. And then I just wish Jesus was right in front of me, where I can see Him and He can tell me what to do. 

Now, I know I am not the only one who has ever felt this way and I want you to know that there have been so many moments where I’ve been like, “Okay God, I feel like you’re trying to tell me something.. but it doesn’t feel super clear, so can you just come out and just tell me?”


If this is you, you are not alone.

Over the last year and a half He has really been showing me why I may not be hearing from Him and how to change that.

So, let’s go ahead and dive right into reason number 1.

FIVE reasons WHY you may not be hearing from the Holy Spirit AND how to change it

1. You’re not listening

Now I know you probably didn’t expect this one but Believe it or not, He has probably already been speaking to you but you’re staying too busy and not recognizing when He IS speaking (this was the case for me.) I was staying so busy all of the time that I just didn’t slow down. I wasn’t making time with Him a priority. I made everything else a priority over Him, and in turn, this ultimately led me down a path of feeling busy and exhausted and burnt out all the time, and also feeling like I had no idea the direction the Lord wanted me to go in. I wanted Him to give me this big, huge revelation without me even seeking Him first.

The Holy Spirit is a gentleman. He’s not going to bang down your door. James 4:8 says “Draw near to God, and He shall draw near to you.” He’s not going to force himself on you. He’s going to gently nudge you and convict you to spend time with Him. If you don’t, that’s on you. I say this with so much love because this was me. I wanted God to speak to me and to bless me, but I wasn’t drawing near to Him. I said I loved Him and I was a Christian and I believed in Jesus, but I wasn’t drawing near to Him.

While I’m on this topic, I think it’s important to note that there is nothing you can do to make God love you more just like there is nothing you can do to make God love you less. He loves with AGAPE love. He already loves you no matter what. It’s unconditional. It’s supernatural love. There’s nothing you can do to earn that love. It was already done on the cross.

However, if you really want to feel His presence and to really understand and experience the goodness, the healing, the joy, the partnership that God gifted you when Jesus died for YOU on that cross… you’ve got to draw near to Him. You will not be able to fully EXPERIENCE that goodness if you don’t draw near to Him.

So, we’re not talking about what you have to do in order to be loved or be saved, that’s already done. We’re talking about how to fully EXPERIENCE heaven on Earth.

What’s the solution?

Spend time in stillness. Pray and ask Him to speak to you. Be patient and determined. Show God, and yourself, that you really do want Him because it’s HIM and NOT just for selfish gain. You want Him because He makes you whole…not your business, not your husband, not your appearance.. none of that. You want Him no matter what the outcome is because you know that HE’S the only thing that will truly satisfy. Your intention to know Him must be there, but I also believe that this is part of sanctification and part of growing. Your intention may not be fully pure in the beginning, but I know He will work on your heart. Just keep drawing nearer to Him. Make HIM a priority in your day. Before you start work. Before you go to sleep. Maybe even before you get out of bed. What can you do today to make Him a priority?

2. You’re not in His word

This one speaks for itself. I’m not going to harp on about this one forever, but a question I have for you is, How do you expect God to speak to you if you aren’t even in His Word?

God has revealed so much to me from just reading His Word. I’ve learned so much about who HE is and OUR purpose from His Word. But not just that, I’ve learned so many incredible lessons. There was a time I tried reading the Bible straight through in 14 days. Spoiler alert–I did not finish BUT the Lord revealed more to me in that time than any other time. And I know it was because I spent more time in Scripture in periods of time than I EVER have before. And even though there were many times I had no idea what I was reading (just keeping it real), I still fully experienced how His Word really is alive and active. I was going through an incredibly heart-wrenching experience when I sought to read so much of the Word straight through, and I have never felt so much peace and joy deep in my core than I did when I was doing this. It was a night and day difference, and I know that’s not a coincidence.

So, all of that to say, if you are not in His Word, you are forfeiting opportunities for Him to speak to you. And I know that there are some days when your Scripture or your Bible reading just feels lackluster. Please keep going anyway.

I was at a conference one time and a speaker said that our Bible study time is like a baby in the womb. It takes TIME for what we are learning and reading to INCUBATE so it can grow into something new and beautiful. It takes time to BIRTH something. So, if you’re in the middle of a season where you’re in the Word, but for whatever reason feel like you’re not hearing from God or it’s just lackluster, please don’t stop. Please keep going because the Lord is planting a seed in you, and in order for that seed to continue to grow, you must feed it with your Daily Bread (aka the Word) and with the Living Water (aka Jesus).

What’s the solution?

Set a daily date with Jesus in your calendar and get in His Word. Make it a whole experience. Go to a coffee shop, or set the tone by lighting candles & playing worship music. That’s totally up to you, just find a way to get it on the calendar and make it something that you WANT to do.

I also enjoy listening to the Bible on a low volume in the background. No, I don’t always catch the words BUT, remember that the Word is alive and active, and I would bet that even just having it on in the background will get into your subconscious mind. Just like how we have all of these other things in mainstream media getting into our subconscious minds. So, why not fill that space with Scripture and let the Lord fill our subconscious minds instead?

3. You are focused on yourself

I know this seems really harsh, but please know I’m coming from a place of love. And I share this not because this is something I have personally experienced.

What do I mean by this?

Are you wanting to hear from God because you just want to know an answer to something in your life? Or are you wanting to hear from God because you are focusing on a particular outcome for your business, or something else going on in your life? Do you want to hear from Him simply to fulfill YOUR mission, or His mission? You see, when you are so obsessed about seeking a specific answer or outcome, that actually looks like focusing more on ourselves and less on Jesus. It’s like we are looking for Him to bless us, but the truth is, He owes us nothing. And again, I’m just keeping it real.

But how can we reframe this to focus on HIM?

It’s important to note that getting yourself in the right frame of mind is so important. What is your intention? How can you shift from focusing on the outcome or the answer that YOU want to where you actually focus on hearing from God because you want to know HIM and you want to fulfill HIS mission for HIS Kingdom?

What’s the solution?

Check your intentions and surrender your life and business to Him. Y’all, it’s not your business. It’s His business. Do you care more about your growth or the Kingdom’s growth? It’s important to do a Spirit check daily, and make sure you’re going to Him in the Spirit, and not in the flesh. There have been so many times when I feel like I am good and I am putting Him first, but it’s easy for me to get caught up with the outcome. It’s almost like the world is like a vortex and it just sucks you back in. This is just another reason why being still and getting in His Word is so important. It helps you clear your mind and focus on serving HIM as opposed to serving yourself.

4. You’re not intercessory praying

It’s possible you may not be hearing from Him because your prayers have been all about you. There have been so many prayers that I prayed begging God to help me build a business.

Instead, I have found that it is so important to pray for: 

  1. Your spiritual growth and your desire to know Him, love Him and serve Him, and 
  2. The spiritual growth of others WITHOUT any selfish motive.

Praying for others without a selfish motive is intercessory praying.

The Lord has truly been revealing to me just HOW important it is to intercessory prayer. I grew up in church and I’ve always believed that it was important to pray for others, BUT I never really understood the depth of that or really the importance of that until the last few years.

God has been revealing specific Scriptures to me regarding intercessory prayer and I want to share one of them with you today.

The Scripture I want you to take note of is the story of Job. I’m not going to go into all the details, but the gist of the story is that Job belonged to God. God had blessed Job a lot (health, a family, money, etc.) Well, basically, the heavenly council comes together and Satan comes in, and God basically gave Satan permission to take all of these blessings away from Job and even cast a bunch of excruciating circumstances on him. The only thing Satan couldn’t do is kill him. Satan’s goal here was to try and get Job to curse God, because Satan basically told God that the only reason Job praised God was because God had blessed him, and Satan wanted to try to prove to God that he could separate Job from Him.

Spoiler alert–Job never cursed God and never turned away.

God allowed this to happen to prove to Satan the integrity of Job and also to prove to Satan who God was. God already knew Job would withstand it, and He also knew something that Job needed to learn too.

After Satan did what he sought out to do and Job had lost everything, Job 42:10 says, “After Job had prayed for his friends, the Lord restored his fortunes and gave him twice as much as he had before.”

God knew that Job needed to learn to pray for others even when he was hurting. Nothing changed in Job’s life until he started praying for others and until he started doing it WITHOUT selfish motive. He took his focus off of himself.

And as a reminder, I am NOT saying to pray for your friends so you can be blessed. I’m saying it’s important to want to pray for your friends WITHOUT any ulterior motive.

As you can see, interceding and praying for others is CRUCIAL. Personally, I’ve found that it’s very likely God has placed specific people in your life solely so you can be praying for them, so don’t miss out on this part of your mission because you’re so focused on praying for instances and experiences in your own life. You can be taking powerful steps forward by intercessory praying for others WITHOUT expecting anything in return.

What is the solution?

Keep a prayer list & actually pray. Not just say you’re going to, but actually do it. When you do, make sure you pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to come upon them & for their sanctification. 

It’s very easy for us to pray for specific situations, but it’s so important to be praying that the Holy Spirit comes upon them, and that they continue to grow spiritually. If you don’t have a prayer journal, start one! or get a bulletin board and have a prayer wall. or maybe create a note on your phone. Do what you need to do to make it happen. And another little tip I have for you is to set reminders on your phone to go off throughout the day reminding you to pray! It is so helpful!

5. You are ignoring Him

Again, I know it might seem a little harsh, but I say this in love so please hear me out.

It’s very possible He has already told you what you’re searching for but you’re ignoring it.

I have an example for you that I hear so often in my community. I hear all the time that women are constantly praying that God reveal their callings to them, or what they’re meant to do in this season in their lives, but they feel really stuck and feel like God isn’t giving them a clear answer.

If this sounds like you, or you feel as if you’re asking Him for clarity on your calling, it’s very likely He has probably already revealed to you the very first step, but you’re wanting to see all the steps laid out in front of you before you actually take action or you commit to it.

Now, you might be thinking, “No, I really just don’t know the next step,” I want to invite you to take, “I don’t know,” out of your vocabulary. Please just go ahead and take it out. When I was really struggling with lack of direction, I learned this little hack and it has changed my life for the better. Any time someone asks me a question that I feel like I don’t know the answer to, I pause. I actually give it thought. I don’t let myself stay stuck. I process through what a potential answer could be without commitment. A lot of the time, we deep down know the answer to the question.

I have learned over the years that it’s very likely He isn’t going to give you the whole plan at once. He is going to give you the next step, but you have to be the one to walk out in faith and obey Him, and only then will He reveal the next step.

I would bet that deep down you already know the next step, but you’re too afraid for one reason or another, so you’ve buried it, and you’re convincing yourself that you don’t know the next step and using it as an excuse to keep yourself stuck. You could be doing this knowingly or unknowingly. I know I was doing this unknowingly.

But why do we do this? We do it because being stuck is familiar. Being stuck is comfortable. Because not being stuck and having clarity means it’s time for you to take action, and that can be really scary. This right here is literally a form of self-sabotage.

If you have not listened to episode 2 of this show, I highly recommend going back and listening to it. It’s called, “5 Reasons You Might Be Self-Sabotaging (& How to Biblically Stop It).” It goes very in depth on the topic of self-sabotage, and I’ve had a handful of people reach out and tell me that they have listened to this episode multiple times and taken notes because it’s that good. Honestly, it’s one of my personal favorite episodes I’ve recorded to date. Please go listen to that episode after this one if you haven’t.

What is the solution?

Have faith and take action before everything is laid out for you. If everything was laid out perfectly before you, what’s the point of having faith in the first place? In addition to this, take “I don’t know,” out of your vocabulary.

And that is it, my friends. Those are the 5 reasons you may not be hearing from the Holy Spirit and how to change that.

Next Steps

Now that you know why you may not be hearing from the Holy Spirit in your business, it’s time to change that, keep your eyes on Jesus, breakthrough self-sabotage and spiritual warfare, and find a community of like minded Christian women who just GET IT.

That’s why I created the Reclaimed to Reign Membership–to help women like you finally get to the root of the problem, let the Holy Spirit fully guide you in your life and business, and stop listening to the lies the enemy continues to whisper in your ear.

If you would like to get a feel for how I teach and are desiring to dive deeper into your relationship with Jesus as you are growing your faith-based business, check out my FREE 3 Day Devotional Series for Faith-Fueled Female Entrepreneurs called ROOTED.

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